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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 26?]


☘️ SUNNY ☘️

We all Decided to attend the welcoming party of the owner of the trending fashion house .

DC fashions .

Crystal had decided to tag along with me and although I was annoyed by the whole thing , I just decided to ignore her throughout the night since our kids weren’t gonna come .

The party was filled with the cream Dela creams of the society .

I just stared into space and just then someone addressed the crowd .

“Ladies and gentlemen I welcome you tonight to the welcome ceremony of my wife ….the intelligent and beautiful Diana C ….” He said and we all gave a round of applause not until the so called wife joined him on stage .

Everything froze on stage as I saw her after eighteen years .

” Disha ! I said in shock as I walked over to her .

” Disha …my love …I … thought you’d died from the accident …” I said immediately as I pulled her into my arms while crying.

” Let go of me …Mr …” She screamed Angrily

” Diana calm down ” kunj said.

” How dare you hug me so intimately” she said with an angry look.

” Disha”I said again and she glared at me.

” Who the hell is Disha ? What is wrong with this man ? She asked and Harish pulled me back.

” I’m so sorry, Diana this won’t happen again, you look like someone we used to know . It’s just a big misunderstanding” aakash said.

” Disha my love please listen to me” I said and Crystal hugged me as I bit my lower lip to control my tears.

She flipped her hair and turned.” It better be a misunderstanding ” she said with such class.



” It won’t happen again ” sunny said as he came outta Crystal embrace.

I feel like hugging him, kissing him and telling him I’m his

Disha ? What is wrong with me ? I’ve never felt emotions for years now and just hearing his voice is making me so crazy with emotions.

” Sorry Diana but my husband must have made a mistake” Crystal said and held Sunny’s hand.

I felt like strangling her to death but held my anger and smiled .

” Sure enjoy the party” I said and turned .

Because I’ve made my grand entry in your lives.



We arrived in Delhi and I stormed to my room.

” Leon” mom called from behind and I turned.”

What ” I asked and sat down.

” I know you are not happy because we came with Flynn” she said softly

.” Then why did you bring me along ? Why didn’t you and Dad just join him” I asked.

” Because your brothers life is in danger” dad said and I paused.

. I might pretend to hate Flynn but I don’t, I’m just jealous of him .

” What do you mean by his life is in danger ? I asked and dad came in sat close to me.

” Leon Flynn isn’t really our son, but we raised him” dad said and I stared at him in shock.as they told me the truth.

” Flynn doesn’t know yet Leon, he’ll be devastated and Crystal will recognize him Immediately she sees him, he is a splitting image of his dad, we have to protect him Leon, ” mom said and I gave a nod.

” But dad I can’t be with him every time, he’s a model and I’m still taking Cooking classes” I said and mom smiled.

” It’s ok young chef. I and your dad have decided you’ll attend one of the best cooking academies here for the Time being. What do you think ? Mom asked and I smiled brightly.

” I love you Dad and Mom” I said as I hugged them.


☘️ SUNNY ☘️

” Crystal can you please stop pestering me ? I snapped at Crystal as she kept screaming at me for Diana c as Disha.

” Why the hell can’t you get over your dead wife ? She asked fustratedly.

“Who are you to ask me that Crystal ? Disha is my wife dead or alive , and no one can take her place so always remember you have no place in my life. I don’t care if you are dead alive or even dieing” I said angrily and she gasp.

” Baby” she said and i glared at her.” Today has not been a good day for me , so go look for someone to vent your fustration on” I said and slammed the door on her face.



Sunny can’t do this to me. And that Diana c , how come she looks exactly like Disha ? Or is she Disha ? I asked myself as my heart suddenly started skipping beats is she back for revenge ? No no.

they look alike yes, but they are world apart. Diana C is a hot, sexy, classy sophisticated business woman who is cold and ruthless, and that Disha was a plain Jane. A soft spoken, emotional , innocent naive artist very big difference.

First Disha, now Diana ? I won’t let them ruin my life , never.

” You look restless and fustrated, I’ll do anything to see that look on your face daily” I heard the cold voice of Disha’s daughter and turned.

Gosh her dress sense is too wild. A black turtle neck jacket and a short that ended on her mid thigh .

Her hair was dyed pink and her red cheery lips oh God.

” Romi your being wild again, your dad will be disappointed it’s late” I said and she bit her lower lip and burst out laughing.

” Seriously and who are you to tell me that ? She asked batting her lashes innocently.” I’m your dad’s wife” I said and she rolled her eyes.

” Really , you and I Know you can never take my mom’s place, it’s been years and your still the mistress” she said and anger cursed through my viens.


” So what ? The world see me as his wife ” I said with a mock smile .

” You know a mannequin right ? It’s used in boutique and fashion stores.they get them dressed in pretty clothes at that point in time , the world See’s those clothes on them and it looks like they on the clothes.but when the real owners come , they buy the dress and the doll become naked and the world knows the real owner.

” You are my mom’s doll Crystal gold, the tittle of Mrs sunny mehra belongs to my mom.

And when the truth comes out, you’ll be naked doll for the world to see.

” The mistress” she said and kissed my cheek before catwalking upstairs.” I HATE HER”.



☘️ SUNNY☘️

” Sir someone is here to see you” a servant said and I gestured him to let the person in.

” Sunny” someone said and i turned.

.” O my goodness Anjali” I said and hugged her.Anjali is my childhood friend, but she’s been avoiding me for years.

” Good morning” the kids greeted and Anjali smiled.” Meet my childhood friend Anjali Malhotra” I introduced and she hugged all of them well except Romi who hasn’t come down yet.

” Sunny I need to talk to you” she said and I nodded.


” What happened Anju” I asked and she cried.

” I was married to kunj C” she said and i stared at her in shock. Kunj and Anjali were childhood sweethearts. But he was involved with illegal activities. I exposed him to Anjali and we were no longer close after that . I didn’t know she later married that guy.

” I forgave kunj sunny, but I later found out he never left the gang.



18 years ago.

” Kunj are you still involved in those ilegal business? Anjali asked her husband with disgust laced in her voice.

” What if I am wifey? What would you do ?run to your lover sunny ? Kunj asked angrily while Anjali rubbed her face in fustration.” Why do you like involving sunny in our fights ? For goodness sake he’s a married man” Anjali yelled and a slap landed on her cheeks making their little baby cry out loud.

” Gratel” kunj called out to the baby nanny and asked her to take the baby to the car.” Kunj what are you doing ? Were are you taking amyra to ? Anjali screamed as kunj dragged her to the room, pushed her in and locked the door.

She watched from the window as the car zoomed off. that was the last time she saw him or her baby.


What ? I asked as she cried bitterly. should I tell her I saw kunj with Disha’s look alike ? Will she be able to move on ? What do I do ?


? ElENA ?

Good morning Mom, and dad ” I greeted as I kissed their cheeks and sat for breakfast.

I smiled as I saw my favorite Indian Dishes.

I was about to pick it up when mom glared at me.

” Elena didn’t I warn you about your eating habits ? Those belong to your dad. You aren’t supposed to eat junk food I wonder what your dad enjoys eating them” mom said as she cleaned her lips with a salvet.

” Now kindly go upstairs and remove those hair clips from your hair. You look like a tree decorated for Christmas, make sure your hair is straight immediately and Change the brand of watch your wearing” mom said and I stared at her with tears in my eyes.

” But mom I ” ” you don’t argue with me young lady, now go upstairs” mom said and the tears started rolling outta my eyes. I changed into what Mom liked and left without having breakfast.


My driver dropped me up in school and I walked in I’m mediately. I was late for class and angry at mom.

The school is so huge and beautiful. I saw different teenagers busy staring at me.

? She’s so hot
?Wow check out her watch
?I think she’s new
?I like her hair

They kept saying different things I turned just to bump into someone.

” Ouch” we both said together . I raised my eyes just to see the person. Holy Jesus.




I rubbed my forehead in fustration and stared at the girl in front of me. She’s hot.

” Can’t you watch were your going” she snapped at me and I stared at her in unbelieve.” Escuse me miss, you bumped into me, how is it my fault that you walk with your eyes closed” I snapped at her in anger.

” Point of correction Mr I will never bump into a walking disaster like you” she said and students started to gather round.

” You are so not my type I do not date attention seeking ugly girls , wrong number” I said and her face changed furiously as everyone laughed.

” You are so spoilt and self centered arrogant peacock. FYI I don’t date ugly brats so go to hell” she said and walked away while my friends laughed. It’s the first time a girl ever talked back at me.

” Let it be Ashton we are almost late for class” mahir my bestie and the head of the basketball team said and I gave a nod. But I’m surely not gonna let her get away with this.


❤️ ELENA ❤️

I can’t believe i behaved so rudely with that guy earlier, I still remember the shock on his face when i insulted him.

I hate boys who are brats. He is Good looking yes, but very arrogant.

I walked into the class and everyone stared at me for a while before focusing on what they were doing.

I suddenly felt self conscious.” Hi” someone said and i turned wow. I’ve never seen such a flawless beauty before.

She reminds me of my favorite Disney princess snow white.” Hi” I said still starring at her.

” Your new here right ? By the way I’m Kiran, and she’s clarie my cousin sister” another said and I smiled.

” I’m Elena c” I said as they led me to their site .

” Wow you mean C as in the C family ? She asked and I gave a nod.” Well I’m a big fan of Diana C fashion line” Kiran said and I actually like her bubbly character.on the other hand clarie seems to be the quiet type

.” I’m avni Sharma” another girl said and sat close to me.” Hey little chicken” I heard his annoying voice and groaned in fustration.


Wait chicken? Did this handsome devil just call me a chicken ? I glared at him and turned to my new friends.

” You embarrassed me earlier little chicken didn’t you ? He asked and I tried not to drool at his pretty face.

” Oh did I ? I asked innocently.” Don’t try to act smart you called me ugly earlier, is it that your blind or pretending to be blind ? He asked and the girls burst out laughing.

” Thank you so much Elena, by the way raghav the name suits your colour” Kiran said and he glared at her.

” You always betray me Kit Kat” he called her by a pet name and left .

” He’s so full of himself” I muttered to myself.


” He’s my husband so don’t insult him please have pity on his poor wife” Kiran said while taking selfies on her iPhone.

” What he’s your boyfriend ?I asked and she laughed.

” No he’s my cousin and the king of the school ” she said with a smile.

” If he’s the king and your he’s wife ? That means your the queen. How rude to have insulted royalty” I said and they laughed.

” Raghav won’t forget this in a hurry” clarie said and i frowned.” What’s his name again ? I asked.

” King raghav Ashton mehra, 18 years old handsome cute billionaire Playboy. And the youngest artist in India” aavni said and the girls said. I have to stay away from him such cute Playboy’s aren’t good for the heart.


? Diana’s pov ?

I couldn’t sleep last night, I kept thinking about sunny and the success party. The pain in his eyes .

Did I see it wrongly ? Is there something I don’t know about what happened 18 years ago ? .

” I’ve gotten what you asked for Diana” Cassie said and I told her to give it to me. She passed an iPad which had information about the mehras.

Sunny named our children the names I wanted ? That man can seriously pretend for India I thought as I glared at his engagement photo with Crystal.

” He’s really married to Crystal Diana, or that’s what they let the world believe.

They have a daughter mahira clarie mehra” Cassie said and i stared at the daughter’s picture she reminds me of my old self , so innocent and naive I chuckled thinking about how an evil phsycopath gave birth to this innocent angel.

Then my daughter ,She’s archieved a lot in such a young age. She’s independent and lives a life of her own , no boyfriend. Impressive. I checked Raghav’s file and stared wide-eyed . He’s so cute , and he’s an artist .

I felt tears roll down my eyes because he took after me.” Diana are you okay ? If you want , we can leave it and check on it later” Cassie said.

” No Cassandra, that Crystal ruined my life, she’s the reason my children grew up without a mom . I will destroy her Cassie even if it’s the last thing I do ” I said and Cassandra smiled. ” Let’s begin with mehra fashion house” I said and Cassie smirked. The mehra’s won’t know what hit them.



” Flynn are you hungry ? I asked and he stared at me in shock.

” Me ? He asked and turned back and front to confirm if I was talking to him.

” I Know you are hungry ? That’s why I prepared your favorite. C’mon let’s eat” I said and he walked to the table he sat down and began eaten immediately .

He finished all the food and drank a lot of juice. I felt tears roll down my eyes .

” Leon thanks , I was starving ” he said with a chuckle.

” Hey what’s wrong why are you crying ? I’m so sorry I ate all the food” he said and hugged him.” I’m so sorry bro , let’s be friends again” I said and Flynn hugged me .


? ElENA ?

I walked into my room and saw mom on my bed. I wonder what she wants now

.” Good evening mom” I said and she dropped her iPhone and stared at me.

” I called you this afternoon, and you didn’t pick up ? She said and I frowned.

” Maybe because I knew why you where calling. ” I said and she rolled her eyes.

” When will you grow up elena ? By the way I’ve talked to your manager you’ll be auditioning for the role of Lina in Mr George’s new show. Since you’ve refused to make a name for yourself in the modeling industry, I’ve decided you join the movie industry so you can act.

” Mom I don’t wanna act ” I said and she laughed.

” O I get it, you wanna play with paints for the rest of your life ? Mom bursted angrily and I flinched.

” Mom please , why can’t you care about my feelings just this once ? I asked as tears rolled down my eyes.

” Why can’t you love me” I asked again as I chocked on my tears.

” No one can love anyone other than themselves Elena, I’ve seen how cruel this world is, stop being dependent on people.

Do not trust me , not even your dad . We both can even kill you young lady . In this world innocent people like you can not survive, it’s a cruel world and only the wicked and selfish suceed. You’ll audition for the role tommorow got it” mom said and left” I sat on the flow and cried out .


☘️ SUNNY☘️

I walked into the kitchen with the form and watched my daughter clarie as she cooked gracefully. ” She turned to me and smiled.

“Hey Dad ” she said and kissed my cheeks while I kissed her forehead

.” You remind me of Disha so much” I said and she chuckled.

” By the way I enrolled you in a cooking academy, pursue your dreams sweetheart don’t let anyone stop you” I said and she hugged me as tears rolled down her eyes.

The next day I was busy in my office when I got a call .

” Mr mehra , your elder brother is here to see you” my secretary informed and i asked her to let him in.

” Hey bro” I said immediately he came in.” Sunny we are in big trouble” he said and I stared at him confused.

” What do you mean bro ? I asked and he showed me something on his laptop.

” O my goodness ” I said in shock. Almost all our big clients were backing out and joining D&C designs.

” Buh how I mean , when did this happen ” I asked and bro scratched his hair in fustration.

” I don’t sunny , but if this goes on, all our trustees might stop investing in our business and we’ll face a big loss which might make the company go bankrupt” aakash said and I ran my fingers in my hair in fustration.

” Why is Diana doing this to us ? What have we done to her ,? I asked and bhai turned to me.

” This isn’t time to think sunny, we have to do something ” he said and left.




“Kiran” I called my eldest daughter as I walked outta the kitchen.

” And you Know what she did ? She called him ugly ” Kiran said and laughed out loud.

” You mean a girl called raghav ugly ? Jeff asked and she nodded.

” Well it’s a good thing at Least there’s one girl that won’t fall into he’s trap” I said and Kiran laughed.

” Don’t underestimate my cousin mother he’s a charmer” Kiran said with a smirk and I pulled her by the ear.

” Ouch mom let go it hurts ” she said and Jeff laughed.

” Hey love let go of her ” Richie said and saved her.

” You see dad I told you mom doesn’t love me , she’s trying to make me deaf” she said and I rolled my eyes.

Drama queen.



I sat on my chair as I smiled at the glass in my hand , I Know kunj will be here soon to tell me how it went.

” Hey Diana” he said as he kissed my cheek and I kissed him back.

” It was a success Diana, one wrong move and they will go bankrupt , let’s celebrate” he said with a bottle of wine.

” It’s not time to celebrate kunj. We can’t celebrate small victories, buh bigger ones.” I said and he smiled.

” So what is our next step ? Kunj asked and I turned to him.

” I want mini camera’s installed in every corner of the mehra mansion without their notice. We need to keep an eye on the mehras” I said and he gave a nod.

” And sunny when are you planning to meet him again ? He asked and I smiled

.” I won’t meet him, but he will call me to meet up ? I said and he frowned.

” how ?



” Hello sir Flynn Evans is here to see you” my secretary said and i asked her to let him in.

We were supposed to have this meeting since but he kept asking his manager to shift the time.

Finally he has decided to see me .

” Hi sir I’m Flynn” he said with a cute smile.

” I know you are Flynn after all you’ve been giving me headache since” i said and he laughed. Gosh he looks exactly like Diego .

” Sir are you listening to me ? He asked and I snapped outta my thoughts. And we started talking about the shoot.



I can’t find my pen drive were did I keep it ? I asked myself in fustration.

It was right here where did go off to all of a sudden ? Wait a minute, did I perhaps drop it in Richie’s office ? I asked myself and Decided to go and check.

I walked into he’s office and he was busy having a serious conversation with the person , but I couldn’t see the person’s face.

” Do you want something cry’s ? Richie asked and the boy turned.

” Jesus ” I said as I stared at him in shock.

He stared at me like I was insane.

His phone rang and he told Richie he was living and catwalked out while my heart beat increased. Gosh I’m even sweating seriously.

” I Know your shocked too since he’s looking like the late popular model Diego Harris , but no he’s from the Parker family ” Richie said and I quickly left his office. My feets were cold , my head is hurt .

I stormed into my office and poured a glass of alcohol into my system.

I still felt panick arriving so I ran into my washroom and poured water in my face. Is my end finally here ?




I arrived in school and stopped my scooter .

The school is so huge, I removed my helmet and stared at it in awe.

You might be wondering why I’m using a scuter when my dad has many cars.

The thing is I hate attention and I suddenly start panicking if people stare too much.

? Isn’t that the famous Indian snow white ?
?O my gosh she’s so cute
?I like Kylie more
? I love you

I heard few people saying and flashes of camera on my face.

” Wow isn’t she the famous Indian snow white ? Someone said sarcastically and I turned to see a group of girls glaring at me.

They look so intimidating and it’s clear they are bullies.

” Please escuse me” I said and tried turning but they blocked me.

Tears started flowing outta my eyes.



I catwalked into mehra fashion house in fustration. Dad said I had to have a shoot with Flynn Evans.

Who doesn’t know that play boy ? I’m so not excited about this shoot.

I walked in with my manager and there he was sitting his lower lip seductively as he kept doing something on his iPhone. He raised his eyes and smiled at me.

” Hi I’m Flynn Evans ” he said and extended his hand for a shake. I stared at his hand and walked passed him.

” I know” I said and started talking to my manager.

But I could feel him starring at me the entire time.

” I’ll have to talk to Flynn’s manager I’ll be right back” my manager said and left.

” You’re really one hot headed wild cat Kylie” he said and i turned to him.

The nerve of this guy to smirk at me. ” Do you know who you’re talking to ? I asked with a glare and he started walking close and with each step he took closer I moved backwards, until I got cadged and he stared at me teasingly.

” Flynn stay away from me” I said with a glare.

I knew guys like him very well , expecialy since I’ve got one in my house with the name raghav.

” I will not stay away from you Kylie because when I’m interested in something I never back out” he said and my heart started skipping beats. As he catwalked out.

O my goodness I’ve seen different guys but no one dared ask me out but he isn’t even scared of me .


☘️ SUNNY ☘️

” Sunny I love you okay , I promise I’ll never leave you” I remembered Disha’s words and tears made way outta my eyes as I cried bitterly.

” I miss you Disha, if only I could save you Without hurting you , If only death took me instead” I said as I cried .

“Sunny” I heard Richie call and I quickly wiped my tears. ” Sunny what’s up” aakash Bhai asked and I smiled at the both of them.

” Sunny I think we have a
solution now ” aakash Bhai said and i sighed in relief.

” So what is it ? I asked and they looked at me nervously.

” You’ll have to have a meeting with Diana and talk to her” aakash bhai said and I stood up.

” No I can’t bhai, remember what happened at the welcome party right. I’ll break down if I see her please” I said as I cried.



I came out of the pool and picked the glass of wine .

” Ma’am sunny Mehra secetary called he wants to see you” she said and I dismissed her.

” I never thought this will happen so soon” I said as I bit my lower lip seductively.

” It’s time”



O my goodness, I’ve been panicking ever since my encounter with Flynn Evans, I badly need to talk to my best friend / cousin.

Kiran aka kit Kat as raghav calls her.

” Hello Kylie darling” she said and i rolled my eyes.

” Kit Kat let’s meet up” I said and she chuckled.

” Babe I can’t leave the house now, mom is around she kinda grounded me for a week” Kiran said and I knew she must have done something wrong.

” Kira please , I badly need to talk to you” I said and she sighed.

” Okay I’ll sneak out and meet you up okay, I can’t believe the all so independent mehra needs advise” she teased me and i frowned.

She arrived at my suit half an hour later I took I gathered courage and told her everything about Flynn.

” Wow so finally your been attracted to a boy , I started to think your possessed” she said and i glared at her making her laugh out loud.



? LEON’S ?

I can’t stop thinking about clarie and her cuteness.

I walked outta my room and decided to have some bro time with my elder brother.

I made both of us a hot glass of chocolate and walked out. ” Mom have you seen Flynn ? I asked Mom and she gave a nod . ” I saw him at the pool side”

mom said and I walked towards the pool. There he was with his legs in the pool.

” Hey bro ” I said and sat close to him but he kept smiling. ” Spill it” I said and he gave me a confused look.

” Spill what ? He asked. ” What’s making you so happy ? You have such a beautiful smile on your face” I said and he chuckled.

” I met a girl” he said and i knew that moment that we were gonna have a long night.



☘️ SUNNY ☘️

I decided to meet Diana after thinking about the company, and the consequences if the company goes bankrupt.

But seriously I’ve been waiting for that arrogant woman for almost 30 mins now.

I glanced at my rolex watch and frowned.

Just then I got the feeling I always get when Disha is around.

I turned and there was the woman who had the exact face as the woman who owns my heart till this day. I regret ever mistaken her for disha her dress sense is way too wild.

” Good evening Mr mehra” she said and kissed my cheek and I did the same.

But I can’t believe why my heart keeps telling me she’s Disha. I hope I don’t ruin this meeting and end up with a dirty slap again.


☘️ SUNNY ☘️

I watched as she sat down with Grace and ordered drinks.

” By the way, I’m sorry for what ever happened at your welcome party Diana, I actually respect women a lot. I didn’t mean to hug you like that ” I said and she stared at me with her cold eyes.

” I’m sorry the thing is I , well you look exactly like my late wife” I said and she drank from her glass.

” It was stupid of you Mr mehra, you’re lucky I just slapped you” she said and i stared at the arrogant woman.

She’s nothing like Disha.

” I’m serious, if you didn’t have the same face like Disha. I’ll never hug you like that, see” I said and showed her a photo of Disha , she stared at the picture with cold eyes and averted her gaze.

“Still it was stupid, your wife died 18 years ago, no offense, but she looks way too innocent , like a plain Jane . How could a fashion god like you pick interest in this plain Jane , we might look alike, but she’s way outta my legue” she said and i smiled.

” You are right Diana, my Disha can never be a heartless devil like the both of us, we are nothing compared to my Disha. And please we might be talking peacefully now but not a word about my wife” I said and i swear my voice was breaking down by the minute.

The fact that her face looked exactly like Disha was enough to make me cry.

” I didn’t mean to offend you” she said and i placed my hands on hers.

” It’s okay” I said, but I’m mediately I touched her I felt the Sparks.




Sunny has become more distant ever since we fought at Diana’s welcome party.

I Know he’ll be in his office since he likes working late. I’ve decided to invite him for dinner and hopefully patch things up. I walked towards his cabin and met his secretary.

” Tell sunny I’m here” I said and focused on my phone.

” Sorry Mrs mehra but sir isn’t around he left an hour ago ” she said and I frowned.

” What, were the hell did he go to ? I asked and she started shaking in fear due to my glare.

” He’s having a dinner meeting with Diana c” she said and I saw red.

I stormed to my office and destroyed everything in fustration as I cried.

” No sunny can’t leave me. He needs help right ? Maybe that’s why he’s meeting that Disha’s look alike” I Said and wiped my tears.

” I’ll help sunny save the company if he gives me Disha’s place, expecialy since Diana is already destroying he’s company, go on Diana”



” Are you okay Mr mehra” I asked and he looked at me as different emotions crossed his face.

” Yeah I’m fine” he said and pretended to be looking at his food but he cleaned his tears. I can’t bear to see him like this .

.” Diana I don’t know why you are against our company, but please stop whatever your doing” he said with pleading eyes and I stood up.

” I’ll see you later Mr mehra ” I smirked at him and walked outta the restaurant.

I walked into C mansion and heard kunj and Elena having a conversation and laughing happily.

” Dad Ashton is so full of himself and untop of it, he keeps thinking I’ll date him one day” she said and kunj laughed harder.

Hearing Elena talk about my son Ashton makes me blead in my heart knowing I knew nothing about my own children. I walked to my room and shut the door as I cried bitterly.

? I love you Disha

? Even if things change, people or even nature what I feel for you is eternal.

? Disha is the first Diana both of us are nothing compared to my Disha.

I remembered what sunny said and cried bitterly.

” I will destroy you Crystal” I said chocking on my voice. I miss sunny so much , I can’t deny the fact that my heart still beats for him.

And seeing him after all this years is making me insane. Seeing him with Crystal makes my quest for revenge stronger.

” If only sunny truly loved me, if only there was some part of the story were he didn’t hurt me, if only I didn’t have to be Diana, if only our love was eternal. I thought as tears rolled down my eyes.



? ElENA ?

I can’t believe it’s Saturday already.

It’s been two weeks since I started school and it’s been two weeks since Ashton as been teasing me.

I can’t deny the fact that I have a crush on him, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of letting him know that. I lay on my bed and was busy playing .

Candy crush on my phone when an unknown number called me. ” Hello who is this” I asked and I heard the voice of my enemy. ” Wow I can’t believe a girl from my school doesn’t have my number on her phone. ” He said and I rolled my eyes.

” What do you want Ashton ? I asked

” let’s go on a date together, me and you” he said and my heart skipped a beat.

” No I can’t my mom is strict” I said and he chuckled.

” C’mon Ellie please” he said and i bit my lower lip.

” Huh raghav I can’t, I’ve never disobeyed mom before” I said and he chuckled.

” What are you huh ? A kid” he asked teasingly and i frowned.

” Okay I’m on my way , just text me the address” I said and cut the call. I can’t believe i agreed to go out with the jerk.

I need to get ready . I started checking my wardrobe for a suitable dress.



I walked outta my car and catwalked into the mansion. I heard from my secretary that Elena audition for the movie.

I know I’m being unfair to her, but that’s what I want her to see .

That this life is unfair , she can’t keep depending on me or her dad. She can’t let people play with her emotions.

I thought as I stared at her room door sadly.

I love Elena a lot, but I’m scared of loving anyone.

I decided to check on her. I walked into her room and she was busy scattering her wardrobe.

” Are you going out” I asked as I sat on the bed.

” Yes mom, I’m meeting up with a friend” she said and i watched her suspiciously.

Elena isn’t actually the type to hide her friends from us , so I’m very sure it’s a guy.

Her phone rang and she turned nervously because the phone was with me on the bed. I stared at the caller ID in shock. It was raghav my son.

” Isn’t he Mr mehra’s son ? I asked and she nodded while going into the bathroom. Oh no , what sought of game is life playing with all of us ? What am I gonna do ? My revenge is surely gonna end with the separation of the two of them, I thought sadly.


? LEON ?

I can’t believe mahi is the daughter of dads greatest enemy.

We’ve been friends and I have a big crush on her, but I can’t be with her because I found out she’s Crystal’s daughter.

I even tried avoiding her but we were paired to make a dish together. ” Leon come on taste it and tell me what’s Missing” she said smiling at me and i tasted the food from her spoon she stared at me nervously and i moved closer and placed my lips on hers. She seemed nervous from the start but kissed me back. We broke from the kiss and she ran out.

What have I done ? , How could I fall for the daughter of the woman that destroyed my father and my brothers life ? I asked myself fustratedly.


? FlYNN’S ?

” She started driving the car and I couldn’t take my eyes away from her.

” What ? Is there something on my face ? She asked and I laughed.

” No baby, it’s just I’m just your so beautiful” I said and she blushed.

” Sweet talking me already ? She asked with a smirk and I chuckled.

” I do not sweet talk babe, if i like a girl, I tell her to her face” I said and she suddenly became serious.

” Why were those killers after your life ? She asked and I frowned .

” I don’t know babe , dad has always told me that me my life was in danger , but I was never attacked , Kylie I don’t know” I said and ran my fingers in my hair.

” We arrived ” she said and I pulled her in for a kiss.

” Thanks” I said and she drove off.




” What ” I said in shock as I threw my phone in fustration and it shattered in pieces.

I can’t believe Flynn is so fucking stubborn.

” Love is everything okay ? Sofia asked but I ran my fingers in my hair. ” Dad answer us” Leon said worriedly.

” Your brother is Missing” I said fustratedly.

” His guards can’t fucking find him” I screamed as tears rolled down my eyes.

” Love he’s fine” Sofia said trying to assure me , but even she was afraid. ” If he’s fine then where is he ? I asked .

” I’m right here dad ” we heard his voice and turned.

” Were the hell were you young man ? I asked with a glare and he frowned. ” I went to club he said and I looked at him in disbelief. ” What did I say about you going out alone ? Didn’t I fucking make it clear to you that your life is in danger ” I bursted angrily.

” Dad I’m old enough to take care of my self” he said and i saw red.

” Then why the fuck are you bleeding ? I asked and he sighed.

” I was kinda attacked, but Kylie mehra was there to save me” he said and I groaned in fustration.

” Your life is in danger because of their family dammit.

From today you are no longer working for the mehras” I said and he looked at me angrily.

” You can’t stop me dad I won’t let you control my life ” he said and I slapped him. ” Evans” Sofia said and stopped from hitting him again. ” Let go of me” I said and stormed upstairs.


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