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CHAPTER 19 & 20
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“My love? Are you okay?” Anderson squatted before Catherine who was sitting against the wall hugging her knees with her head bent down and sobbing

She sniffed in and looked up to him with puffy eyes

“I’m okay,I just ..I suddenly miss my parents that’s all” she smiled weakly and wiped her tears

“What happened Cath..mom told me that you suddenly collapsed…after you saw my brother? Do you know him from somewhere? Did he hurt you?” he held her hands and stared into her eyes

“N..No..He..he..” she stuttered not knowing what to say

“He did what?”

“His Jacket,it looked similar to the one that..that one of my mom’s murderers wore, that’s why I acted that way I…” she lied smoothly and shed a tear

“Shhhh it’s okay my love” he knelt down and hugged her “I’m sorry okay?”

She held tight to him cursing herself inside while burning with guilt.

“It’s okay” he said “Grandpa Paul and grandma Daisy are leaving,and they asked to see you before they leave” he disengaged from the hug and stood up “come on”

“Ohh.. now?”she stood up and held his hand

“Yeah..” he smiled at her and pecked her lips “You’re beautiful” he whispered and she blushed

“Come on…” she pulled him to the lounge

Everyone was at the door bidding the old couple goodbye

“Won’t you guys stay for dinner at least?” Millicent hugged Grandma Daisy tight

“If we do we’re going to miss our flight” Grandpa Paul said “Son,take care of my family” he pointed at Mr Xuan who nodded vigorously

“Of course father” he smiled

“Cole,take care” Grandma Daisy hugged Xavier who was standing quietly in his own thoughts

“Travel safely grandma” he muttered and let go of her

“Ahh there they’re,our beautiful newly weds, daughter how are you feeling?” Grandma Paul walked up to Catherine and Anderson

Everyone watched as they hugged like father and daughter adoringly

“I’m okay now,thank you” she smiled at her

“My dear you should take it easy” Grandma Daisy chipped in and hugged her tight “I’m sorry we’re leaving you in this state”

“I’m fine, really grandma” she held grandma Daisy’s hands and smiled at her

“My love,we should really go,time is not on our side anymore”

“Of course dear, let’s go” they headed to the door and Grandpa Paul stopped at Tyson’s side and stared at him

“Don’t sponge off my granddaughter,find a decent job Tyson and be a man!” he fired up

“Dear come on now,stop” Grandma Daisy pulled him out and shut the door

Tyson frowned and looked down in embarrassment

“Well, everyone dinner is ready…we should eat before it gets cold” Mrs Xuan said and pulled Mr Xuan to the Dining hall

Anderson pecked Catherine’s forehead and they went to the dining hall too with Xavier trailing behind them watching them with a deadly glare

“Tyson I’m sorry”Millicent tried holding Tyson’s hand but he yanked it from her and stormed off and went upstairs

She sighed followed the others.

They all sat on the table,Mr Xuan sat on the ‘head of the family’ chair with his wife next to him and Millicent on the other side while Catherine and Anderson sat next to her.Xavier was sitting next to his mom facing Catherine.

“Lily,where is Tyson?” Mrs Xuan asked politely

“He went upstairs,what grandpa said didn’t sit well with him so he needs some time alone” he mumbled

Mrs Xuan dished up for her husband,Xavier and herself while Catherine dished up for both her and Anderson.

“Tyson shouldn’t take that to heart,but my father is right.Your husband cannot keep expecting you to be the breadwinner of your family,and we can’t keep dragging him out of the mud,he should stop feeling sorry for himself and get a job to take care of you and your future generation”Mr Xuan pointed out and started eating

“I hear you father, I’ll try to talk to him”she said lowly and dished up for herself

“And go easy on him okay?” Mrs Xuan looked at her

She nodded and started eating.A long silence followed while they ate,only the clicking sound of cutlery hitting the plates was heard

After dinner everyone departed to their rooms and Catherine insisted on doing the dishes even though Mrs Xuan tried to talk to her she still insisted so they let her be.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?” Anderson asked

“no just go upstairs and wait for me, I’ll be done soon” she smiled at him and kissed him but he deepened the kiss

She moaned in between the kiss and pushed him slightly “Go” she blushed

“I love you” He winked at her and went upstairs

Catherine blushed and turned to the sink and took off her ring and started to do the dishes while humming her favourite song called Fire on fire by Sam Smith

Xavier entered the kitchen hold a mug,he quietly walked up to her and stopped behind her

“Mi Amor..” he said calmly and Catherine jumped out

“God ! You should stop creeping up on people” she breathed out and turned to the sink

“This…” he held up the mug and stood behind her,much closer that she felt him pressing himself against her

He threw the mug into the water and held her wet hands.Catherine perceived a delighting yet manly scent from him that calmed one’s nerves

He moved her hands and took a dirty plate and washed it slowly with his hands guiding hers.

“Tell me,tell me you don’t feel anything…tell me you don’t feel my presence” he whispered in her ear and she held her breath while he inhaled the sweet scent coming from her Curly long hair.

“Stop,this is wrong” she whispered back “Somebody might catch us and complicate things

“Answer me Mi amor” he tucked her hair behind her ear and planted wet kisses on the side of her neck and she shut her eyes

“Stop, please…” she said breathlessly

“Your mind says no but your body says yes” he smirked and turned her to him in a swift and she gasped

He took a clean knife on the counter and held it in front of her

“Wh..what are you doing?” she trembled in fear

“Look..” he brought it closer to her eyes “What do you see Mera piyar?” he asked huskily

She slowly looked into the knife and saw her reflection

“It’s you,magic” he whispered and leaned in and inhaled her scent “goodnight sweetheart” he smirked and left her there

Catherine looked down and blushed and quickly wiped it off her face and turned to finish the dishes and went to sleep afterwards.



It was at the crack of dawn when Jasmine felt her blankets being pulled off her and she shivered in cold

“Get up!” a girl shouted and slapped her thigh

“Awww! Why did you do that!?” she winced in pain and woke up

“Training starts in an hour,take a shower and come to the cafeteria for breakfast,do not be late! No room for laziness here!” the girl said and stormed out

“Gosh this place is hell!” she screamed and got up sluggishly and made her bed

She took her toiletries and clothes to change into and found her way to the bathroom.When she entered she was amazed with how spacious it was with many bathrooms that were divided for some privacy

“Cool!” she chuckled and rushed into one of them

After some time more girls came in and did their deeds too.When she got out no one paid attention to her,they ignored her like plague and she kind of liked it since she hated being the centre of attention.

She then left to put her things back to her room and went out again to search for the cafeteria.On her way she spotted a girl walking alone.

“Hey wait up!” she fastened her footsteps and the girl turned to her and waited

“Hey,I just wanted to know where the cafeteria is?”

“Ohh you’re new?” the girl asked politely and she nodded “no stress I’ll show you around till you get used to this place” the girl smiled at her

“Thank god!” she sighed in relief

“What?” the girl laughed

“Well it’s the first time meeting a person who’s polite,all those I’ve met are simply rude!” she rolled her eyes

“You’ll get used to it” the girl laughed “We’re going to be late come on” the girl held her hand and dragged her to the cafeteria

When they got there they went to get food of their own choice and sat down to eat.

“So how many girls are here in total?”

“More than fifty shoved her fries into her mouth” the girl

“Wow” Jasmine said perplexed

“So you’re going to join our school too?”

“School??” Jasmine chuckled

“Yeah we have a school we get enrolled to when we join the ‘club’ you know what I mean.It’s not far from here but we get free transport while Rachel handles everything for us”

“Ohh wow that’s nice I would love to—”

“What’s your name by the way? I’m Felicia” the girl smiled at her

“Jasmine..” they shook hands and laughed out afterwards

The bell rang and everyone stood up and went out to the training grounds

“Let’s go” Felicia shoved the last few fries into her mouth and left with Jasmine following her

“So like there are no boys here at all?”

Felicia chewed the last bits of her fries and swallowed

“Ohh there are boys here,they just don’t join us more often plus they had back to back missions last week so they need time to rest, you’ll get to meet them soon” Felicia chuckled

They finally got to the training grounds and stood in a line.

A man stepped forward.

“Good morning ladies,time to train.Alright now fifty push ups let’s go!” he blew up a whistle and they all went down and he started counting while they went up and down

Jasmine only did up to five and got tired and laid flat on the grass

The man walked up to her and blew a whistle loudly in her ears

“Continue ladies you doing great! As for you,up!” he thundered and Jasmine quickly got up

“Since you failed,ten laps around the ground!” he shouted in her face

“What!!?” she shrieked

“You want to get on my bad side young lady!?”

“No but—”

“Move!!!” he shouted and she stomped her feet on the grass in anger and kicked it before running off.



Millicent tied her hair and sat on the bed and rubbed her tummy while smiling.

Tyson got out of the bathroom with a sour look

“What does your family take me for!?” he turned one eighty degrees on her

“Babe I’m sorry that happened but—”

“It’s you! It’s you who let them disrespect me!” he grabbed her hand roughly and she stood up

“Tyson calm down please you’re hurting me!” she hissed in pain

“Why do you let them!? Am I not man enough for you huh!!? Let me show how I can be a real man yeah?” he unbuckled his belt with his free hand

“No Tyson no please!” she begged while trembling

“What you don’t want me is that it!? What’s your problem!? ” he let go of her and slapped her across her gentle face hard that she fell and bumped into the nightstand with her tummy and fell

“Ahhh!!” she screamed in pain and held her tummy

“Get up and let me show you what a real man I am!!!” he walked towards her like a predator hunting for it’s prey

The pain was unbearable that she only shook her head unable to speak

“AAHHH!! ” she felt an excruciating sting that she yelped out and felt hot liquid run down her thigh and saw her yoga pants getting soaked in blood

“N..No my baby! Tyson m..my baby!” she cried out and held the bloody part of her yoga pants and looked at her hands in horror

Tyson froze and watched her wife bleeding out and he stepped back

“No no no not my baby! No ! Ahhhh!” she cried out

Tyson stood there rooted to his spot wondering what he had done.

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