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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Chapter 16☠️17

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

Genre; Supernatural.

By Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle;A feeling he never felt before.


Modeok, you got me wrong; I never meant all what you said. I was only asking you a question which’s what if I take advantage of you will you still leave or stay?

What I meant literally is that;since you want to apply the ontiment on my bruises, what if I take advantage of you meant”Will you still do it or you leave?”Ha-da explained deeper.

Modeok give out a sigh of relief.

“Is that what you really meant?” Modeok asked calmly.

“Yes. What makes you think those negative thoughts at the first place? Is anybody threatening you?” Ha-da asked with concern.

“No… thing. Nobody is threatening me.”

“Really! And you want me to believe that? Why did you kept so many secrets away from me?” Ha-da asked with seriousness.

“Secrets? What secrets?” Modeok asked, innocently.

“How did you get here? Why’re you his maid? Have any man ever threatened to mate with you against your will?

There was a total silence in the suite for some time. Modeok looked at him and the stored tears flowed down her eyes.

“I sold myself to him for the settlement of my granny’s operation bill.” Modeok dropped the bombshell.

“What?!” Ha-da exclaimed.

“I had no other choice. I offer myself to him;fain. I can’t just let her die. I’m sorry, Ha-da.” Modeok said as the tears continued to rush down her cheeks.

“As his what?” He suddenly asked.

“S*x toy. I never wanted to coz I’m not ready yet. I have never experienced such a thing like that before. I don’t even know how it felt. But my granny once told me about my Mom being a stripper. She said she became a stripper because of her coz they were poor and she didn’t want her to die in poverty.

So, she became a stripper one night. And when my granny found out what her daughter as turned to, she was heartbrokened and said motherly words to her.

But yet my mom never change despite the fact that she promised her that she would stop the dirty job.

My granny never collected any money she gave to her. She left home and came back some days to inform her that she was pregnant and she had no idea of the father of her unborn child.

And for that reason, she would abort me but my granny told her never to do so if she doesn’t want her to disown her.

My mom kept my pregnancy and later gave birth to me but ran away from home shortly after she did. Leaving me in care of my granny.

Do you still think I wouldn’t do anything to save her even if it’s against my will? I owe her my life if not for her I wouldn’t be alive till now. And now,he wanted to get in between my legs but I never wanted him to despite our bargain. But now, I
want to be strong, I don’t want to be a wimp anymore. I have failed her; the promises I made to her I don’t think I could fulfill it. I was so ashamed to tell her what her Grand daughter as become.

There’s no differences between me and my mom; she was a stripper, I sold myself to a man for money. Tell me now,am I different from her? I don’t need an answer to that coz I think I will accept what I was born for. I have to accept my fate. I believe in time, I’ll surely get used to the life I found myself…” Modeok pouted, sadly…

Ha-da was speechless, he doesn’t know what to say.

Modeok wipe off her tears and said:

“I need to treat your wounds. Can you help me with…”

“Yes…” Ha-da said and moved closer to her, collected the cloth and she closed her eyes. He tied the cloth on her eyes and led her to the bed. They sat on it and he offs his cloth, turning his back to her..

Modeok apply the ontiment to his bruises by guessing the exact spot. After some minutes, she was done with it and he wears his cloth back on then help her in loosen the cloth off her eyes.

“Thanks for your help, Modeok.” He said with a smile and she smiled back at him.

“Actually, I should be the one thanking you. You can’t believe how fretted I was. I nearly die, I thought I would lose you.” Modeok said, sadly.

“I won’t die so easily.” He said smiling.

“Modeok?” He called.

“Yes, what’s?” She replied, looking into his eyes.

“Are you aware that you have enemies here?” He asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Modeok replied.

“Who’re your enemies?”

“I don’t think I have more than one enemy and that’s the king’s bride. I hate her like leprosy!” Modeok declared.

Ha-da smiled and asked:

“Why did you hate her that much? You’re new here and yet you already have enemy.”

“Because she made you suffer. I wished I could be respected like her so I could fought for you yesterday.” Modeok pouted, sadly.

“You can’t stop suprising me with those words of yours… Don’t you know you’re funny? You hated her because she made me suffer. You’re so nerve!” Ha-da said and burst out laughing.

“Why’re you laughing?” She asked.

“Nothing. You’re just funny. Not quite long you yelled at me and now you hate someone because of me. Why?”

“Because you’re a true friend to me, I never thought I could have a friend like you. So,If you’re hurt I’m. When you when being whipped, I wished I had the power to save you. You told me I can’t survive it a second time but yet you did more than a time.”

“Are you flattering me? Anyway,am glad you’re still alive. I would like to tell you something, you should be careful with Nam ji Hyun, I meant the king’s bride to be.

She’s wicked. She wanted something more than seeing me in pains and she can only achieve it through you.

So be careful. Okay?”

“Of course, I will…”

“I would have taken you to see your granny but it’ll complicate matters.”

“I understand… Thanks… I will.”


Hwan’s suite

Hwan came back early from work and asked of Nam ji Hyun but the servants said she went out.

So, he requested for Iseul.

“Good evening, Your….”

“Save it! You know why you’re here…” He said coldly.

Iseul off her cloth and walked to him, she doesn’t wait for her before she suck one of her n*pples as he half sat.

She also moans to this, but yet she smells danger.

He grabbed her @ss and placed her hungrily on the bed. But she suddenly felt his flangs inside her p*ssy and not his fingers.

He fingers it faster, her cries filled the suite and she begins crying for mercy.

“Your….Ma….jesty… please you’re hurting me… I beg of you…” Hwan didn’t let her complete her statement coz it doesn’t even moved him, he wasn’t moved at all instead it annoys him.

So he fingers her p*ssy faster,deeper and harder. Soon, blood started gushing down her p*ssy but he doesn’t like drinking blood instead he used meds to make him not to desire for blood. Every vampires drink blood but his was different.

He always used the meds whenever he wants to perform an operation or to f*ck.

And he was never moved by the sight of her blood but wanted more of it.

“Do you think I think I didn’t know you had been sleeping with my servant for long? How dare you? It seems because I haven’t kill you that makes you do so. No one dare to f*ck my property.” Hwan said as she strangles her on the neck while she tries to lose his hand of her neck.

Hwan removed his flangs and hungrily insert his d*ck into her P*ssy. More blood gush out from it as he f*ck her mercilessly.

Her pleadings,her cries and her screams never moved him a bit. After f*cking her to his satisfaction,he put his d*ck into her mouth. Her blood was on his d*ck, dripping.

“Suck it faster if you don’t want to die right now!” He said, commandly and she immediately begins to suck it like lollipop.

“Faster….!!” He roared and she increased her speed.

He adjusted her@ss so she could get more access to his d*ck. After a very long sucking, she removed her mouth and gasps for air.

“Please Your Majesty…” She pleaded faintly. Instead of getting moved by it,he went out of her and angrily pushed her on the floor..

“Get ready for your punishment when I comes back.” He said and stormed out of the suite.



Hwan barged into her room and she shievers one she saw him.

“Your….M….a jesty…” She sluttered.

“I don’t like my slave seeing my subjects or anybody, especially a male but you have the enforntery to see him and you were even laughing.

I think you need to learn to obey me and not anymore else.

“I am so… sorry…. but he was… only trying to… save my life. I was…” Hwan moved closer to her and lifted her up with an arm on the neck…

“It seems I’m being easy with you. You have grown some wings.” Hwan said with his eyes red as a burning coals. Modeok struggles to breathe as he strangles her. After some time,he pushed her on the bed.

“Please…. can you please give me some time…. I..” Hwan went on top of her, lift her chin up then smashed his lips on hers.

As he kisses her,her slip of her tears drop into his mouth but he doesn’t care,he kissed her the more never wanting to let go of her flavoured lips.

He felt something he never felt before while kissing her which’s:



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