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Family tradition 11 (Beginning of the End)

David drove down to the hospital in his dark grey Toyota Highlander car, Dorathy was waiting at the reception with her mother

Dorathy’s was looking astonishing in her red gown. He gave her a side hug and took her bags over to the car, they drove down to the house.

Sam (the gateman) helped brought down the bags from the car and took them inside.
Two days later.

Dorathy was at the parlor watching her favourite soap opera.
When David walked in all dressed,
“Good morning love” he greeted her and kissed her cheek.

“Morning” she replied, ” Are you going out?” She asked him.

” Yeah, I will be having a meeting with the board of directors” he replied, dorathy had a dejected look after hearing his reply.

” I will be back once the meeting is over” he responded before leaving, dorathy stood by the door to wave him goodbye as he drove out of the compound.

She went back in to the house and continued watching TV before having a thought, ” this might be a good time to go check on kingsley and see things for myself”.

She hurriedly grab her keys and set off, the name of the station were David said he was kept stuck to her head like glue.

She arrived the police station and went straight to the counter.

” I am here to see one, Mr kingsley ozo.” She asked politely.

He looks at her confusedly before opening the book in front of him, he flipped from page to page and gave an answer

“There’s no such name here” he replied.

” What’s he in for?” He asked her.

” Kidnapping and assault, something like that” she replied.

” We haven’t had any case of kidnapping in over a year now, from the records I am holding. I was transferred here few weeks ago, you can wait for sergeant James to return, he might have another record, he has been here for over a year now” he said.

Dorathy looked at her watch, the time was 9:30 AM, she had enough time to wait, David would spend three hours at most before returning home.

She sat at the reception waiting for the sergeant James to return, hours had past and he was not back. She looked at her watch one more time before standing up to leave, just then a slender man walked into the reception and walked over to the counter.

He had a chat with John, Dorathy’s mind was undecided if she should leave or wait to see the outcome of their chat.

After some seconds, John pointed at dorathy, The look on James face immediately he saw her was scary.

” He has been moved to a more secure facility due to the nature of his crime” James spoke quickly dismissing dorathy.

She asked for more information but he won’t speak any further, He asked her to leave while reassuring her that justice will be served. Her time was already fast spent, it was 12 PM already.

She left the station and decided to let the case die off, when she arrived home David was not yet back, she felt relieved that he had not return.

The room was a mess when she got home, she decided to arrange the room.

While arranging David’s clothes into the wardrobe, she stumbled upon a backpack. Curiosity won’t let her leave it. The bag was strange to her as she has never seen David with it, she was curious to know it’s contents.

She opened the bag and searched through it then she saw a disc.

The tape had a striking resemblance with that of kingsley’s, she hurried down stairs with the disc and her laptop, she placed the laptop on the table at the parlor. Her heart thumped erratically as she slot the disc in to the laptop.

The video was jaw dropping as it showed Lisa and David caressing each other on numerous occasions. One of the footages was from a hotel lobby showing David and Lisa kissing vigorously before entering hotel room number 095.

Tears roll down her eyes, she could not comprehend what just happened, she ran upstairs to pack her bags.

” Babe, I am home” David’s voice echoed through the empty house.

After the echo, the house was filled with silence again as dorathy did not respond.

His eyes caught the video playing on the laptop screen as he strode across the parlor, he paused and made a U-turn back to the laptop.

David was perplexed as to how the video got on the screen, dorathy’s flip-flops made some noise as she strode down the stairs hurriedly.

She was surprised he didn’t follow behind her to beg, instead he picked up his phone, dorathy slams the door hard as she left the parlour.

” Hello, Sam lock the gate, do not let her leave this house, she knows too much” he spoke authoritatively.

Sam hurried and locked the gate.

” Sam, open that freaking gate!!” Dorathy screamed at the top of her voice.

” I cannot let you leave this compound” he replied.

Dorathy ran towards him and grabbed his cloth
” Give me those fúç.king keys or I will strangle you” she shouted at him but he was reluctant.

David snuck up behind her and wrapped a handkerchief on her nose, within seconds she dropped to the ground unconscious.

” Take her upstairs, lock her up in the master Bedroom” he ordered Sam.

To be continued..

©️ Christian Ngei Laleobe

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