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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 24?]


? author pov?

5 April

It was raining heavily and no one was with Disha in the hospital when she went into labor pains , the nurses helped her and she gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy .



” Disha just gave birth to twins bro, a girl and a boy” I said to my brother on the phone happily.

” HOW DARE YOU” I heard someone voice. I cut the call and went outside just to see sunny and Crystal.

Sunny was about to go close and Disha held him.

” Mr mehra we are very sorry” the nurse said and sunny glared at her.

” How dare you let my children go close to that muderer” sunny said and bent down in front of Disha.

” You disgusting me Disha, you are a loser and as for our children you’ll never see them again ” sunny said as tears rolled down her eyes and she started shaking visibly.

“Get the kids ” sunny said and they left.



? She’s pathetic.
? She’s a loser
?I never loved you
?I regret everything we had
? She’s mad
? You’ll never see them again
Like lightening everything hit my memory at once and I screamed in pain.

” SUNNY !!!!!!!! He turned to me and smiled Then left.

I screamed his name again as the nurses held me.

” Let me go” I screamed and someone helped me fight them. I turned and it was Cassandra.

” Run they haven’t gone far” she said and I quickly ran out and the car was already moving on the bridge.

” Sunny !!!!! I screamed and ran after the car but they zoomed off I fell on my knees and cried bitterly as a heavy rain began.

Memories of our times together kept hunting me as I crawled on the floor weeping , someone covered me with an umbrella and it was a guy and Cassie.

” They took my children away from me, They destroyed me ” I said chocking on my tears.

” I told you right, it’s a selfish world and only the wicked suceed. Disha the world is cruel and to live in this world , one has to be strong evil and certainly not a sweet little angel like you are , Disha grow up, these people have hurt you, sunny has broken every bit of your heart to pieces when all you did was love them.

crystal is still alive and breathing when she’s supposed to be in jail. Come with me Disha into a new world, a world of selfishness evil, revenge where only the ruthless and cruelest people succeed” Cassie said and extended her hand. I hugged her .

.” Please take me away I don’t think I can survive anymore, take me far away” I said crying .


. ? SUNNY ?

You mean you were pretending all this while and cry’s was helping you ? Mom asked after I told them about the doctor advise and Disha’s reaction.

” I’m so happy mother, finally we can live in peace ” I said and kissed the babies on their forehead.

” For now , I have to leave for the hospital and tell Disha the whole truth ” I said smiling and my phone rang.

It’s from the hospital” I said and picked up the call.

” What ” I said and everyone turned to me.

” Sunny what is it tell me” dad said and held me.” Disha escaped” I said and everyone froze in shock.



What do you mean by you can’t find her ” sunny screamed and I held him back.

” Mr mehra, there are possibilities that due to her unstable state , she might have jumped into the high current water, ” a cop said and i froze.

” Shut up damnit , my Disha is fine, she’s mad at me I Know, but she can’t leave me” sunny said crying like a baby and I hugged him.

” We’ll inform you as soon as we get any information ” the cops said and left.



Finally I didn’t even have to kill her and she just left wow” I said laughing in my room when I suddenly felt the urge to throw up.

I ran into the bathroom and threw up. When was the last time I had my monthly flow ? I asked myself and remembered my intimate relationship with Diego a month ago.

” Oh no , but I still took the meds right then why the fuck am I pregnant with that bastard baby ? I asked myself in fustration as I scratched my hair.

” What do I do ? I said and something clicked on my mind. And I smiled.

This is like killing two birds with one stone.



” Disha you have to eat something” I said as I sat close to her on the bird.

” Cassandra I feel so incomplete without sunny, I love him so much and I hate myself for it” she said crying softly and I felt nothing but pity for the poor soul.

” Disha at Least eat something you’ll fall sick” I pleaded and she pushed the tray as it broke.

” Cassie Please I just need some space” she said chocking on her tear’s.



” A body has been found please come to the station” the caller said and i froze on the spot.

” No it can’t be my Disha, I’ll die of guilt if anything happens to Disha” I said and Richie hugged me tight.

” Sunny calm down let’s go and have a look first” Disha’s elder brother said .

We got to the station and and they showed us the dead body which was covered in white sheet.

I froze and couldn’t even move close due to fear of it being my Disha. Arthav Bhai took baby steps towards the body and opened it.

The face was wounded and we couldn’t recognize the woman perfectly except for Disha’s bangles and the anklet I gave Disha .

“No no ” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.” She’s not my Disha” I screamed as I cried like never before.

The pain in my heart was so unbearable, it felt like I was being starbed on the chest.” Sunny calm down please” Karan said as he hugged me but I could feel his tears stain my shirt.



What ” I said in shock as I stared at kunj.

” Yes Disha, we made them believe you’re dead” kunj said.” How could you , why ? O no my parents, sunny will die if he gets such a news” I said and paused.

.” You still care about him don’t you ? Cassandra asked and I broke down.

” I can’t hurt sunny Cassie, I’ll die if I try to” I said and Ran upstairs.

” I miss you so much sunny I really do ” I said crying bitterly.



” Raghav, Romi” I’m so sorry, I’m the reason why mommy isn’t with us, I killed your mum my angels” I said as I cried bitterly

.” Bhai please hold a grip on yourself , it’s time to perform bhabi last rights” vickram said.

Fast forward

I watched the body burn .

” I can’t believe you left me Disha, I can’t believe you failed to fulfill your promise to grow old together, to raise our kids together, I can’t believe you left me like this” I said sadly as Kiara broke down completely

” sunny Disha is with you ok, she’s right here in your heart” Crystal said and I hugged her while Crying in her arms.



I told you not to go why the fuck did you ? I asked Disha as she cried.” Let’s leave Cassie , sunny doesn’t love me anymore, I went to tell him I wasn’t dead and he was busy hugging that loose woman, I’m ready please let’s leave” she said crying.

” It’s a good thing you made your decision, because from now onwards you are ” DIANA C” kunj said smiling.



We arrived at new York and Cassie bought me new clothes all of them were western clothes, I can’t even think of putting such clothes on.they dyed my hair and untop of it my name has been changed to ” Diana c” .”

” Don’t worry Diana , you’ll be fine, well this is ivory Martinez your teacher for etiquette and class” she introduced a woman who seemed more like a snob to me.

” Try not to act like Disha ” Cassandra said teasingly and left. She’s right, Disha was a weak girl, and I’m Diana.

” I’m ivy Martinez and you ? The lady asked as she sat down with class.”

” I’m Disha , no I mean I’m Diana c” I said Shyly.

” DIANA C young lady, say it with your head high , fearlessly and boldly.you shouldn’t feel inferior” my teacher said .

” I can’t , people will think I don’t fit in” I said nervously.”

” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent girl. Kunj is a friend of mine , usually I only train royalty, but I decided to help because I like you. But I can’t help you if you are not willing” she said and I sighed.



What ” I said in shock while starring at Crystal as she lied to my family.

we were celebrating Kiara’s baby naming ceremony when she made a grand entrance saying she’s pregnant.”

” Look cry’s if this is a silly joke to you then end it, cause it’s so not funny ” I said and she cried.

” Sunny I knew you’d say this , just because you love Disha, but I love you too.you were drunk that night I swear. ” She said crying

.” Cry’s just stop this drama don’t you feel ashamed of lieng like this ? I asked in disbelief.

” ENOUGH” dad said and I turned ”

” you will get engaged to Crystal sunny then get married to her, I won’t have you raise an elegitimate child while I’m still alive” dad said and I rolled my eyes.

” I won’t marry cry’s let’s see who forces me to, I will not give anyone my Disha’s place” I said and dad looked at me sadly.” Sunny Disha is dead and the earlier you accept that the better it’ll be for all of us .



It’s been 6 months since I became Diana c, the betrayal and the quest for revenge burns in my soul like a flame .

I’m no longer the innocent shy introvert Disha I used to be.

Life killed that Disha and gave birth to a cold fearless heartless demon

. Once an angel now a devil after all even Lucifer was once an angel.

The mehra’s rathore’s and Crystal gold should enjoy their happy years.

While it last ….


18 years leap

Disha’s quest for revenge and the birth of Diana C is gonna be a big blow for mehra desighns and the whole of fashion world. Because D&C now rules over the fashion industry.

Disha is married to kunj c or that’s what the world believes. They have a beautiful 18 years old daughter Elena C ( Ellie) she’s the adopted daughter of kunj and Disha but she doesn’t know it yet.

Rajeev or should I say Evans Parker , is now married to Sofia and they have two sons Flynn and Leon. Flynn is a young model while Leon is a young student chef.

What happens when Flynn sighns a two years contract with mehra fashion house and comes face to face with his parents killer ?

Sunny is a stubborn heartbroken business man with two teenage kids .

Raghav Ashton mehra and Romi Kylie mehra.

Raghav is a funny lively play boy with amazing drool worthy looks, his a young artist and See’s life positively.

Romi is the opposite of raghav , always angry arrogant and a beautiful model.

Kiara and Harish are still happily married and has a daughter Kiran she’s a singer and a brother Jeff takes after his mom in her media business.

Crystal gold is a big name in the industry and a successful model, she has a daughter mahira clarie mehra , she’s the exact opposite of her mom , making Crystal hate her .

The media calls her the Indian snow white due to her goddess like looks , she stands for the truth and doesn’t have a good relationship because mahi wants to be a chef and cry’s wants her to stand against Romi in the industry and continue her legacy.

Watch out for the finale eternal love, as truths are revealed and Disha finally gets her revenge. Don’t miss out on the journey of love trust revenge and family .for the battle has just begun.


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