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? Merry Christmas to everyone ?


? ( All I want for Christmas is you) ?

✍️ By Ricky Gold ✍️



Celine” Cara called but Celine never utter a word as she left the school.

Why are you wasting your strength on someone who doesn’t have time for you,” Kylie mocked at her.

Really! You still act bitchy. I wonder why Jake has to fall for a s**t like you,” Cara replied getting Kylie angry who raised her hand to slap Cara.

Cara hold her hand and pushed her to the ground.

The next time you try this sily act of yours. I will kill you that day,” Cara yelled and entered the car driving off.

Kylie got up from the ground and smirked.

Cara don’t think of getting on my nerves. I won’t think twice before killing you,” she muttered.


Celine ran as fast as she could with tears all over her face.

Why will Blake kiss her,” she thought crying.

Wait, are you jealous,” her mind said.

No why will I be jealous,” she mumbled and sat on the bench near a restaurant.

She felt a hand on her shoulder when she turn to see Romeo handing a handkerchief to her.

Thanks,” she replied collecting the handkerchief from him.

Why are you crying. Do you want to damage your pretty face,” Romeo said as she blushed hard hiding her face. Her checks are red now.

Gosh, you succeed In lighting my mood,” Celine laughed as Romeo found himself staring at her.

Why does my heart beat anytime I’m around her,” Romeo thought.

Celine turned on seeing Romeo stares, she tapped him on the shoulder as Romeo realised himself and coughed.

Is there anything bad on my face,” Celine asked.

Noo, you are beautiful,” Romeo muttered but Celine was smart to heard it.

I have to go now, bye,” Celine said the moment Cara car stopped. She entered the car and drove off.


Blake woke up and met himself in his house. He groaned holding his head which was pounding. The door opened and Mrs Clara walked in.

Son are you alright. You are drunk,” she asked.

I’m not your son,” he snapped and walk out of the bed. He picked his shirt and wore it, then grab his car keys and walk out of the room.

Who brought me home,” he asked as one of the guard step out.

I am the one. A girl called me with your phone to pick you up because you are drunk,” the guard said.

Okay,” Blake muttered and went to his car droving off.
He remembered what happen kissing someone.

Could it be Celine? I hope so,” he thought.


Celine sat at the BRAXTON RESTAURANT which was the most popular restaurant around.

She sipped the drink trying her best to forget the picture she saw earlier. She order for alcohol drink which she gulped down immediately.

She drank the fourth and the fifth bottle already drunk, she dance to an unknown music.

Yeah, this feel so good,” she shouted as people stared at her.

She staggered and was about to fall when someone grab hold of her as she fell on the person drifting to sleep.

She is cute when asleep,” Blake muttered and carry her despite her weight into his car.

He has come to have lunch in his restaurant when he spotted Celine.

To Be Continued

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