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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 21?]



I miss sunny so much, I feel like I’m not living, like a part of me died ever since he left .

I sat on our bed whilst looking at our wedding photos.

My phone rang, I checked the caller ID and it was sunny. I picked it up imediately.

” Hello” he said and my hidden emotions all came out in a rush.making me cry bitterly.

” Love I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry” I said crying uncontrollably.he ended the call without saying anything and some minutes later I got a text with his address.

I got ready and left to patch things up with him.



“Hopefully they’ll patch things up tonight” Richie said as we cuddled under the sheets, we just finished making love and I can’t help but blush at the thought.

” Baby what’s wrong ? Richie asked whilst playing with my hair. ” My instincts still tells me vishu has an hand in di baby abortion” I said and Richie frowned.

” Love vishu can’t hurt a fly” he said and i pushed his hand from my hair.

” Don’t tell me that , I heard her telling d sorry Harish, I can’t be mistaken” I told him but he just pulled me into a hug.

Why can’t they just believe.



Diego what is wrong with you ? I asked fustratedly.

” Love I’m not in the mood, why can’t you get it” he yelled at me and i flinched, Diego has never yelled at me, he’s always treated me like an egg.

Whatever happened to him ? Is he really cheating on me ? Has he been fooling me all this time ?

” Love it’s not like I don’t wanna touch you, it’s just that I’m not in a good mood, I promise we can do it later” he said and i frowned.

” Suit yourself” I yelled and left his mansion. How dare he yell at me ? Pray Diego just pray you aren’t cheating on me, or I’ll make sure you live this world.



” You can live ramu, I’ll call you back if I have to go home tonight” I said to the driver and made my way into the mansion.

The guards let me in immediately they saw me.

” Huh where is sunny ? I asked one of the maids.

” He’s at the pool side, the one near the garden” she said and left.im so nervous right now, an angry sunny isn’t really nice to talk to .

” I’ll call you later ” I heard his voice and turned my heart skipped a beat when I saw him.

He was dressed in a black plain t shirt and white joggers, his hair looked wild, his gold slippers gave him the look of wealth.he just kept staring at me with his preety eyes.

” Sunny” I tried apologizing again,but he walked close to me and pulled me into a hug.

” I’m sorry ” he said in a pain filled voice and I felt wetness on my shoulder. Is he crying ? .” Sunny are you crying ? I asked still in shock.

” I’m so sorry, I wasn’t supposed to get mad at you, people say things they don’t mean outta anger please forgive me” he said and i smiled out tears.

What did I do to deserve such a guy ? ” I love you, I love you so much” I whispered and placed my lips on his.



I froze immediately I felt her kiss me , I missed her like hell. Disha is a part of my system now, I won’t let anyone separate us .

” I love you too” I whispered back as I trailed kisses down her neck making her moan softly.

I pulled her close and deepen the kiss.we got rid of our clothes and became one in every sense again.

No matter the huddles and temptations our love will remain eternal , to pass the test of time.



Sun rays pierced into our room and I woke up .

I smiled as I remembered last night. Sunny and I finally patched things up.

I turned to stare at him. How does he manage to look so sexy while sleeping? His long lashes closed , and his pink lips parted softly. He looks like a baby.

I chuckled and carresed his luscous hair. I’m so jealous of him.

” Baby take a picture of me , it’ll last longer” he said whilst smirking.

” It’s bad to annoy a woman so early in the morning, I might kill you” I said teasingly.

” Then kill me” he said and pulled me close.sunny is such a tease.” Sunny let’s go and have a shower we stink” I said diverting his attention.

” Fine ” he said and lift me up as I chuckled.



” Eternal love” that’s what we call what sunny and Disha share” I said to myself.

They both came back this afternoon and I can’t wait to break the news to that bitch. She thinks she can have her way in all things, too bad she can’t.

I quickly went to her hide out and gosh she sat on a gold chair , clad in just a red shirt and I’m sure she ain’t wearing anything underneath.

I turned to my right and saw Rajeev tied to a chair. My heart tighten due to fear.

” Tell me the latest news” she said to me. She looks crazy.

” They got back together” I said and she bit her lower lip to stop the tears flowing out of her eyes.

” And you fucking let them ? She said and punched my nose and blood hoozed out.”

” No Crystal Please” Rajeev said chocking on his tears.

” Rajeev I told you right ? I’ll make sure you both suffer unless , you and your fiance willingly become my puppit, and your innocent girl has decided to save the couple even at the cost of her own damn life” she said and I froze.



“Crystal just let us go please” I said as tears rolled out of my eyes.

” Rajeev are you still dreaming of freedom ? She asked me in shock and gave a sacarstic laugh.

” As long as I’m still alive and breathing you’ll never be free” she said and smirked.

” Crystal I’m begging you to please let me go” I pleaded and she glared at me.

” You didn’t date me because of this pathetic poor brat right ? Well why don’t we get a little interesting movie” she asked teasingly.

“And my heart skipped a beat.” What do you mean ?

I asked fearing her reply.3 huge guys who I suspect as her men came in .

” Well cam, Pat, and Matt, that thing is all yours” she said and Vishu’s face paled with fear.

” Crystal please don’t” I said as I struggled on my chair.watching them live with vishu who kept screaming my name. I feel weak and helpless.

” Why are you doing this Crystal? I asked chocking on my own tears. She bent down and whispered in my ear seductively.

” Because it’s a selfish world baby, and only the selfish suceed.



It’s been months and Crystal hasn’t made her next move because of her personal problems.

” I don’t care just track her phone, keep an eye on the both of them” Crystal said in anger.

She just found out her bestie is pregnant and might have been having an affair with her so called boyfriend.

She looks so fustrated lately expecialy since she found out Disha was pregnant again.

Unfortunately she’s quiet about it but no one should underestimate Crystal, she’s a perfect definition of silence before the storm.

” I can’t loose just yet, not now not ever” she said and continued smoking, ” Diego can’t cheat on me , he loves me she said as she cried bitterly.



Sunny I called out his name , but he wasn’t in the room, my baby bump is visible now but not that much.

I wore my yellow fancy slippers and walked downstairs.

” Nessa have you seen sunny ? I asked his niece and she smiled sweetly.

” He’s in the kitchen” she said and left.

I walked into the kitchen and gosh he looks so hot as hell.

” Good morning Bambi” he said making me smile Shyly. What’s with sunny and he’s nicknames. I didn’t know you could cook Everytime” I said hugging him from behind.

” There’s more to your husband than just being an arrogant business man ” he said and I smiled.

” You look so cute” he said and raised me so I could sit on the counter.” So tell me what you are cooking” I said.

” Chicken stew ” he said.” I didn’t know my husband is a sexy chef” I said and pecked the corner of his lips.



I’ve got all the information you need” mi private investigator said to me on the phone and I smiled sadly.

Let’s just hope Diego isn’t cheating on me, let’s just hope Chantel didn’t travel because she is heavily pregnant, I won’t be able to bear it” I said and walked outta the bathroom.

I changed into a tight gown without panties and wore my heels.

I picked my clutch and walked to the sitting room . Just to see Diego.

.” Hey babe” he said and crashed his lips on mine, he taste like chocolate.

I deepen the kiss and wrapped my hands over his neck. Oh no what am I doing ?

” Diego stop” I tried stopping him but he trailed kisses down my neck and I moaned softly and pulled him close.

He tore my dress and I helped him outta his clothes. We were so into each other and my eyes widened in shock as he moved into me.oh no I’m not on drugs, he isn’t even using any protection.

” Diego stop we can’t” I tried stopping him but he just didn’t stop.

I couldn’t go meet the investigator because of Diego, I guess I’ll go tomorrow, I turned to the bed as he slept peacefully.tears kept rolling down my eyes.

” Please I hope it’s a lie” I said softly as I hugged him . I love him too much, I’ll go insane if he hurt me.

The next morning Diego left and I went out for a shoot. After the shoot, I decided to see my doctor for another doze off the prevention drugs and the morning after sex meds. I got a call from my pi and Decided to go and meet him first.

I can’t believe this I cried softly as I watched videos of them together and listened to their calls. How could he do this to me ? What did I ever do wrong ?



Right now I’m in one of my suit and I’ve been feeling bad energy since this morning,I can’t believe I got drunk and slept with Crystal last night.

Chantel called , she’s already 7 months pregnant, I can’t wait to see my baby.

I came downstairs just to see Crystal on my couch. Dressed in a black shirt and black shorts she looks evil.

” Hey Diego” she said and kissed me.

” Crystal you look different” I said and she smiled.

” How’s Chantel and the baby? Or should I say your baby ? She asked and I gulped down nothing.



Crystal let me explain” he said nervously.

” Oh spare me Diego, didn’t I love you enough ? I was just a whore to you right ? You never felt a thing for me did you ? I asked. I could feel my voice breaking ,

” I gave you my love, my virginity, I got involved with sunny and became obsessed with him because of you and this is how you fucking repay me ? My sleeping with my best friend and getting her pregnant ? I asked angrily.

” It’s just I’ve always been in love with Chantel cry’s , it was never you, I know my intention was a bad one but I’ve changed, can’t you see we still have second chances to change in life ? He asked crying and i brought out my gun in tears.

” Cry’s Don’t, it hasn’t gotten to this” he said trying to plead but I shot him thrice and left him bleeding and struggling for his life.

Immediately I left his suit, there was an heavy down pour.




Oh my God sunny it’s raining so much” I said smiling.

” I know, and don’t even think of running outside, it’s not gonna work” he said teasingly.

” Sunny please let’s make new memories together” I said kissing him teasingly.

” Fine but we won’t stay out long” he said and i pulled him out.” O my God it’s freezing cold” I said smiling.

” What’s up with you and rains ? He asked and I turned to him confused.

” Well remember when we first met at the temple and I called you rain girl” he said and I chuckled.

” You looked so pure , innocent beautiful, your a goddess Disha” he said and I blushed.

” I love you okay, even if time’s change, nature , even if our lives one day take a different turn, just know one thing you are the queen of my heart my love for you is eternal” he said emotionally as thunder struck and the rains became heavy I placed my lips on his , sealing his promise with a kiss .


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