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He held my hand lightly.”we’ll see you guys later” sunny said and led out.

We got outside and a black limo was waiting outside. we went in and some cars left in front of us and others behind.

Right now I’m feeling so nervous.this is the first time I’m attending such parties, I always made sure I avoid them while working for dad.im really not a fan of attention.

We got to the venue and i could see the papparazi and crazy fans outside. I became more nervous, sunny glanced at me and heldmy hand.”don’t worry Disha, I’m with you, I’ll never live” he said and i felt relief wash over me.

We got out of the car and was blinded by flashes of camera.

? Sunny i love you
?O my word is that is wife
? Sunny please marry me

I could hear fans say we got into the red carpet and answered a few questions from the papparazi before going in.

He introduced me to some of his clients and they kept telling me how good we looked Together.”Mr mehra”one of our clients called and he went over to him after giving me a kiss on the cheek and telling me he’ll be right back.

Sunny just left with one of his client and I’m already missing him.

.”Disha”someone called and i turned to see varun.

He smiled at me and a frown immediately appeared on my face.what if sunny comes back and sees him with me ? He’ll get angry and start avoiding me again.

“what do you want Varun? I asked and he smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry Disha”he said and slammed his lips on mine .

I was shocked and couldn’t react , I raised my eyes, just to see sunny he looked at me sadly and left.oh no

” Sunny ” I said and tried living when Varun stopped me, I turned to him and slapped him angrily.

“varun can’t you see I’m married, why are you trying to separate us by doing all of this ? You know sunny gets jealous easily and when he’s angry even his mother can’t stop him, so please stay away from me” I said and left while wiping my tears.

I got into the limo before it zoomed off.”sunny”I tried explaining but he asked the driver to stop and came out of the car and i joined him.


” Disha stop following me “I snapped at her and sighed when she gave me a determined look.

” Sunny i know your mad at me, but running away like a coward will only make matters worse”she said angrily and I ran my fingers in my hair fustratedly.

” let’s go back your guards must be looking for us and this is not a safe place” she said and held my hand but i removed my hands when i remembered what Crystal said

It hurts that she loves varun and she’s having an affair behind my back , but i can’t blame her after all, I kept my affair even after marriage, so i guess i have no right to be mad at her.

“let’s go home Disha” i said and we turned just to see two goons in front of us and we turned back to see another holding a weapon .

” hand over the girl or you doomed” he said and Disha held me tightly.



Right now sunny and I are surrounded by goons, I always knew this area wasn’t safe.

“I’m talking to you man, hand over the girl” the fat ugly one with a black knife said.

“I’m not letting her go, not now , not ever” sunny said.

“I see so your trying to be an hero right, who are you huh? Superman ? The thin one said in a mocking tone and the others laugh.

“not just Superman boss, more like super chicken” the last guy said making sunny’s anger increase.

They got into a fight and i didn’t know sunny could fight so much,he beat the living day lights outta the guys but they didn’t give up.

Sunny picked one of their weapon and pointed it at them.

the fat one tried attacking us and sunny hit his head and he fell down making the others run for their lives and sunny hugged me to calm me down.my back was facing the bleeding fat man, I felt sunny turn me over and the man gave him a deep cut on his hand and my eyes widened in shock and we were surrounded by sunny guards.

” Ouch” he groaned in pain and I held him with tears rolling down my eyes .



soon she started crying.

“Disha I’m fine it’s just a cut”I said.

“it’s not just a cut, sunny we need to see a doctor your bleeding”she said worriedly.

why is she pretending to care when she loves varun ?

I glared at her and my men led us to the limo but she just kept on crying, we entered mehra mansion and i snapped at her.

“STOP IT , JUST PLEASE STOP IT OK, I Don’t need your fake sympathy”i yelled at her in front of my family stormed off mother kept calling me and i knew they saw the injury but i cared less.

I don’t need anyone’s Fake love .


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