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Jesse’s pov

That tiny girl was no tiny anymore. She’s sexy and has grown more flesh than before and that amazes me.

Beverly Dash, I didn’t recognize until her bestfriend called her name and I didn’t believe myself until she talked, her tiny voice. You did think she’s whispering but that’s her real voice.

It’s funny when she tried to shout so that people can hear her.

And it’s funny too when she insult me.

“Congratulations dude, you’re now a married man.” I say to Simon as we both share a quick hug.

“I am, you should join me soon too “he says in a questioning manner.

“Nah.. I’ll pass ” I chuckle.

“Come on dude, marriage is a beautiful thing ”

“Ah says the man who just got in few hours ago ” I snicker at his advice.

He laughs. “But seriously, find someone that loves and respects you just like you do. Then problem solved, trust me you’ll enjoy it ”

“Not everyone can be lucky to find someone like that, you’re lucky to get Cindy ”

“I am “he blush and laugh.

Once upon a time, I’ll blush and smile whenever her name is mentioned, but now I don’t think anyone can make me.

“So I’ve you met Beverly yet? I think she’s here “Simon says looking around.

“Yes, and I wish I didn’t see her. God..that girl ” I sigh.

“Same here.. It was disastrous seeing you ” someone says behind me and I know it’s Beverly. She is always like that, sneaking in to my conversation when she wants.

“if you think I’m going to exchange wo… ”

Simon interrupt immediately.

“Beverly thank you so much for the cake, I’m grateful ”

“That’s not a problem at all, and I wish you a happy married life Simon ”

“Thank you “Simon smile at her and then she left.

“Don’t tell me you guys still beef each other ”

“Well she started it, she was rude even when I tried to be nice with her you know. But I realized Beverly will be Beverly ” I sigh.

“I can’t believe you two “he shakes his head.

“I told you it was her…”

“I know Beverly, she does back what you did to her. I know you started it first ”

“Dude.. Seriously. You know her so well now uhm ” I huff.

“Chill bro …i love my wife and I can’t cheat on her “he smirks.

“You know what, I think over excitement is affecting you, you need to chill ” I shake my head and walk away.

Simon’s pov.
“Hey wifey, dance with me ” I beamed at my wife.

“Sure hubby “she smiles sweetly as she held out her hand. I took it and led her to the dance floor.

“You’re beautiful ” I say and kiss her knuckles.

“Oh Simon, you have said that for the hundredth time today ” she blush.

“Really? ” I grin at her placing her right hand on my shoulder and the other one stayed on my chest while my hands is wrapped her around her waist. We sway to the music.

We both turn when we heard a noise. It was a drunk man who almost stumble on the cake.

“Beverly will have that man’s head if the cake had fall ” Cindy says and I laugh.

“Talking about her and Jesse…”

“Those two are something else back then ”

“Even till now babe, they won’t stop insulting each other ” I say and she chuckles.

“Seriously, when are they going to admit that they like each other ”

“Like each other? Babe, they are enemies ”

“My mom once told me that, when two people are always fighting and picking on each other for no reason, especially a guy and a girl. They probably have feelings for each other, they are perhaps, scared to admit it or they have not realize it yet. That’s why they fight none stop cos they enjoy it. It’s like their only way of communicating ” she explains.

“Well I have a feeling Jesse liked Beverly, believe me I’ve caught him countless times staring at her with smiles when Beverly is not aware of course. But he has always denied it, that why I didn’t put my mind on it that much ”

“What I think they need is a push into romance and then the love starts, just like us “she winks.

“I think I have an idea babe, we are gonna help them ”

We stopped dancing.

“What are you planning? ”

“Gather all your friends and I’ll gather mine. We are playing truth or dare ”

She burst into laughter “T or D at our wedding, come on babe. People are gonna laugh when they hear that ”

“I don’t care, I’m helping a friend ”

Five minutes later, we are sitting round a table and our friends are staring at us.

Cindy spoke up “So guys, I’m gonna split us into twos, so you’re sitting next to your partner ”

She called the ones that are married together, then give partner to the ones that are not. She called Jesse and Beverly last.

Jesse gave me “I know you planned this “look and I smirk.

“Jesse and Beverly you guys are wasting our time ” I say when none of them stood up.

I watch as summer tried making Beverly stand up but she wouldn’t.

Jesse Suprise me by standing up and sit beside her.

I didn’t miss the deadly glare he gave me.

Jesse’s pov.

“So guys I’m gonna spin the bottle and if it face you, we are gonna dare you or ask you question, anything we want ” Cindy smirks.

Now I know this game is for a reason.

“But truth or dare isn’t done that way “summer protest.

“I know, we just want it that way. Sorry “Cindy replies while Summer shrug and kept quiet.

Simon spin the bottle, my heart was beating fast until it stopped in front of May and Jay.

They are the married ones among us except Simon and Cindy.

“So how do you guys met ” Cindy ask.

After two more spin the bottle stopped in front of us making me glance at Beverly. Her attention was on Simon and Cindy.

“Finally! “Cindy squeal in excitement.

What is she excited about? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

It was confirmed when I heard. “We dare you to kiss for one minute ”

That was Simon.

“What? ” Beverly gasp.

“Dude..dude… ” I tried to say but was cut short.

A loud “Kiss her ” interrupt my words. Everyone keep repeating the words which cause more people who are not even aware that we are playing a game to join.

“I can’t ” I yell.

“Come on, the girl is ready “Simon tap me and I turn to look at Beverly.

My mouth hung open in Suprise as I stare at the girl in question whose eyes is closed and lips a little bit pouted. She seems a lot ready.

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