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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Chapter 14☠️15

Theme Craving for her whole body.

Genre; Supernatural.

By; Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle;He’s in need of her.


“Your Majesty, stop them please. Modeok did nothing wrong, I did. Please… Your Majesty,let all your resentment be on me alone and not her!” Ha-da pleaded.

Watching her in pains is already making him feel guilty.

“Stop!” Hwan said commandly to the guards as they were about to whip her.

“Despite the fact that you’re my loyal subject, you must be punished for seeing my slave behind me.

So, you shall be whipped hundred times as your punishment and as your rank as the king’s general.” Hwan said.

“I’ll accept my punishment, Your Majesty. But please spare her, that’s all I ask from you Your Majesty…” Ha-da said, bowing.

“No, Lord Ha-da was only….”

“Shut up!” Ha-da said, half yelled. This was the first time he yells at her.

Modeok kept quiet immediately. Ha-da was dragged out of sight to the tortouring room.

“As for you, slave your punishment will be beyond your imaginations but I don’t really have the time for you. It seems you need something to get your senses…”

“Guards, lock her up in her room, she must not be given any food for two days. After that, I will think of what to do to you…” Hwan said and the guards dragged her out of sight.

Nam ji Hyun smiled grimly.


Nam ji Hyun’s suite

“My lady, I think they really loves each other. They were so protective about each other.

She’s an example of an epitome of beauty. Probably that was what got Lord Ha-da’s attention.” Sook said, smilling.

“You’re right, I want her out of here soon. I didn’t want Ha-da to get involved but he seems to have fallen so deeply in love with her.

Anyways, I just pray she dies soon. I can’t let a maid whose beauty’s beyond my imaginations stays here for long. I want to be the only person in his heart; his heart must be occupied by me only..” Nam ji Hyun said, confidently.


Mrs. Kim ji woon was passing by around Modeok’s suite. She heard someone’s cries and it caught her her attention.

She walked to the door and said:

“Hello, is anybody here?”

Modeok heard her voice and she wipes her tears.

“What else do you want from me after all this? You let the innocent man suffers. Allons! take me or what else do you want to do? Am ready to face them all…” Modeok said,dillusioningly..

“Young Lady, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I am not here to do you any harm; I mean no harm.” Mrs. Kim ji woon said, in a whispers.

“Who’re you, then?” Modeok asked, astonishingly.

“Before I can answer your question,let me enter. I can feel your heart’s trouble with negative thoughts.

Let me talk to you for a few minutes, please.” Mrs. Kim ji woon pleaded.

“I really wished I could allow you to enter but the door is locked. I don’t think we..”

Mrs. Kim ji woon opens the door and she was mouth agape.

She entered and looks around to be sure if no one sees her and close the door.

She walked to her, and wanted to sit close to her but she move backwards.

“I told you I mean no harm. Can you tell me what troubles your mind?” Mrs. Kim ji woon asked, staring at her in the eyes.

“No, ma’am. Everybody here hates me like leprosy. The only person that cares about me is being punished. I just wanna save him.” Modeok pouted, sadly.

“Who? Can I know the person? Mrs Kim ji woon asked.

“Ha-da… Actually,he was my classmate and only friend but now he was being punished for my sake.”

“You mean”Ha-da?” Mrs. Kim ji woon repeats.

“Yes. I wanna save him but here I’m locked like a bird. He might be whipped to death and I don’t wanna see that happens because of me.”

“Okay. I will see what I can do to help you. Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to bring your friend back to you. He won’t die, alright?” Mrs. Kim ji woon said with an assuring smile.

“Really! You’ll get him out?! Ma’am but how are you going to do that?” Modeok asked, her happiness turns to sadness when remembers the terrible incident.

“Don’t worry, leave that to me..”Mrs. Kim ji woon assured her but she was still doubting her.


Night>>> Hwan’s suite

“Mother, what brings you here at this late hour?” Hwan asked and Mrs. Kim ji woon slaps him on the face.

“How could you ever do that to someone who you have known since childhood? Is your maid more important than him and he turns out to be the bangatelle, right? I want him released tomorrow morning, you won’t want to see my other side!” Mrs. Kim ji woon said and turned her back at him.

He tries to call her back but she turned deaf ears.

Modeok wet her bed with her tears that night. She tossed and turned on the bed,not sleeping at her. She was silently praying in her mind for Ha-da.

She couldn’t imagine herself loosing someone that’s so dear to her..

Following day

Ha-da was released and he went to his suite. Mrs. Kim ji woon came to her to suite to inform her about it.

Hearing this, Modeok felt so happy and wished to see him. She wants to tell him how sorry she’s for putting him through all that.

“Ma’am, I wished to see him. If I don’t go now, I’ll continue to blame myself forever coz it might be the last time we’ll last see each other. I wanna tell him something before that happens, please.” Modeok said, in a pleading voice.

“You’re one of Hwan’s servant, are you sure there’s nothing going on between you two?” Mrs. Kim ji woon asked.

“Nothing. We’re just friends…” Modeok replied.

“Alright,Hwan as went to work so you can go visit him. Don’t stay too long so you won’t get yourself into another trouble, okay?”

“Okay, Ma’am. I promise I won’t.”


Ha-da’s suite

Modeok waited for the guards who were probably having a secret discussion went back to their respective duty posts.

She tip toes to Ha-da’s entrance door and knock. Ha-da struggles to stand on his feet, then went to the door and opened the door.

“Modeok?” He called, suprised.

“Can I come in? Please.”


“What’re you doing here?” He asked as modeok made way to the place where he placed the ontiment on.

“I came here for two things: firstly, I want to help you apply the ontiment to your bruises the second reason shall be later.”
Modeok said, facing him and it was all written over him that he was shocked with what she said.

“You’re a lady…”

“I know you would say so. I came here with a cloth, I’ll use it to cover my eyes. I also can’t bear seeing your nakedness. So, can I apply the ontiment now?” Modeok asked and he looks at her; astonishingly..

“Are you sure about this? What if I take advantage of you? Will you still apply the ontiment now or you leave??” Ha-da said.

“Did he also wants to get in between my legs just like him?” Modeok muttered to herself..

“Ha-da, I thought you were different. Do you also want me just like him? Are you also in need of me?? Answer me, please Ha-da! You became My friend because you wanted me so badly, right??” Modeok asked, finding it difficult to breathe.

“Answer me now, Ha-da…!!” She yelled out of anger..


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