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It was finally the D day and the Baldwin house was packed with people, Catherine’s friends to be precise preparing to go to the wedding with the hair dressers and make-up artists chasing after them.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head!” Catherine heard a voice whisper in her ear and she groaned and turned to the other side

“Hey! Young lady you’re going to be late for your wedding,time waits for no man now get up!” Aunt Becky scolded and pulled the duvet off Catherine’s body

“I’m up! I’m up!” She groaned “Do we really have to wake up this early?” She said sluggishly

“Not really but we want to have more time to prepare so we won’t have to rush up anything,come on Cath” Sofie dragged her out of the bed

“Okay fine!” she yawned and dragged herself to the bathroom and Sofie followed her and Catherine stopped to look at her and narrowed her eyes.

“What?! I just wanna make sure you don’t take a nap in there,plus I want to help”

“But my hands are fine!” she frowned

“Ohh whatevs” Sofie rolled her eyes and pushed her into the bathroom

Aunt Becky smiled because of their silly little act and proceeded to make the bed and left afterwards.

“So,you ready?” Sofie asked after some moments of silence

“y..yeah I’m just nervous I think” she breathed out

“That’s totally normal,I remember on my wedding day,I was nervous too” she chuckled and took a towel and dried Catherine’s hair

“You never told me what really happened between you and Richard,for you guys to end up getting a divorce” She turned to look at Sofie

“You know I don’t want to talk about it, please don’t push it.. besides today is all about you..not me” She cupped her dear friend’s cheeks “Now I’ll leave you to finish up and I’ll fetch your dress and Carlo to do your hair and makeup okay?” She stood up and headed for the door


“Yeah?” she turned to her friend

“Thank you” Catherine smiled genuinely at her

“Anytime Cath,now let me leave before we both get emotional” they laughed and she went out

Catherine sighed and got out of the water and reached for a towel and wrapped it around her body.



“Are the preparations done” Grandma Daisy,Mr Xuan’s Mother asked the maid who was passing by with flowers

“Yes ma” the maid answered and smiled

“Thank you Jen,you are excused” She said and Jen nodded and left “I want to welcome my daughter in law warmly,I hope nothing goes wrong” She muttered under her breath and went outside

“Son, you’re now a real,real man” Mr Grandpa Paul,Mr Xuan’s father said patting Anderson on the shoulder and all the men in the room roared with laughter

Almost all the members of the Xuan family were present and getting ready for the wedding.

The ceremony was to be held at the Damingo Hall and according to their family tradition the Xuan mansion was also decorated to officially welcome the daughter in law to the Xuan family and she would stay there for thirty days before they move to their own house with her new husband.

“Who would’ve thought that Anderson would get married before his elder brother” Uncle Spencer pointed out and chuckled

“Speaking of Xavier,where is he anyway? Anderson where is your brother?” Grandpa Paul looked at Anderson

“He is at the office,there was something urgent i sent him to do for me” Mr Xuan responded

“I’m already here father” Xavier answered at the door and all eyes fell on him

He was already dressed up in a shirt with two buttons left undone and a golden necklace hanging dangling down his neck across his broad chest with a grey trouser.His hair was shiny and curly

“finally! Now I think we’re ready to go gentlemen.We wouldn’t want to keep our guests waiting” Grandpa Paul said and they nodded and exited the room

Mr Xuan spotted his wife from a far distance and walked up to her

“Are you done,and the others?”

“Yes, I’ll quickly call everyone else”

“Good,we need to get going” He mumbled and left

Xavier excused himself to answer his phone

“Talk to me” he spoke

“It’s done sir.His family will surely find him tonight” a man spoke

“Good,keep me updated” he hung up and went to join the other and after a while they all left



“You ready Sweetheart?” Aunt Becky looked at Catherine,they were done with everything and about to leave for the wedding

“Yes aunt” she smiled

“God! I wish my sister was here to see how beautiful you’re and send you off with a motherly love” she sobbed

“Aunt,I wish she was here too with dad but I got you remember,I love you” she hugged aunt Becky

“Guys save the tears for later we have to go” Sofie interrupted and they disengaged and went to their cars and left for the wedding

They arrived after twenty five minutes and got out.Cathrine got out of the car and took a deep breath.Sofie helped her with her gown since it was huge and long

“We’ll talk soon okay?” she nodded and Sofie gave her a quick hug and they went in leaving her with Aunt Becky who agreed to walk her down the aisle.

Soft tunes played and all the guests stood and the door opened.Catherine appeared with Aunt Becky looking like the angel she is and Anderson couldn’t help but smile.

They walked slowly to the podium and everyone looked at her in admiration and some with envy

Xavier looked at her and he somehow thought she was familiar with something he met but he couldn’t agree nor disagree with his thoughts since she was wearing a veil that covered her eyes.

They arrived at the podium and aunt Becky let go of her and went to sit down

“Greetings everyone,we are gathered here for the union of these two youngsters, Mr Anderson Xuan and Miss Catherine Baldwin” the priest said and smiled and the guests clapped

“But before we proceed I would like to ask this question,is there any individual against this union? If so speak now or forever hold your peace” he said and the hall went quiet “None,wow seems like everyone is happy with this union” he said and they clapped happily, unknown to them there was one soul burning in rage wanting to stop all this but that soul felt helpless

The priest continued with the ceremony and everyone was all in smiles.

“Do you,Catherine Baldwin take this man.. Anderson Xuan to be your lawful wedded husband?” the priest turned to Catherine

“I do” she blushed and slipped a ring on his finger

“Do you, Anderson Xuan take this woman, Catherine Baldwin to be your lawful wedded Wife?” He turned to Anderson

“I do take you Catherine Baldwin to be my wife,for better or worse in sickness or in health” Anderson said all in smiles slipping a ring on her finger

“I now pronounce you man and wife,you may kiss the bride”

Anderson took hold of Catherine’s veil and took it off.Xavier watched in shock as the woman he had under his claws three days ago was now getting to her younger brother.Anger boiled in him and he felt like screaming.

Anderson held Catherine’s cheeks and they kissed passionately and the crowd bursted with happiness applauding for the newly weds.Xavir couldn’t stand it anymore,he got up quietly and left the hall without looking back.


The evening came as quickly as lightning and the wedding ceremony came to an end and the family headed to the Xuan mansion to welcome their newlyweds home

They arrived after a while and grandma Daisy held Catherine’s hand and they walked in

“Welcome home dear” she said and Catherine smiled at her

“Thank you grandma” she smiled

“You’re welcome our daughter,as part of the family tradition we’ve prepared all this to welcome you home and first you will sit down and my son’s wife will give you a necklace which has been passed down from one daughter in law to the other and now it’s your turn to wear it.After that we will give you a family book which you will leave your name and signature on it and the ceremony is complete!” Grandpa Paul explained

“Come and sit here my dear” Grandma Daisy led her to the couch




A teenage girl descended from the stairs snd rushed to the lounge where she heard a commotion

“Mom, what’s going on? And what are policemen doing here?”

Her mom turned to her and her heart raced as she saw her mom’s wet face

“I’m so sorry my love” Her mom wept

“Why are you apologising mom what’s going on?” she held her mom and looked at the policemen

They looked at each other “We’ll excuse ourselves” one of them said and they left

“Mom please say something” the girl begged

“Jasmine,dad is no more” her mom dropped the bombshell


“He had an accident,they found him this morning, I’m so sorry”

“Dad is no more” she repeated those words not believing it

Her father is no more!

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Now the real drama has began!???

Now that Xavier has found out what will he do??

HOSTEN has been found dead!

Who was that unhappy person at the wedding??? (Clue:it is not Xavier!)


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