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? FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds Apart…)


By, Summer Gold R.




Jupiter let out an evil smile even Alice smirked at her

The bell rang and the two charged on each other at once,their swords met with a loud sound and they stopped,,putting all their pressure on the sword both glaring at each other dangerously to see who will retreat but none of them did,,Jupiter suddenly added more pressure and pushed Alice backward at once releasing a leg kick on her belly.

Alice fell on the floor but she stood up quickly and rushed toward Jupiter,she jumped to slide the sword through her neck but Jupiter prevented with her sword but Alice’s sword cut her slightly on her arm. They both fell on the floor and stood up at a time,,

Alice was the first to make a move this time,,she threatened Jupiter with her sword and Jupiter tried dodging the sword,Alice immediately punched her belly,Jupiter winced but at the same time Alice followed her and jumped to kick her which landed straight in her mouth and it started bleeding.

Jupiter fell on the floor and coughed but she stood up again like she got a new strength,she let out a screamed and rushed toward Alice angrily and charged her sword toward Alice,,Alice immediately moved away and her sword fell from her hand. Jupiter smirked and tried smashing her sword into Alice belly but Alice prevented it with her arm and the sword stabbed her arm instead.

Jupiter didn’t move even though Alice hand was bleeding,she added more presure to the sword

“That’s enough!” Kingston said and Jupiter removed her sword

Kingston moved to Alice and held her hand,,Alice whined In pain but she didn’t make it visible in her face,what she hated most is her enemy seeing her weak.

“I’m okay” She muttered and walked away on her own,,Kingston followed her

? That was hot
? I can’t believe Alice is as strong as that
? she keep amazing me



Odette entered after Bran got treated,he was laying on the bed staring into space

Odette sat down on the seat beside the bed and Bran faced her

“You came” he smiled

“Why did you do That?” Odette asked

“What are you talking about?” Bran asked

“I know you did that on purpose,you made me hurt you” Odette said

“You think so?”

Odette kept quiet and Bran smiled

“I finally got your attention” He said and sat up

Odette looked at him

“What are you talking about?” She asked

Bran held her face but then the door opened and he immediately released her,,Seth came in

“Seth” Odette called with a smile and stood up

Seth and Bran exchanged glances

Seth grabbed Odette’s hand

“You are done right?” He asked and Odette nodded

“I will see you later” She waved at Bran and left with Seth

Bran fell back on the bed and smiled,just seeing her close made him happy.



“I warned you but you didn’t listen” Kingston said cleaning Alice’s wound

“I hate being weak” Alice scoffed

“You amazed me,,,good job” Kingston smiled and rough her hair

“Thanks” Alice muttered

Kingston covered her wound with his palm and immediately the wound closed,,,Alice smiled

“You have healing power too,,” she said

Kingston nodded

“It was fun fighting that way” Alice chuckled and her stomach made a loud noise

“But now I’m hungry” She said and Kingston laughed,she also laughed

“I guess we are getting along,,,right?” She asked

“You think so?” Kingston asked and she nodded

“Let’s eat” Kingston said and they left the room together.


“Goodnight” Alice waved as she was about leaving and Kingston nodded

But then immediately an heavy rain started

“Oh no,,,do you have an umbrella?” Alice asked

Kingston shook his head

“Then can I wait until the rain stops?” She asked and Kingston nodded

Alice sat down and took a book,,Kingston also sat down watching her in silence.
Minutes later,,Alice was fast asleep. Kingston stood up from the bed and carried her.

He dropped her on the bed and covered her,,,the rain was still dropping non stop.

He lay beside her,staring at her face that he didn’t know when he fell asleep too.


“Are you okay?” Jove asked Jupiter

“I wish I could kill her” Jupiter muttered

“Just stop it Jupiter,that girl did nothing wrong to you,,,,,”

“I hate her,,that’s it” Jupiter snapped and Jove groaned

“Are you going to listen to me or not” He muttered

“She keep on getting in my way,,”

“If it’s because of Kingston,,you should stop. I’ve told you countless times,he can’t f**king date you. Why won’t you just listen to me even for once? Huh?”

“Why can’t he date me? I know he likes me somehow,,,”

“Because you are my sister,that’s it” Jove cut her off and Jupiter roll her eyes

“That girl is not someone you can mess with,,she’s not weak. So just stop for your own sake” Jove stood up

“Are you supporting her too?”

“Because I have nothing against her and she’s cool,,when next something like this happen,I won’t butt in,I swear” Jove said and walked away

Jupiter stormp her foot on the floor imagining it to be Alice.

“Jupiter that’s okay,I’m sure we will get her another way” Cassandra said

“I didn’t know that wish can fight” Althea scoffed

“I swear,I will kill her” Jupiter mumbled touching her injured arm

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