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?Game of love ?

{Romeo and Chloe}

We are meant to be

Genres: high school romance

Tags: love, revenge, tragedy, comedy, enemy, love triangle, and secrets.


Chloe was a beautiful girl. She was not only beautiful but intelligent as well.

She lost her parents at an early age in a car accident and lives with the help of an old woman in a village.

This old woman has taken care of Chloe since she was five years old.

When she turned eighteen, Chloe’s dream was to become a lawyer.

There was no school in the village, which was the main problem Chloe was having.

Chloe being an utterly stubborn teenager who doesn’t listen to anyone, is determined to achieve her goals.

Romeo Harvey, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey.

He is arrogant and proud, and the worst of it is that he is a playboy.

He can do anything to get in a girl’s pants.

“Not everyone gets time for relationships; mine is pick-and-drop.

Breaking hearts is not a crime as long as they are still breathing”. That is Romeo’s pick-up line.

Meet Roland Collins, the second most handsome guy at Mariton High School.

He and Romeo were best friends, but everything changed due to a horrendous event from their past, which turned them into enemies.

Roland was the opposite of Romeo; he did not have time for girls.

The only girl he ever loved had died right in his arms.

Her name is Roshni, and Roland believes he can’t find anyone like her.

What happened when Chloe gets admitted into their college?

Will things turn out the way she’d expected, or will fate play a game on her?

Will Roland change his belief that no one can be like Roshni?

Will Romeo change his wayward ways or continue to be a playboy?

All answers in one story ?


{Romeo and Chloe}?


Written by Teesha


Episode 1 ♠ 2


Chloe was fetching water when she heard her granny calling for her

She left what she was doing to attend to her when she get inside she met a man seating down

With the way he was dressed, you will know that he was from the city

Chloe greeted the man with respect, the man smile and asked her to seat down

How are you dear ? The man asked

You have grown up to be a damsel ” he said with a smile complementing her beauty

Should I grown up to be ugly ” Chloe thought but keep faking smile

She was not comfortable with the way the man was staring at her

Chloe ” Grandma called her distracting her from whatever she was thinking

This is my son Harvey ” the one I always tell you about

That he lives in the city where you always dream of going “granny said

Do you remember Romeo ? Granny asked

Yeah ! That dumb boy ” Natalie said hissing with the mentioned of his name

His name is Romeo not dumb boy Chloe” Grandma said correcting her

He did not look like one “Chloe said

Grandma ignored her and continue talking

This is Romeo father ” grandma said

Chloe covered her mouth in shocked before facing Mr Harvey

I’m sorry sir , don’t mean to be rude “She said bitting her lips

It okay dear , I know how Romeo can be ” Mr Harvey said

Thank God you know your son very well” Chloe said

Grandma pitch her to keep quiet

Let me talk granny, if I catch “Chloe said but grandma pitched her again

I will break all his bones , the breakable and unbreakable ones” She said in anger

You are going to the city with Harvey” Granny said

Really!! Am I going to fulfill my dream? Chloe said excitedly

Her face fell all of a sudden to that of sad one

What happened? Don’t you want to go? Grandma asked

Of course I want to but who will take care of you once am gone “Chloe said

You don’t have to worry go and pursue your carrier

My son brought a maid for me ” grandma said

Where he she ? I need to see the kind of a person she is “Chloe said

Mr Harvey signal to a girl standing at a corner of a room ”

Why don’t I know you were there ? Chloe said looking at her from head to toes

Because you were busy blabbering nonsense” Grandma answer her

What is your name? Natalie said seating down very well like she wanted to interview her

My name is rose ” the girl answered

Rose flower, I don’t have much to say , I will just give you some warning because they said

People from the city are wicked and I don’t want my granny to be in danger because of you “Chloe said

She stand up walking around Rose , my name is Chloe and there is one thing I don’t joke with , do you want to know? Natalie said

That is my life and my life is my grandma, if you love yourself and don’t want to die young you better take good care of her ” Chloe said

Both Mr Harvey and granny were only staring at her, though granny was not surprise by her attitude but Mr Harvey was

He was smiling by the way Chloe was behaving

She really want to be a lawyer, she has all the quality “Mr Harvey thought

I will take my leave mum ” Mr Harvey said and stand up

I have not pack my things “Chloe said

No need for that, you will get a new one when will get to the city , time has gone” Mr Harvey said

Natalie hugged granny before walking out with Mr Harvey

Be careful and don’t make trouble when you get there Natalie “Grandma said

Okay, you should also make sure you never Skip your meal and your medicine” Chloe said and entered the car

Mr Harvey also entered and ignited the engine

He used his seat belt and help Chloe with hers as well before driving away

Chloe “Mr Harvey called her name when she saw the way she was struggling with the seat belt

Yes ” She said facing him

What happened? Mr Harvey asked even though he knew what the problem was

I don’t like this , help me remove it, it suffocating “Chloe said

You mean the seat belt ” Mr Harvey asked

“yeah it only animal that belt are meant for not human being” Chloe said

It for your safety “Mr Harvey said and smile

I don’t think so it suffocating me ” Chloe said

Mr Harvey smile and help her lose the seat belt

She breath out in relief before facing him

You said you have a son , does he lives with you ? Chloe asked

Yeah ! Mr Harvey said

Oh ! That mean am going to be living with that dumbass “She said whispering but Mr Harvey heard what she said

You want to sturdy law ? Mr Harvey asked

Yes ! She said

That is good” He said

Few minutes later, they got to there destination, Chloe got down from the car not waiting for Mr Harvey before walking inside

Mr Harvey shakes his head before walking inside

His wife ran to him ” how are you? How was your journey? Mrs Harvey asked her husband helping with the brief case he was holding

How is mum ? Hope there is no problem ” she said

She is okay and she sent her regards to you and Romeo

He saw Chloe who was admiring the house

” Chloe”Mr Harvey called her

Yes uncle” She said still admiring the house

Can you move closer? Mr Harvey said

Chloe did as he said and Mr Harvey introduce his wife to her

Nice to meet you aunt “Chloe said with a smile

What is your name? Mrs Harvey asked

Chloe” she said

Beautiful for beautiful girl like you “Mrs Harvey said

Thank you aunt !! Chloe said

You are welcome to our house, feel free and make your self feel at home” Mrs Harvey said

Thank you !! She said

Mr Harvey called one of his maids to show Chloe her room

One there way , she collided with Romeo

Who pushed her roughly to the ground

Chloe clenched her fit bitting her lips in anger

You jerk ” she shouted

To be continue

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