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[ ?The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 5?]



What no no no no .

Did he just kiss me ?

buh he’s lips taste like strawberries.

I quickly shook my head to clear all the negative thought .he left me and whispered in my ears.

“this isn’t over yet “he said and left .

the media surrounded me buh my guards managed to help me out, I swear i won’t spare him.

” Kiara wait ” Krishna tried going after me but I ran as fast as my legs could carry me .

That bastard

He took my first kiss I’d fucking kill him , I raged as I got into my car and zoomed off .

I matched into our mansion immediately I drove in and slammed the door immediately I got into the room .

” Kiara are you alright ? Di asked worriedly as she fixed her reading glasses properly.

” Oh no I’m not fine ! I spat frustratedly.

” You look like a mess …why do you have tears and makeup smuged on your face ? She asked worriedly.

” He kissed me ! I spat angrily

” He kissed you …so wait WAIT WHAT ! She asked shocked .

” That devil incarnate …that calls himself Indian Romeo I hate him” I spat .

” Hate Is a strong word Kiara ” she chided .

” Do I look like I care ” I snapped angrily.

I’d make him pay

I swear .



Today is the engagement ceremony, and the whole mansion has been decorated . Roshni brought my traditional attire for the engagement and as she helped me get ready ….I hated it .

I feel so stupid for agreeing to this union,but it’s already too late to start regretting my decision.

sunny mehra always gets what he wants, but unfortunately dad and my so called wife had the upper hand worse I don’t even know who she is.

” I promise to make her life a living hell” said to myself as i walked down stairs.

” Meera has all the arrangements been made”mom asked and i frowned . The ceremony is usually held at the groom’s home, it’s a function where the bride’s family comes to the groom’s home with wrapped traditional gifts ,sweets and dry fruits to perform the ritual.the bride’s family comes to the groom’s with a silver bowl containing some saffron dried dates nicely wrapped in a silver foil and coconut covered in a Golden leaf to. ……

“Sunny “i was distracted from my thoughts when aunt called me
Seems like the bride’s family has arrived.



” Kiara I’m nervous” i whispered to my sister and she chuckled and held my hands tightly.

.”you’ll be fine D”she said and i smiled lightly.

The mehras mansion is really smelling of wealth it was built with gold and looked like a royal palace with a touch of modern look.

We went in and the groom’s family welcomed me happily.

They kept telling me i looked so beautiful and i blushed, i turned and my eyes met with a pair of beautiful Blue eyes, i widened my eye in shock

“Mr shameless”.



. “Rain girl” i said in shock as i stared at my supposed soon to be wife.

why the hell is she looking so beautiful.

She was dressed in white again ,I know she recognized me because she started avoiding eye contact .

I just hate rain girl all of a sudden , because she ruined my life.

I know I’m being unfair as we where both forced into this but I don’t care I just pity her cause she’s about to get married to the real devil .

and devil and angel are world’s apart



Sunny bride looks so much like a goddess oh my God .

I feel sad for her, Disha is a shy girl and sunny, he’s wild arrogant and everything she’s not.

The tika ceremony began and Roshni came forward to where sunny and Disha sat and place a fine silk pallu(long scarf) around his neck, which he then held open on his lap.

The bride’s family began to present him with gifts and sweets .

Disha was wrapped with a ornate chunni(stole)

[ A chunni could be a family her loom which is passed from one generation to another]

Sunny would be father in-law applies tika on his
forehead and blesses him, he fills the pallu with sweets and gold watch.

Then i and mom present bride’s family with basket of dry fruits and cashew nuts coconut pieces apricots and other gifts.

Disha was then given a jewelry set and applied a tiny dot of mehindi on her palm for good luck she smiled sweetly.

The rituals where finally done, dad and Disha’s dad exchanged garlands over each other known as milni (meeting) to mark the end of the rituals.

Sunny and Disha bhabi was asked to exchange rings.

He took her hand and slid the ring on her finger, she couldn’t even look into his eyes, so cute.

It was time her time to put the ring on his finger and she looked so nervous she took the ring and it slipped outta her hand.


? MEGHA ? .

” so what is your plan, ” Mina asked for the 13 time and I glared at her .

“can’t you learn to be patient I’ve told you we’ll deal with Lucifer ma’am today so be patient” i said

“. What rubbish” someone said from behind and my eyes widened in shock oh no.

We both turned and it was Meera ,we hieved a sigh of relief.

“hey you scared us “i said .

“sorry what’s the plan” she asked and I told them.

.”we had to add chillipowder into all Lucifer ma’am pants.im sure that will teach her a bitter lesson ”

.I said and they smiled.



” I’m so so sorry” she said nervously as she bent and picked the ring.

I hate clumsy people,rain girl stood up and nervously slid the ring on my finger.

Friends and family started distributing sweets amongst themselves, while my so called fiance kept staring at her fingers.”Disha finally your engaged”someone said and I turned to see a pretty girl.

Wait so her name is Disha.

Right I don’t even know the name of my soon to be wife.

“Krishna o my word, you made it”rain girl said and hugged her so she can actually talk.

” by the way Kiara already left so i guess we’ll be without her”Krishna said and turned to me.

“c’mon jiju let’s take selfies” I smiled cause the girl is so full of life.

she came in between us and took two selfies.

“Bhai can you come take pictures of the couple already” Disha’s friend said and the guy smiled “sure he said and came to us .

Disha looked uncomfortable throughout the time .



Oh my goodness, Krishna is such a chatter box .

she keeps talking non stop I hope Mr mehra doesn’t get angry.

“sir can you please go closer to ma’am and place your hand on her waist”the photographer said and he did it.

Gosh my heart is beating faster than usual and I’m feeling more nervous just by being this close to him , How would i behave once we get married. ? .

“Bye ” he said and left immediately we finished and i glared at her .

.”Krishna are u stupid ? ” I asked softly and she laughed out loud.

” I know you didn’t like jiju being so close to you , but he’s gonna be her husband soon you should warm up to him.” She said and rubbed my forehead.

“Disha sorry ok, but jiju is so cute,hot and sexy don’t you think so ? She asked and I looked at her wide-eyed.

” krishi you’ve become so shameless “I said and she laughed .

“admit it jiju is hot right ? She asked.

“stop it “I said blushing .

” this girl is so cute” she teased .



The engagement got over and guests started living.

I’d watched the video live in the internet.

Gosh i thought they’d bring an ugly dumb girl ,but know they brought Disha Rajesh rathore.

That girl is smoking hot,with her innocent looks who wouldn’t fall for her ?

What if she’s a virgin? I have to make sure sunny doesn’t fall for her I promised my self as I made my way into the bathroom



“Sunny Disha bhabi is a beauty queen”I said to sunny for the fifteenth time.

“you’ve said it , enough now”sunny pleaded we where all in the sitting room.

“but disha bhabi is really pretty and so cute”Vicky said and sunny glared at him.

He was about to yell at him when Crystal came down stairs.

WHY the hell is she still alive i thought she died.

“hi love”she said and peked sunny.

.” Hi Richie”she said.

“hi devil”i said and she glared at me.she was about to yell at me when she shut up and wide her eyes , and squeezed her legs.

“Crys are you ok, why are you dancing without
music? Sunny asked her and we chuckled.

Soon she started jumping and crying.

“get out you shameless girl”aunt said and we laughed.all this while sunny pretended like it wasn’t happening in front of him.



It’s been a week since my engagement with Mr mehra,I was busy with some files in my office when my secretary informed me that Mr varun saxena was here to see me.

” varun is here, let him in “I said to her and she gave a light nod.

“Hello Disha doll “he said while coming in, making a smile appear on my face.

Varun is Krishna elder brother, although he’s two years older than me we’ve also been friends since childhood.

” varun have a sit” i said to him and sat down.

“‘ I’m sorry i was busy and didn’t give you a call” I said.

” ya with your engagement” he said and that’s when I realized i didn’t tell varun he must be feeling so bad.

He did tell me he had feelings for me, even if he was my first crush and I’ve loved him …I belonged to Mr mehra .

“varun I’m so sorry”i said .

“it’s ok Krishna filled me in on everything , I’m just wondering why aunt and uncle did this to you”he said and i cried.

Making him pull me into a hug.”I love you Disha “he said and i froze oh no.



“I love you”i said and she pulled from the hug.

It hurts so much, that Disha and i can’t be together the pain is cutting and ripping through my heart.

“Varun I’m engaged to Mr mehra now i can’t be with you”she said and tears rolled down my eyes.

“Disha don’t do this” i tried to make her understand.

“Varun please your making things worse for me, I’m in enough pain already don’t make it worse. “she pleaded .

“fine ” i said and stormed out of her office.

I could hear her crying ,buh i guess we should avoid each other now.

But I’m not letting her marry whoever the guy was .




“Disha beta the priest is here, do come down quickly” mother said and i told her i was coming down soon.

I walked to my wardrobe and brought out a pink coloured salwar, I loosed my hair band making it fall to my waist.

I took my phone and then checked myself in the mirror.

Today is the day the priest will finalize our wedding date.

I went downstairs and met Mr mehra family, I greeted everyone but couldn’t see Mr mehra, maybe he didn’t come.

“bhabi your hair is so long and pretty “a girl said and i smiled at her.

“thanks”I said.

” by the way I’m Vannessa aakash mehra, sunny niece” she said and i smiled.

she kept telling me about everyone in her family, i must say I do find my soon to be in-law house very funny, well accept for the ever arrogant Mr mehra .

How can someone be so arrogant, he’s so full of himself and he never smiles.talk of the devil and he arrives, Mr mehra arrived and the wedding was finalized to be held in a week.

our families started talking about the functions to be held and i decided to excuse them Mr
mehra had already left he seemed to be in a hurry.

“Disha dear sunny has forgotten his phone, and he just left , I’m sure he hasn’t gone far please give it to him,my soon to be mother inlaw said.

I was reluctant for a while but i took the phone and went out i just hope Mr mehra doesn’t yell at me.



” This is so fustrating,i wonder where i kept my phone” i said in fustration whilst running my fingers in my hair.

I was busy in the office when mom called me to come over to rain girl house.

We’re done and I’m outside the mansion now, and damn i seriously can’t find my phone.

“Mr mehra”I heard rain girl voice and i turned, she’s so beautiful. I tried looking into her eyes but she was seriously looking at her scandals.

” Mother asked me to give you your phone”she said. Before I could register her words, she ran off.

Throughout the remaining hours of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about it .

I sat up on the bed and I don’t know why, I kept staring at the ring on my finger.

“Does it make a difference now”i heard Crystal voice and turned.

“no crys it’s just”I tried speaking.

” Ya after all she’s beautiful, innocent hardworking, cute so I’m of no use now”she cried

“babe stop that ” I said and hugged her.

“no one can take your place crys no one”I said.


Wedding coming up … guys …

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