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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 15?]


“Sunny dear sing a lullaby for her”aunt said.

“is she a baby ? Isn’t it supposed to be sing a song for her ? Uncle asked.

“stay away from this Gautam” aunt said whilst glaring at uncle.

“no need guys my daughter, is spending the night at her parents house, she just called me ” mom said and my eyes nearly came outta their sockets what.



” You mean he told you sorry? I asked D in unbelieve after hearing what happened, and Krishna slapped her cheeks making us look at her.

” Why did you slap yourself ? I asked.

” I was checking to see if i was dreaming” she said and we gave her a seriously kinda look.madness surely comes in many forms.

” So my sister is finally a woman” I said teasingly and she blushed.we decided to tease sunny and asked Disha to stay with us for tonight.just then sunny called and she picked up the call and placed it on speaker.

“hello love ” he said and her cheeks heat up so cute.

“Please love don’t do this ok, I know i acted stupidly, you know I’m a big fool, and yes i agree I’m an arrogant peacock, seriously you can even call me an idiot but please come home” he said in one go i felt like laughing.

” hello , sunny can you hear me now, hello” Disha pretended like there was network issues and cut the call.my sister has become so smart.

.”wow d what charm did you use on sunny mehra ? He’s definitely not the one that dropped you off and snobbed me that day” Krishna said and we laughed.

Their love story is getting interesting.



Crystal hasn’t called or texted for some time now and I’m worried about her .

I was dressed in a black half cut and white shorts exposing my belly button.

I heard the door bell and catwalked to the door. I opened it and saw diego.gosh why is he so handsome ? He dressed in plain white shirt which hugged him perfectly and black ripped geans, he has natural pink lips and blue eyes, God help me.hes hair was died , he smiled at me and came in.

” What are you doing in my house Diego? Crystal doesn’t live here, she lives with sunny” I said rudely.

“I know he said and sat on my couch.

“can’t i visit the lady i love ? He said and i stared at him in shock.what kinda game is Diego playing ?



After one sleepless night without my Disha , she’s been avoiding me like hell.

I got to the room and finally saw her on the bed reading a novel.

“good evening mar. I mean love, baby, no i mean are you reading ? I asked and she glared at me and left the room.

Women are so unpredictable so i have to kneel down and beg just because I said sorry”i asked myself.

Disha came in with a tray of fruits.

” baby i didn’t know what i said at that time, my brain was not functioning, I’m sorry”i said and she smiled at me.”sorry” she said and started eating her fruits, women are wicked.



Sunny is so funny, he’s been trying to gain my attention ever since, he looked at me sadly.

“princess I’m sorry”he said and i smiled at him.

“why are you sorry”i teased him.

“you know what i mean” he said.

“say it”I told him softly.

“well I made love to you and told you sorry”he said.

“we made love sunny, we are a couple, so that’s not why I’m angry at you”i said and he smiled.

“o thank God”he tried hugging me and i stopped him.

“now what” he asked in fustration.

“don’t come near me” i said and he frowned.

“baby please don’t do this”he said pouting.

“you really love me right ? Then prove it “i said daring him.

“how “he asked.




I told her how i truly felt and she stared at me in shock.

“are you insane Diego ? You’re my best friend boyfriend that too since high school, you disvirgined her , introduced her to sunny, your the reason she’s in all this crazy game so why the fuck are you doing this ? She yelled at me.

“cause i love you, trust me Crystal is just a minion your the one i truly love,i can’t stop thinking about you”I said going close to her.

I know if i can get more closer she’ll surely get seduced by me.chantell might act all wild buh she’s still very innocent.crystal is a bad influence on her.

“Diego get out” she tried screaming and i moved closer she’ll surely get seduced by me.

Chantell might act all wild buh she’s still very innocent.crystal is a bad influence on her.

“Diego get out” she tried screaming and i crashed my lips on hers.

she tried pushing me off but eventually gave in and i lured her to bed



I came back last night and heard the servants gossiping about the couple.

I can’t believe sunny touched that Disha, buh I’m still happy they’re not in good terms.

I was about going out for a shoot when i saw Disha coming into mehra mansion.

she was in a blue designer dress and gold sandals, her black hair falling to her waist and her figure so look worthy , this girl is really a turn on and a big temptation.

she tried going upstairs and i stood
in front of her smirking.she folded her hands and stared at me.

“what do you want”she asked.

“let’s talk” i said.

“I heard my sunny had sex with you” I said and she laughed.

“wow, I didn’t know mistresses now owned the men” she snapped and my ego got hurt.

“well he wasted his time with a cry queen I’m sure you cried a lot.

“well it’s non of your business if i cried, screamed o anything,at least I’m not a cheap slut like you, he’s my husband which means he has the right to do whatever he wants, but you are just a dirty prostitute, when last did he even look at you ? She said and i raised my hands to slap her buh she held my hand and glared at me.

” you taught sunny hurt me ? Well he said that he was head over heels crazily in love with me”she said and i frowned.

“and who ever told you that it hurt me was probably lieing to you because i enjoyed it”she said and i tried slapping her but her hands landed on my cheeks twice in a thunderous slap and I’m sure i can taste blood.

“and one more thing clean the blood on your lips” she said and smirked before leaving.this girl is a she devil.


I’LL call you later, I told my manager and concentrated on the game i was playing when sunny came into my room, he looks so hot .

“wow sunny I’ve really missed you, let’s have fun” i said and tried touching him.

“I’m sorry Crystal, i know i shouldn’t have brought you here, I’m so sorry” he said.

” What do you mean ? I asked.

“I’m sorry if i ever gave you false hope, i love my wife,i can’t continue hurting her by keeping you here , youre also a woman Crystal no woman can tolerate what Disha has been tolerating. you and i know I’ve not been physical with you ever since i got married even when i didn’t love Disha yet.” He said

“your wife ? Sunny ” i tried to continue.

” My wife has given me two conditions, either to throw you out or stay away from her . I love Disha so much so please, let’s end this. I’ll get my secretary arrange for you to go back to the US or I can help you get a house just so you stay away from me” he said and i felt the urge to cry.

“what spell has she cast on you sunny,i love you, your mine ok mine and no one else’s” I screamed and he looked at me in shock.

“i was never yours Crystal” he said and I cried bitterly.

“No one can bear your anger sunny, sooner or later it’s always me in the end” i said and he rolled his eyes.

“you want this the hard way right ? He called the guards and threw me out himself.



We all received the shock of our lives when sunny threw Crystal out.

” Sunny it’s Crystal” mom said trying to confirm if it was really sunny or his duplicate.

” I know i should have done this a long time ago” he said and left.

“did you that Crystal, your outta his life forever so don’t even think of coming back”i said.

“hi Crystal” Disha said mockingly and Crystal glared at her.

“how dare you she screamed.

“what did I do ” Disha asked innocently.

“you made sunny do this to me you witch”Crystal screamed.

“I must say you looked like trash when he threw you out”Disha said smirking.

when did she become so bold ? ”

“Mark my words Disha I’ll never let you live happily with sunny as long as I live. I swear with my last breath you both will be world’s apart when I’m through with you guys enjoy your happy days while it lasts.” She threatened coldly and left.

“how did you do it Disha ? I asked and she laughed.”it’s called ruling a man’s heart.



I can’t believe Disha has been avoiding me ever since Crystal left.

Right now I’m sitting on our bed waiting for her to come back.soon she walked in and i walked to her.

“baby I’ve done what you asked me to” I said and she smiled.

“so ? she said .

“what do you mean by so ? You asked me to throw Crystal out and i did it, please don’t avoid me” i said and she tried living when i pulled her close.

” Sunny what are you doing ? She asked starring into my eyes while i got lost in her eyes.

” Sunny let me go” she said softly but I kept staring at her. Why am i going crazy all of a sudden ?



Diego told me about his feelings and i was so into him and i didn’t even realize my self until we had sex.

But i told him I couldn’t hurt Crystal, I just can’t betray my best friend, even the taught of it scares me , but he convinced me that crys won’t find out and i think I like him so it’s fun anyway.

The ring of my door snapped me outta my thoughts.

I was shocked to see Crystal at the door with her luggages.thanks God Diego left.

” Why do you look so shocked to see me ? She asked me suspiciously.

“oh it’s nothing it’s just the bags your coming with are so many, did you go for shopping” I asked and she saton the couch with a frown.

” Well sunny kicked me outta the house because of that Disha” she said with a voice laced with hatred.

if sunny threw her out it means she can’t bankrupt sunny anymore.

” I warned you not to underestimate that girl, now you’ve been dumped like a big bag of refuse” i said.

” Say what you want ” Crystal mumbled sadly.



I don’t feel like going to the office today ” i said with a frown as Disha helped me know my tie.

” You’re going and that’s final” she said she was dressed in a beautiful Indian wear ,her mang filled with sindoor and her neck graced with mangalsutra and her hands graced with bangles.

she pout her lips while starring at the tie in confusion.shes so cute.

” Finally I did it”she said excitedly and I smiled”sunny I’ll be right back she said and tried living but I pulled her close and she came crashing on my chest while I held her petite waist.


Love oh ?

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