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CHAPTER 17 & 18
★. ★. ★. ★.


Catherine felt her knees getting weaker,she opened her mouth to say something but her words got stuck in her dried throat.

Her vision became blurry and her surroundings spun around,she heard distant voices of the concerned Xuan family that she couldn’t hear clearly.Her knees finally gave in and her eyelids shut as she slipped into unconsciousness,her body fell in a thud like a sac of potatoes.

“Catherine!” both Mrs Xuan and Grandma Daisy shouted and they all rushed to her

“Call the doctor!” Xavier said and picked her up lightly like she was just a mere feather

“Get my phone! Hurry! Upstairs in my room and call the doctor!” Millicent said to a maid and she ran upstairs

Xavier walked upstairs with her to his room room, Anderson was coming back downstairs when he was his brother carrying his unconscious wife

“What’s going on? Why is she unconscious!? My love!” Anderson rushed to meet them “Hurry let’s take her to our room” he said and Xavier nodded and took her to their room

When they got there he laid her gently on the bed

“What’s going on? What happened to my wife somebody answer me!” he glared at everyone

Xavier kept quiet and stared at the woman laying on the bed peacefully

“Son calm down—”

“Mom don’t tell me to calm down!!” he snapped

“The doctor is here!” Millicent rushed in with the doctor who immediately rushed to sit next to Catherine

“Please, everyone out…I need some space to examine her” the doctor said and they nodded and went downstairs except for Xavier and Anderson

The doctor looked at them

“Gentlemen,please let me do my job”

“But she’s my wife I have to—” Xavier dragged him out before he could finish his sentence

Immediately when they stepped out Anderson grabbed Xavier by his collar

“I demand to know what happened to her!” Anderson shouted

“Off, now” Xavier said calmly staring at his little brother


Xavier’s eyes darkened with anger and he clenched his jaw

“Don’t push me Meri Dost, I’ll be your worst nightmare” he said sternly and Anderson knew he meant it and he was capable of anything and he let go and stormed off

Xavier chuckled and went downstairs and picked up his car keys and left the house with no one noticing.



Xavier threw his jacket carelessly on the chair as usual.Their secret warehouse was big yet it was hidden in the outskirts of the city surrounded by trees.

It was fancy except for the dungeon and torture room.The dungeon door was old and rusty that it made a creaky sound when opened.The cells were smelly,dried blood,rotten corpses,sweat,urine and decayed food.

The torture room had one bulb placed in the middle with dimming light because of how long it was used.One chair in the middle with torture tools placed on the table placed at the corner and the rest of the tools hung up on the wall.

Xavier entered the torture room and found his prey wide awake still trying to figure out where is she.

“Ohh you still alive!” he chuckled and pulled a chair from the table and sat in front of her

“Fuck you!” Candy spat out on his shoe and he smirked

“Even when you’re within an inch of your life you still have the guts to bark , naughty little chihuahua” he leaned towards her

“Why don’t you just kill me and get it over with, that’s what you want right? To see me dead,then do it! Do it you coward!!” she screamed at his face

He laughed and stood up

“You’re right,I want to kill you but I want to punish you first, you’ve been a bad girl,Mi Amor” He smirked

“Do your worst,a*shole” she said with all the confidence she could muster

“Of course,Mi lady” he bowed and went out “Boys! Here’s a little meat to share” he said to the men sitting outside and they whistled joyfully

Candy became scared and wondered what they’re going to do to her,ohh she was so stupid to get all corky with Xavier instead of begging for mercy and now it was too late.

“Throw her remains in acid afterwards,leave no trace” he said coldly and left

“No no no!!! Xavieeeer!!! No please!!!” Candy screamed and her fear reached its peak as all those men came into the room and stared at her lustfully

“No no please I beg of you have mercy!!” she begged but they turned deaf ears



The funeral was over and the family was back at home and they were all busy downstairs while some were trying to make Mrs Hosten feel better

Jasmine threw her last bag out the window and she jumped out afterwards

She looked back one more time before picking up her bags and ran out.She met the same lady outside waiting for her and she quickly threw her bags in and got in too.

“You ready?” the lady looked at her

She looked at her home one last time before nodding,with a hint of guilt but she pushed back all the thoughts she had.

The lady nodded back and drove off.

“By the way I never got your name” Jasmine looked at the lady

“I’m Rachel” she smirked

“Nice name” she forced a smile

“Thanks kid,by the way you look like crap,get some rest…you need all the strength you can get,besides it’s a long ride”

Jasmine nodded and leaned back and shut her eyes and fell asleep after some time.


“Hey wake up, we’re here” Rachel tapped Jasmine lightly and got out of the car

Jasmine groaned and woke up sluggishly and got out.She looked around and saw that she was in a huge building that looked like a school and it looked like it was in the middle of the forest

“Where are we?” she stared at Rachel

“The Black coven,come on…let me take you to your room and then you can blend in with the others” Rachel helped her with her bags

“The others? I thought it was just going to be you and I!” she snapped

“Don’t be silly come on” they started walking “This is where we recruit girls like you, vulnerable girls…to stand up for themselves,to give them hope,a home …to transform them and help them in any way needed to”

“So there are other girls? L..like me?”

“Yes, we’re going to train you and help you in your mission…unless you don’t want to avenge your father anymore, you’re free to leave” Rachel looked at her

“No no no I want to,I just wanted to understand al…all this” she stuttered

“Good, now here we’re…your room ” they stopped in front of room no. 89 and Rachel handed her the keys “See you later” she put her other bag down and left

“Oh…kay” she breathed out and unlocked the door and opened it “Not bad” the room looked fancy,all tiled and neat with all the necessary things including the TV

“Cool!” she threw her bags on the floor and threw herself on the bed “New start,new beginnings”



Catherine opened her eyes and looked around,it was in the evening already and Xavier had returned.

She looked around and saw Anderson

“Hey” she said and he quickly looked at her

“Ohh finally you’re awake” he smiled

She nodded and looked away

Was it all a dream? She questioned herself

“How about we head downstairs and you get something to eat?” he suggested and she nodded and stood up slowly and he held her and they strolled downstairs

His phone kept ringing and he ignored it.

“You can go answer it” she said when they got off the stairs

“Will you manage?” he stared at her with concern and she nodded

He finally let go of her and she went to the kitchen to drink some water.

After she drank some water she decided to find a library,maybe there might be one in this mansion.

She walked down the hallway unknown to her someone was following her and that person was getting closer.

She turned to look because she heard footsteps and before she could process what’s happening he pushed her against the wall and she winced in pain

“What happened Mi amor?? Are you hurt?”

“What the hell are you doing?! Let me go or I’ll scream” she tried to wiggle herself out of his grip

“Go on,scream.I would love to hear you scream once more Mi amor” He said huskily and her eyes bulged out

“Wh..what are you talking about?” she stuttered with eyes tainted with fear

“You think marrying my brother would erase what we did you and I? So stupid” he chuckled and yanked her waist towards him

“No no no” she pushed him off as her mind took her back to that night and he staggered back and laughed

“Don’t worry it’s our little secret,see you around Amor” He winked and walked down the hall majestically

“This is not happening.. it’s not true” she said with shock written all over her teary face and her knees gave up and she fell with a thud on the floor

It’s not a dream, it’s really true.She slept with her brother in law! She cheated on Anderson with his own brother

She hugged her knees to her chest and sobbed

“What have I done!” she cried out



Jasmine changed the channels and groaned out.

“This is boring!” she sighed and stood up “I’ll just take a walk” she shoved her phone into her pocket and went out.

The place was quiet meaning that everyone was either asleep or locked themselves in their rooms.She walked down the hall until she spotted open doors at the other passage and she quickly ran to that open door.

When she got there she realised that it was the gym.She stood slow steps in and looked around,the gym seemed to have everything.

“What are you doing here?” she heard a voice behind her and jumped out

She turned to see a girl her age and she chuckled “You startled me!”

“Whatever, haven’t seen you around” the girl stared at her strangely

“Ohh I just arrived this afternoon” she smiled “I’m Jasmine and you’re?” she held her hand out for a handshake but the girl just looked at it

“Hmm fresh blood,hope you ready?”

“Umm yeah” she retrieved her hand and smiled awkwardly

“Just keep one thing in mind,no pain no gain.Here you will experience pain till it becomes your second skin before you get to be one of us princess,no special treatment” the girl said seriously and picked up her things and left

A chill ran down Jasmine’s spine and crazy thoughs ran through her mind

Can she handle all this?

She simply had to because of her father’s sake.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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