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? Love needs no fake life ?

Genre: love, romance, hatred and betray
Written by, Felix Peter
Cedric is a cute guy who lives in a flat apartment. He’s a graduate in economics, but he’s not a working class. He lost his parents, he uses a tricycle as a transporter to mentend his life.
Many ladies broke up and disappointed him because he’s not rich.
He sat down one day to fake his personality of being rich just to catch a girl for himself who will love him truly.
He starts wearing expensive dresses, necklaces a time borrows his friend’s car when ever he wants to check on a girl.
One day he met Judikay. She’s a famous fashionist in town. She lost her parents too, and she lives with her only sister in her own apartment.
She broke up with many men because of their fake life’s. She sworn never to date a hypocrite.
Do you think if Judikay finds out Cedric lives a fake life she will ever love him again.
Find out on this amazing story.

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