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(Two Worlds Apart…)


By, Summer Gold R.




“I want something in return” he muttered

“What?” Alice asked

“You” Kingston replied

Alice’s eyes went to his lips,and then back to his eyes.


“Not now,,you can tell me whenever you’re ready. I’m not going to force you” Kingston said

Alice nodded

Kingston smiled and went for her lips again,and hungry kissers got to work once more.



Alice entered her room and closed the door,she stopped when she saw angry eyes glaring at her

“Am I safe?” She asked with a chuckle

“Is this even funny?” Seraphina scoffed

“How could you leave without turning back,,and now you’re here chuckling” Persephone roll her eyes

Alice pouted and looked at Odette with her puppy eyes as if to save her

“I’m also mad” Odette snapped and Alice sighed

“I know I’ve sinned,,and I deserve to be punished”

The girls exchanged glances

“What is she saying?” Seraphina asked and Alice laughed before moving closer

“I almost died girls” She said and they all gasped out rushing to her

“What happened?” They all asked

Alice exhaled and explained everything

“Whoa,,you mean Kingston really went to get you the antidote?” Odette asked and Alice nodded

“But,,who are those people?” Seraphina asked

“Honestly I’m somehow scared,I don’t think they will back down easily” Alice said

“Exactly,,they won’t.” Persephone said

“But,,,we are always ready. Am I right?” Odette asked

“You’re right,,we can do this” They chorused

“What about the little girl?” Odette asked

“I will take my bath,,so we can go to her” Alice said and they nodded

She left the room immediately


“I think it’s here” Seraphina said when they got to the door

“I think so,,”

They opened the door and entered,,the little girl was sitting on a young lady’s lap definitely one of the workers but the moment she saw Alice,she jumped down and ran to her surprising them

“Kiddo” Alice smiled and carried her

The girl smiled and wrapped her tiny arms around Alice’s neck hugging her

“Are you okay?” Alice asked but she only smiled

“I don’t think she talks,,we’ve tried to ask for her name also but she doesn’t say a word” The lady inside said

“Oh,,,” Alice muttered and turned to the girl who was already playing with her hair

‘Something is definitely weird’ Alice thought

“It’s okay,I will take it from here” Alice said

“She refused to eat too,,maybe she can eat with you”

Alice nodded and they all walked out

“She’s pretty,,look at her eyes” Odette said trying to touch the girl but she hugged Alice even more

“Wow,,” Odette chuckled

“I think she only want Alice” Seraphina said

“Kingston is here” Persephone called their attention and they all turned to see Kingston walking over to them

The little girl smiled on seeing Kingston

“Wow,,she just smiled at him. Does she think you two are her parents?” Seraphina laughed

Kingston got to them

“Is she okay?” He asked Alice

She nodded

The girl made to follow Kingston but he moved back

“That’s harsh” Alice frowned

Kingston waved at the girl

“Can she walk?” He asked

“Of course” Alice said

Kingston looked at Alice friend,,

“Hi” They all said at once

Kingston nodded and looked away but then he looked up again to see Odette,he turned to Alice and grabbed her hand


“Come with me” He said dragging her away

“They look cute” Seraphina said dreamingly

“I know right?” Persephone smiled.



“Tiger wait,what’s wrong,,Wait,,,” but he didn’t stop until they entered.

“Tiger!” Alice half yelled but stopped when she said Linus and Jove

“Hey Alice” They both said at the same time smiling

“Hi” Alice muttered

“Hey Tiger” They said to Kingston also and he shot them a glare

“Come here” Kingston said to Alice and she made to follow

“Drop her” Kingston groaned

“I don’t know if she’s gonna cry” Alice said

“Wow,,she’s pretty” Jove said and made to carry her and she accepted

“Wow,,I will be back Beauty” Alice said waving at the girl

“Her name is Beauty?” Jove asked and Alice nodded,,Beauty smiled

Kingston grabbed Alice hand and left with her before she could say more

“Gosh Kingston is something else” Linus shook his head and Jove laughed


“Kingston what is it” Alice asked

“You don’t notice anything?” Kingston asked

“What are you talking about?” Alice asked

Kingston hold her and made her to sit on the bed,he also sat down

“Last night,,did you get to see her face? I mean the girl who stabbed you” Kingston asked

Alice thought for a while

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