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Family Tradition 8

Dorathy: “i know he was cheating on me, but we settle it and he promised never to do it again”

” he is still cheating on you, he never changed” he replied.

Dorathy: ” I need a prove to believe you”

“Yes, i will text you the place we should meet up” he ends the call.

She felt her heart shatter in a second, a strange cold feeling.
“But i can’t conclude yet, until it is proven” she mutters before going inside.

David was preparing something in the kitchen, the aroma filled the air. She didn’t pay attention to it while thinking.

“dorathy” David wakes her from her reverie.

“you startled me” she replied him, she was really deep in thoughts and didn’t notice when he walked in.

“babe, what’s on your mind?” he asks politely as draws closer to dorathy and pats her head.

“not..nothing” she replied with a slight hesitation, he kept rubbing her head with his hands.

” you can share with me whatever you are thinking about” he said as he stared into her teary eyes.

” just promise me you will not break my heart” dorathy said as small droplet of tears roll down her eyes.

” i promise you” he replied while wiping the tears off her cheeks.

” stop crying, let me check what am preparing in the kitchen” he left the living room and enters the kitchen.

Her phone vibrates signaling an incoming message, she taps on the message notification and it reads

*emerald supermarket in the next 10 minutes*

Emerald supermarket is a 5 minutes drive from the house, she walked into the kitchen to tell David she was going out.

” Babe, I am going to Lisa’s house to check out some designs.” She spoke.

David sighed before asking
” So you won’t eat before going?”

” No, I will get some snacks on my way there” she replied him.

She didn’t bother changing her clothes, she grabbed her car keys and left.

She got into her car and drove out of the compound, she increased the pace of the car as it was already late. She spent close to 5 minutes with David and getting out of the house.

*What if David calls Lisa and finds out am not there, I better call her to cover up for me* she thought as she slowed down a bit to make a call.

She dialed Lisa’s number then plugged in her earphones, the line was busy and she was put on hold. Lisa eventually picked the call.

” Hello Dora” Lisa answered

” Lisa, I need you to cover me, if my husband calls you to ask if I am at your house, just say yes.” Dora replied.

” Ok, but where are you going to?”

” I don’t have time to explain now”
Dora ended the call to focus on the road, she finally left the bumpy street road and was on the highway.
” Emerald supermarket, should be close by” she mutters.

The big emerald supermarket sign was becoming more visible as she approached the place.

She drove into the parking lot of the supermarket and alighted from the car.

She brought out he phone to call Kingsley-her Private investigator ( the guy with the evidence)

” I am at the supermarket now, where should I meet you?” She asked.

” Just come to the grocery section.” Kingsley replied.

” Okay, I am going there now” Dora said

” Don’t hang up the call” Kingsley added.

” I am at the grocery section now, I can’t see you.” Dora said.

” Ok, there is a shopping cart right in front of you, deep your hand into the cart and take out the disc.” He ordered her.

She slowly walked over to the cart and picked up the disc.

” That disc contains a video from a week ago, make sure you watch it.” he hangs up the call.

Dorathy walks out of the supermarket with the disc in her bag, she entered her and turn on the engine. She slowly reverse out of the parking lot and sped off.

Her heartbeat increased from the suspense, she could not wait to see the contents of the disc.

After leaving the express she looked at her rear view mirror and noticed the black Camry has been following her from the supermarket, she increased the pace and the Camry increased it’s speed.

Her heart skipped as a second car cornered her from the front, taking her off road. She stopped her car to avoid colliding with a stationary car, some hefty men came down from the cars chasing her. They smashed the car’s windows causing the pieces of shattered glass to cut dorathy.

They forced open the car door and dragged dorathy down, they entered her car and drove off. Dorathy was bleeding seriously and eventually lost consciousness, a passerby helped take her to the hospital…

The car came to a halt, the men checked dorathy’s bag and saw the disc was intact. They abandoned the car and took only the disc.

©️ Christian Ngei Laleobe

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