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**Writer’s POV**

Kingston Apartment**

Kingston and Jove were busy having dinner when repeated knocks came on the door.

“Who?” Kingston said in a low voice

A guard came in

“Kingston,,,Jupiter is fighting with a girl” The guard said

“What! Jupiter and a girl fighting?” Jove stood up immediately

Jupiter is Jove’s sister,,and Jove is Kingston best and only friend

“Oh,,you’re here. Yes they are fighting seriously” The guard nodded
Kingston and Jove both followed him and they got to the hall,,it wasn’t a small fight and the other girl seems to be having the upper hand

“Who the h*ll is that crazy girl?” Jove muttered and Kingston scoffed,,he recognized the witch immediately.

Jove went inbetween and separated them,,but Alice wrapped her arms around Jupiter again trying to hit her again

“Stop” Kingston suddenly said from where he’s standing leaning against the wall and all eyes turned to him

?Kingston is so handsome
? His voice is heavenly
? He’s so hot!!

**Alice POV**

I was enjoying the way I was beating her,,I mean not like she’s not getting at me too but they are nothing to what I’m doing to her. But then someone came in between us and separated the fight,but I wasn’t satisfied so I grabbed her again,,I was about hitting her when,,,

“Stop” A voice said and I stopped,,I don’t even know why but I really did

I turned and almost gasped,,it’s the Tiger. Again,,,

And immediately, the b*tch started crying which I am very sure is fake. She ran to Tiger and hugged him while crying

“Kingston,,she attacked me first” Jupiter said in tears and I scoffed

“Now you’re lying! I didn’t attack you first,,,you were trying to,,,,”

“Take her away” Tiger said and my heart skipped a beat,,yeah that was me,,he asked some guys to take me away

The students started murmuring And i could hear them talking about punishment,,I will be punished??

Two guards got to me and grabbed me by each sides

“Leave me alone you motherf**kers!!” I yelled struggling with them

“I didn’t f**king attack her first,,she’s lying! Let me go!!” I continue struggling with them as they take me out

“Where are they taking her to?” I heard Jupiter asking Kingston Tiger,,well I have one h*ll of a super hearing ability,it’s one of my powers,,I’m yet to discover all,that’s if they are more than two.

“My room” I heard Kingston replied and he smirked at her before I was finally taken away

Are they really taking me to his room? What if he kill me?? I don’t know why but now I think I’m scared of him somehow,maybe he only spared me earlier like Odette and Persephone said but will he spare me this time around?

I started struggling even more and I ended up pushing one off me,,I faced the other one with my fists folded together ready to fight him

“Leave her for me” The voice said again and I froze

The guys immediately walked away,,I didn’t turn. He walked pass me

“Follow me if you want to live” He said,,his two hands in his pocket. I arranged my hair with my fingers and followed him,at least he said if I want to live,I have hope now.

We walked until we got to another apartment completely,seems like he owns this place,maybe his mom is really the founder of this place. I followed him quietly and we entered,,we passed the living room and like he said we entered his room.

I swallowed hard waiting for what we are here for but he only smirked,,why does he do that often? It’s f**king intimidating,,

“What’s your name?” He asked

“Alice” I replied at once,,I don’t know why my voice always sound bold even when I am scared inwardly

“Alice Do you need some spanking?” He asked and I swallowed again

Spank? Spanking? Is he joking?

“Huh?” I muttered.

“Why do you act anyhow? Are you planning your own death or something? I understand you’re new here,but shouldn’t you at least try to bring down your crazy ego and stop acting stupid for once?? I bet you won’t last long,,you will soon die and maybe I will be the one to kill you,sooner or later,I can see you love death more than you love yourself” he said and trust me his words hurt but I am Alice right?

“Are you really going to believe that crazy girl over me?” I asked standing akimbo

“You’re still calling her crazy in my presence” He snapped

“Why can’t I? Is she your girlfriend? Or who is she?? She f**king started everything,,she’s a bully if you don’t know or maybe you know and you’re trying to cover up for her,but I don’t care,I gave her a taste of her own medicine already,,I’m still sad that dude interrupted,I would have destroyed her mouth so she wouldn’t talk for the next three days,,,,,” I stopped talking when a loud growl came out from him.

He looked angry,,I am scared but just like me,I didn’t move

I folded my arms under my br**st grumpily,,,,he stared at me for a while and chuckled before looking away. Oh that’s new,I never knew he smiles.

He moved his hair backward with his hand and h*ll the view was hot.

He turned back to me with a cold look,Wait,,wasn’t he smiling just now.

“You really can fight?” He asked

“No I can’t” I replied immediately

“Of course you can,,then let’s do it and see if you’re really strong” He said and took off his shirt without thinking twice and I found myself melting again,,damn he’s so f**king hot. Is he trying to punish me right now with his body?

Those damn abs,he even have a tattoo,gosh just murder me

“Stop staring and let’s fight”

“In here?” I asked

He scoffed and opened another door which led to another room and then another and another until we got to the gym,,

“Wow!” I clapped my palms without thinking

“Okay let’s do it,,,but promise,no use of your supernatural powers” I faced him and he nodded

In a blink,,we were both fighting. I mean not the stupid fight like the one between Jupiter and I,,real one which includes Punching,kicking and others.

I was trying to get his weak point as we fought but I found non,,what is he anyway? I was trying my best to at least hit him but I couldn’t also,,he was not fighting me either,he was only ducking my kicking and Punching,,is he trying to make me tired??

No way,,,I used more skills of mine. I approached him with a sudden speed and jumped with the mind of giving him a flying kick but he caught my leg with his hand and I yelped in pain. He didn’t release my leg,he smirked still holding it while I continue breathing tiredly. Is this a punishment? Because it is for me,,trying to fight and it’s all yielding negative is actually a punishment and right now I am tired,,I am sweating seriously.

He finally let go of my leg and I managed to balance well

“Nice fight” he smirked again and I scoffed.

Naughty Tiger

**Kingston POV**

I smirked with the way she’s staring,,where the h*ll is she from? She’s cute though,,or should I say sexy? I couldn’t help but to notice that,,especially when she folded her arms under her br**st earlier proving to be stubborn. Her lips and exposed bellybutton was so damn tempting,,I had to chuckle and turn away or I might just have pushed her to the bed and f**k the h*ll outta her.

“Thanks” She said,,it’s a response to my compliment I guess

I turned and walked out,,she ran after me

She’s one h*ll of a crazy girl,,

“Can I go now?” She asked and I scoffed

“Go? Where are you going?” I asked codly

“I just,,thought I’m done here,or am I not?” She asked

Now that’s it,,she’s the only girl who can talk to me this way and I kinda find it cute.

“You can go,,but next time you get into trouble,,I’m gonna kill you. Do you get that?” I said

She nodded and I know she’s not going to listen,her nods are fake. I know her already,,she’s a stubborn type.

“Get out” I said and she wanted to talk but then she didn’t

‘Don’t tell me to get out’ I can imagine her telling me that but she walked out.

I shook my head,,when last have I seen such a crazy girl? The door opened and she came in again

“I’m sorry but can you send one of your boys to follow me? Ion think I will know the way,,it’s dark outside” She said and I immediately snapped my fingers and she disappeared. She’s going to meet herself in front of her room,,,

Sexy mixed with a witch in just one body. Sexy Witch,,,funny


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