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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 19?]



We were already starting to loose hope when the door burst open and we were able to escape.

Disha held me tight as I grabbed the manager by the coller.

” Sir I’m so sorry , this has never happened before” he said.

” Keep your sorry to yourself.what if something bad had happened to us” I asked.

” I’m sorry Mr mehra” he said and i ignored him.disha received a text and she immediately became stiff as tears rolled down her eyes.

I took her phone and it was from Crystal.

” How was my little surprise
” Mrs Disha sunny mehra”
” Did you love it ?
Sunny belongs to me and only me.
I didn’t let you die because , I want every moment of your life to be pain filled”

Your nightmare
Crystal ?

Disha Disha ” I kept calling after her but she ran out, I can’t believe i once dated that scoundrel, that phsycopath



I can’t believe Crystal tried to kill us .

I managed to hide my worry as we celebrated the suprise anniversary.

i left immediately after the party as tears flew freely outta my eyes.

” Love why are you sad ? It’s our anniversary , don’t let her ruin it” sunny said.

” Really sunny ? You know that girl is up to no good” I said angrily.

” Then you don’t trust me do you ? He asked.

.” This is not a matter of trust sunny, she’s your ex and she’s literally obsessed with you, and you have to face it ” I said angrily.

” It appears you don’t trust me” he said angrily and left.I sat on the floor and cried bitterly.

” Disha” someone called and I turned and it was aunt Rani.

” I’m so sorry dear, but I happened to hear your conversation with sunny don’t let her get to you” she said and hugged me.



Baby ” I said as I pulled Richie from Vicky.

” Hey dj kiss we are discussing something really serious , don’t drag him away” vickram said and i rolled my eyes.

” He’s my boyfriend Mr lonely so look for a girlfriend and live him for me ” I said and Richie laughed out loud.

.” Ricky I assure you that if you get married , this woman is gonna kill us” Vicky said and Richie smiled.

I feel so bad because I’ve decided to end everything tonight.

I held Richie’s hand softly as we stood and watched the stars.

” Richie we need to talk ” I said nervously. He smiled at me and gave a nod.

” Ok go on” he said.

” It’s over” I said painfully.” What’s over ? He asked confused.

” No Richie, I mean it’s over between us” I said and i couldn’t even look at him in the eyes.

” Baby it’s a joke right ? Baby we love each other and I trust you , I gave you my heart with a gurantee that you wouldn’t hurt me, please don’t do this” he said while hugging me.

I’ve never seen Richie so vulnerable and helpless.

” Harish taneja, we both knew we were playing a dirty game, you started it and I’m ending it. I said trying to stop the tears flowing from my eyes.” Kiara trust me , I love you” he said crying like a baby.

” Your love changed me , I’m a new person now, not the play boy you met at the airport a year ago, I’m your Richie baby, not India’s romeo” he said as he hugged me tightly like I’ll disappear any moment.

I pushed him and smiled .” Harish stop this ok. It’s over between us, I fucking hated you from the start damnit, I never loved you , I only dated you because I knew I could get away from it and look ,I did” I said and he bit his lower lip as he cried more.

” I only wanted revenge and I’m happy I did it” I screamed and shut up when he started moving backwards starring at me in disbelief, that’s when I realized what I just said.

” I should have known” he said and laughed bitterly.” O my word, I’m the most stupid guy in the world.

Chantel fucking warned me , but was blinded by the feelings I had for you.i didn’t know i was dating a good actress. I should have known.im so sorry I fell for you madam” Richie said and i broke down completely.

he truly loves me. I let my suspicions ruin my love life.

” Richie” I tried going close and he moved back.

” O don’t touch me” he said and gave me a disgusting look.”I believed a lie Kiara Rajesh rathore, I still love you, and I hate myself for it.congratulations for winning the game” he said and stormed out.

I ran my hands in my hair. What have I done ?



I felt so guilty about what i said to sunny.so after talking to aunt , I went to our room and met sunny working on his laptop , he’s in a bad mood.

” Huh sunny” I called.

” What do you want? He snapped at me.

” Baby I’m sorry” I said and tried touching him.” Stay away from me” he said and stood up.

” Sunny I’m sorry , I just love you so much and I don’t want someone to take you away , please forgive me” I said and held his hands and place them around my waist.

” Please” I said playing with the buttons. Of his shirt.

” Are you still angry ? I whispered in his ears seductively.

” What” he asked as he stared at me in shock .I placed my lips on his and he immediately responded to my kiss. Some minutes later we were into something crazy.


I woke up when sunrays pierced into our room.

” Good morning love” I heard the voice of my husband.” Good morning baby” I said and he chuckled.

” Wow someone is in a romantic mood ” he teased making me laugh out loud. He stared at me for a while and held my hand.

“If I ever have a daughter Disha , I’ll want her to be just like you, and I’ll name her ” Romi” he said.

” Hey I want a boy and I’ll name him raghav ” I said with a smile.” Then we’ll work for both he said and i blushed. Sunny is so shameless.” Sunny I was very scared Last night , when you refused to talk to me” I said sadly.

” Disha I told you you’re my greatest weakness, and my strength, my heart beat, so why do you let Crystal bother you? I’m yours ok ” he said and i felt tears roll down my cheeks.

” Sunny what we feel is so strong, so pure , sometimes I feel like some day our relationship will go wrong and we’ll be world’s apart” I said sadly.

” Baby look at me, our relationship will never go wrong what we feel is for eternity, you make my life complete” he said making me smile as he kissed my forehead.


? Harish ?

I miss Kiara so much, why the hell did she hurt me, I couldn’t sleep last night.

” Brother o my goodness what have you done? I heard nisha’s voice she looked so worried.

” Kiara” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

” What happened between you two? Richie did you guys have a fight ? Then call her and patch things up” she advised.

” No I hate her Nisha she’s the worse thing that happened to me” I screamed.

” O my God you are bleeding Richie, mother !! She called.” No don’t tell Mom please,she broke up with me, she was with me for revenge”


I thought I was doing the write thing, I was so wrong” I said crying bitterly.

” But he loves you right” pallavi bhabi asked.

” Ya so much, and I didn’t value him, I broke Richie’s heart, you know what hurts the most, I let the guy outta my life, he hates me now, he fucking hates me” I said and she smiled.

” It’s not too late to make amends kiss” she said and I smiled.

I catwalked into taneja mansion, dressed in a yellow crop top and black gean skirt.i had no make up on my face, the guards let me in but Nisha stopped me from going upstairs.

” What do you want miss ” Nisha asked and my heart felt a tight pain, Nisha loved me so much and now even she is mad at me.

” Nisha” I called and she wiped her tears.

” Richie Loves you so much Kiara , I’m sorry I yelled at you but I’ve never seen my brother so heartbroken before , it hurts to see him like this” she said crying and i hugged her.

” I promise I won’t live until I set everything right ” I said and she smiled.

” Richie is very angry please take care of yourself” she said and kissed my cheeks and left. Richie might say he hates me but he can’t hate me .



I walked outta the bathroom with just a towel on my waist to see my girlfriend on the bed , i mean my ex girlfriend.

” What are you doing on my bed ? I yelled at her.” Richie hear me out and stop yelling” she said and walked dangerously close to me.she looks so hot so I looked away quickly, avoiding the urge to kiss her senseless.

” Please live Kiara , I’m tired of your lies already, haven’t you hurt me enough ? I asked softly.

” Richie please I was just confused about what we felt for each other” she said and I ran my fingers in my hair.” You’re lieing kiss. You never loved me, I regret falling for you” I said and she broke down crying.

” Richie please, I’m sorry I know what I did was immature but give me a chance to rectify my mistake” she said and I frowned.

” Richie how can I prove it to you ? She asked.” By getting the hell outta my sight” I said.

” Fine” she said and wiped her tears.” I’ll just go out there and get a new boyfriend, I’ll kiss him , hug him and even do crazy things if possible” she said and I glared at her

.” You dare not” I yelled at her.” Why? She asked teasingly and I slammed my lips on hers kissing her hard. I picked her in my arms to the bed and marked her as mine forever.



Gosh I woke up when my phone rang.why is mom calling me ? I tried reaching for my phone but Richie pulled me back.

” Ten minutes” he said sleeping. And I blushed.

” Richie please what if someone comes in” I asked worriedly.

“so ” he asked teasingly.

” Richie stop teasing me, I can’t believe we did it without protection, I just wasn’t thinking straight, don’t get me wrong I don’t regret it but I’m scared. I said worriedly.

” Then let’s get married, I love you Kiara, and even the thought of loosing you drives me insane ” he said kissing my forehead.his phone rang.

” It’s sunny ” he said and stood up .he picked up the call and smiled brightly.i wonder what they’re gossiping about.

“No we are fine now” he said making me smile.



Luckily it’s been two weeks after Richie and Kiara got engaged.we haven’t heard anything from Crystal and I’m glad about that.

but I feel sick these few days and I hate going to the hospital.

” Baby you’re sick, you didn’t sleep last night, you kept throwing up” sunny said worriedly.as I helped him knot his tie.

” I’m not sick love, you worry way too much” I said and he rolled his eyes .

” Angel eyes please, just one check up” he pleaded.” No ” I said.

” Baby please” he said softly.

” I’m not in the mood to argue with you sunny” I said and Ran into the bathroom to throw up.

” Love are you sure you don’t want a check up? I heard Sunny’s voice from behind I tried telling him I’m fine, but my eyes became heavy and everything went blank.



What’s wrong with her? Mother asked the doctor hurriedly.

” She’s fine madam, it’s normal during the first stages of pregnancy” the doctor said.

” What do you mean ? I asked. ” What I mean is that , you are gonna be a father, Disha is 3 weeks pregnant” the doctor said and everyone screamed in joy.

Disha has been smiling so much after finding out she’s pregnant.

” Sunny do you think I’ll be a good mom ? She asked nervously.

” Not just good, but the best.” And one more thing , your not permitted to do any work from today” I said.

” What I won’t be able Live if I don’t work” she said.” Your pregnant my queen”

” you’ve made me a stranger because your gonna be a dad” she said sadly.

” What even if times change, or people my love for you is eternal” I said and she smiled.


? Unknown pov?

Ever since i started working for the mehras a month ago, I’ve seen the immence love Mr mehra has for his wife.they all treat her like an egg. Mrs younger sister just got married to her boyfriend yesterday. My phone rang and I picked up.

” Hello so have you gained their trust ? My boss asked .” Yes boss but it is impossible to separate them, their love is way too strong and”

” vishu ” someone called from behind and I froze.

” Vishu” she called again and I turned with a bright smile.

” Good morning ma’am” I greeted her .

” Are you ok vishu you look pale ? She asked worriedly.

I feel so guilty how can I hurt such an innocent and Pure soul.

” Vishu” she called again and I snapped outta my thoughts.

” No Disha ma’am I’m fine, have you eaten your breakfast ? I asked changing the topic. She smiled and shook her head negatively.



” Diego I think I’m pregnant” Chantel said and i froze on the spot.

It’s not like I don’t want a baby , I’m scared because Crystal might find out.

” How many weeks ” I asked her.

” Two weeks, Diego I’m so scared, what do we do ? We both know Crystal is a phsycopath, she’ll hurt Diego, she’ll kill us ” she started panicking and I pulled her into my arms as she sobbed lightly.

” Breathe love please breathe” I said and she calmed down and slept on my arms

. ” I’m so sorry Chantel, I got you into this mess , I can’t even change Crystal now , I don’t want to bankrupt sunny anymore , I just wanna love you and our baby” I said as cried on her. I feel so scared .

I lived a bad life. I can’t believe I got myself into this mess.


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