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The students are all sitting down,chatting happily talking about how tonight fight is go to be.

Damon and his friends are also sitting together

“Oh,,it’s Alice and her friends” Avalon smiled looking up

“She’s pretty” Bran said

“She really is” Damon said

“I’m talking about Odette,,who are you talking about?” Bran raised his brow and Avalon laughed

“You’re crazy” Damon scoffed

“You’re talking about Alice if I am right” Bran mocked

“I dare not look at her,,,I think Kingston have a soft spot for her” Bran said

“You don’t have to make everyone know you can read minds” Damon scoffed

“I can’t read Kingston mind,I just guessed”

“Hey Damon” Alice waved as they walked pass them

“Hi Alice” Damon waved back smiling

“Hmm” Persephone cleared her throat

“What” Alice chuckled and they find somewhere to sit

“I love the night view,,it’s beautiful” Alice said staring at the moon

“The devil is here” Seraphina said and they all turned to see Jupiter coming with Althea and Cassandra beside her,she smirked at Alice

“I think she’s up to something” Persephone said

“Do you feel something?” Alice asked and she shook her head

“Hi” Seth said sitting beside Odette who smiled

“Hey Seth” Alice said

“Crazy Alice” Seth chuckled

“Don’t call me that to avoid seeing my crazy side” Alice said

“Don’t call her that or you will hear from me seriously” Odette said

“Oh,,it’s Kingston and Jove” Seraphina said and Alice looked up immediately until her eyes landed on Kingston,she scoffed

‘Naughty Tiger’ she said in her head

Kingston and Jove sat down too

“Linus will be back soon” Jove said and Kingston turned his face to

“How did you know that?” He aaked

“I heard Master Zung speaking with him on phone earlier” Jove said

Kingston roll his eyes

“Good for him” Kingston said and Jove chuckled

Finally Master Zung and other masters appeared and sat down

One of the master placed something like a box in their mist,,He’s known as Master Min,He’s the most powerful after master Zung,He’s known to always carry his sword wherever he go with him behind him and his long hair. He’s handsome too,,some students are even crushing on him.

“Start picking” Master Min said standing beside the box,his two hands behind him with his sword as usual.

The students started standing up and picking the lists,,

“Who are you paired with?” Alice asked

“Cassandra,,Jupiter’s friend” Persephone said with a smile

“I got paired with Althea” Seraphina smirked

“Damon” Seth said showing them his

“Wow Damon” Alice smiled

“What,,you should be rooting for me not him” Seth scoffed

“Are you sure you can win over him,,you’re timid” Alice stuck our her tongue at him and Seth grabbed her face

“Let go of her,,i told you she’s my responsibility” Odette said and Seth smiled with the way she holds his hand

She immediately released him

“I’m paired with Bran” Odette muttered

“What?? A boy?” Alice asked and she nodded with a pout

“Good luck” Seraphina chuckled

“I guess you all know your partners,,so shall we start?” Master Min asked

“Yes master!!” They chorused

“Don’t forget the winners get a special gift which is a secret for now” Master Min said

A girl came out first and called out her apponent,it’s another girl. The bell rang and the two girls brought out their swords at once bouncing on each other as if they are enemies.

The fight was so fast,,the two girls are both good and none of them is ready to give up

“The girl In white is really amazing” Alice said

“I was about saying that too” Seth said but just like that the girl was brought down,the girl wearing black won,,she was about to hurt the other girl with her sword

“Oh,,I guess not” Alice muttered

Another sets came out too,,it went like that until Odette was called and Bran came out too.

“Don’t worry,,I will go easy on you” Bran said and Odette scoffed

“Do I look like a weak person to you?” She askee

“No” Bran smiled

“What are they talking about?” Seth scoffed

“Is that jealousy I’m smelling?” Alice aaked

“Jealousy? What’s that?” Seth said

The sound of the bell made them turn to the two fighters,,

Odette brought out her sword and winked at Bran and approached him at once,,,

In a second,the sound of swords hitting one other is the only sound coming out,it seems like no one have having the upper hand until Bran pretended to hit Odette on her right side,the moment she made to dodge it,Bran hit her on the left with the sword hilt and she staggered holding her left side in pain

“Oh no” Alice muttered

Odette tried to stand well but the pain gripped her that she hold it again and winced out

“Are you going to give up or not” Master Min asked

“No master,,I’m not giving up” Odette replied and stood upright ignoring the pain on her side

“I’m sorry” Bran said

“Shut up” Odette snapped and the fight started again,this time Bran knowingly didn’t make any strong effort.

Odette smashed her sword toward his belly thinking he was going to move back,it was just a threat but he didn’t make any move amd the sword thrusted directly into his belly causing gasps from the students.

Odette eyes widened immediately,her sword still stuck in Bran’s belly

She removed it and Bran fell on the floor

“Take him to the treatment room” Master Min said and two guys came to carry Bran immediately

Odette stared at them until they are out of sight,,

“And,,the winner is Odette” Master Min announced

“Odette are you okay?” Alice asked as Odette got to them

“I can manage” Odette muttered

“You should get treated too,,”

“I’m going to see Bran,,” Odette said and left

The next person was Jupiter,,she stood up in all her proudness and moved forward

“Alice?” She called out from the sheet she was holding and Alice eyes widened

Kingston who was speaking with Jove immediately stopped and turned

‘What is she doing?’ Kingston thought

“Is she crazy?” Persephone scoffed

“How did your name even get there?” Seth asked

“I don’t know” Alice scoffed and stood up

She moved closer to Jupiter

“Your sword” Master Dam said and Alice took an extra sword from the table

Jupiter removed hers from the sheeth

“I may just decide to kill you,,,I don’t know my decision for now though” Jupiter smiled

Alice also removed hers,,,the person ringing the bell was about hitting it when,,,

“Wait!” A voice said and everyone turned

Kingston stood up

‘What Is he doing again?’ Jupiter thought angrily

“What is it Kingston?” Master Min asked

“She’s a new student” Kingston told master Min referring to Alice

Master Min turned to Alice and then Kingston

“Isn’t she the one who volunteered herself?” Master Min asked

“Witch did you really did that?” Kingston asked Alice in a whisper

“No I didn’t? I don’t know what he’s talking about” Alice whispers back

“I guess there’s a mix up,,,Jupiter can fight with someone else,,I’m still training Alice and she’s not capable yet” Kingston said amd took the sword from Alice

Jupiter was almost bursting as she stared at them,,,

“Let’s go” Kingston Said and grabbed Alice’s hand at once

“No” Alice said and Kingston raised his brows

“I will fight her” Alice said and removed her hand from Kingston’s grip

She took the sword again and faced Jupiter.

‘Don’t Worry Tiger,I told you I can fight,I learnt sword fighting too’ Alice said in her head and Kingston nodded before moving back

Alice smirked at Jupiter


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