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{Romeo & Chloe}??


Written by Teesha


Theme 3 : School bully

Chapter 5★6

Can’t you face where you are going? Are you blind? Ryan shouted at her

Ryan was also part of the school idols but he is not popular like Roland and Romeo

He was know has the bad guy in the school

You are the one that is Blind here , if not why would you collide with me and still be putting the blame on me”Chloe said still in that position

Ryan make an attempt to stand up but Chloe pulled him by his shirt again making one of the button fell off

Are you crazy ? Ryan said and stand up

Chloe was about to walked away but he pulled her back and cage her to the wall

I only allowed one person to do this and that is that dumbass

Is not acceptable from anyone else” Chloe said and turned him over

She hit his back on the wall making fell on the ground groaning in pain

She squat Infront of him and raised his chin up with her forefinger

Don’t try that with me , am not like the girls in your school

It will be better if you stay away from me “Chloe said and stand up

The students that was told to show her the class was surprised by her attitude

No girl has ever done that to any of the guys in this school

Sorry for keeping you waiting” Chloe apologize to the girl

It okay! The girl said and started walking away

Can you keep what happened now a secret? Chloe asked following her

Sure ! The girl replied giving her assuring smile

Roland came out from his hidden,he has been watching everything that happened

He she a lout ? Roland thought and walked back to his class

He saw Chloe and a teacher standing Infront of the class

Chloe stare at Romeo who was giving her bad look

She is a new student and you guys should behave yourself”The teacher said and walked out

Won’t you introduce yourself? One of the students said

Chloe ignored her and walked to the empty seat beside Romeo

As she wanted to seat Mia removed the chair making her hit her butt and head on the ground

*Mia* is the school bully and she is very brilliant and beautiful

She is the senator’s daughter, so she feel like she can do anything and get away with it

All the class started laughing except Roland and Nancy

Chloe was hurt not because she fell on the ground but because of Romeo who did not help her but making the situation worst

That is how we welcome students here “Camila said

“Camila is Mia one and only best friend, partner in crime to be precise

Nancy stand up from her seat and gave Chloe her hand for help

What are you doing? Why are you always different? One of the guy said touching her collar

Nancy turned to him , have warned you no one should touch me “she said before the guy could register what she was saying

She has gave him two punch on his face

That is one of the reasons students don’t go closer to Nancy

She like to be alone and she is very good in taekwondo just like Chloe

She turned to Chloe and stretched her hand for her

Chloe put her hand on hers, she pulled her up helping her to dust her back

Thank you! Chloe said

It okay! You can seat there “Nancy said pointing at the chair besides Roland

Why he she behaving gentle? Roland thought

This is interesting” he thought

A teacher came in wrote an equation on the board and ask Roland to solve it which he did

But he made a mistake which is unlike him

Can someone tell me the mistake he made?? The math teacher asked

The students look at one another

There is no mistake” they all chorus

There is “Chloe said

Good ! Can you show me where the mistake occurred” the math teacher asked

Yeah ! Chloe said and stand up

She correct the mistake he made and returned to her seat

Correct!! She is right

You are a new student right ? The math teacher asked looking at Chloe

Everyone was glaring dagger at her except Nancy and Roland

Yes ! Chloe replied the teacher

I thought as much because have never seen you in my class

You are really brilliant girl , keep it up ” the teacher said and gave them assignment before he walked out from there class

Roland put a pen on his lips staring at Chloe

Something is old here ” he thought and continue staring at her

Romeo and Nancy saw the way Roland was staring at Chloe before he finally take his eyes off her

It break time “Nancy said standing Infront of Chloe

You can go am okay here” Chloe said

No ! Let go together “Nancy said and dragged Chloe out with her

Thank you for accepting me for who I am ” Chloe said

It okay!! I hate bully

I can’t stand it “Nancy said

What do you want to have? Nancy asked

What do you mean? Chloe said

I mean what do you want to eat ? Nancy said

Am not with money ” Chloe said

It okay! I will pay with my card “Nancy said showing her the ATM in her hand

Thank you!! Chloe said with a smile

Nancy order the same food for both of them

They take there food and sat down

Romeo and his two friends were staring at her but she did not notice

Who he she ? Mason asked

Yeah ! She is beautiful “Jude said

Shit !! Is that one beautiful, you guys did not have eyes ” Romeo said to them

Why are you like this ? Mason asked

How?? Romeo asked

You don’t like her and this is not the Romeo I know “Mason replied

She is not my type” Romeo said

When did you have type of girls? Jude asked

A playboy like you don’t have any type “Mason said laughing

Mia and Camila walked to where Nancy and Chloe were eating there food

She turned over there table and all there food pour on the ground

Hey !!! Chloe shouted and everyone got scared

To be continue

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