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Written by Teesha


Theme 5:: Getting close to her

Chapter 9★10

What do I do? Chloe thought not knowing what to say to him

Should I tell him I live with Romeo that he left me in school

No ! No ! I can’t say that

They don’t seems to get along and Romeo did not want anyone to know I live with him

What can I say ? Chloe said and closed her eyes thinking of what to say

Are you okay? Roland asked

Chloe opened her eyes and it make contact with Roland’s own

They stare at each other before Roland talk

We are in school” he said breaking the eyes contact

Oh yes ! Chloe said

Let me get down before you drive into the school park “Chloe said

Why ? Roland asked

You know you may not like other students seeing us together” Chloe said and opened the door

Roland held her hand , seat “he said

Chloe stared at his hand on her which makes him removed it

Am sorry!! Don’t mean to ” Roland said

It okay!! Chloe said and closed the door

Roland drove into the school parking lot and got down

Chloe also got from the car

The students start with there murmuring when they saw them together

What are they doing together?

Are they living together?

Why was she in his car ?

They kept asking different question with no one to answer it

Roland walked away while Chloe walked behind him holding on to her bag tight

When they entered the classroom , Chloe dropped her bag and sat down while Roland walked out of the class room

There was no one inside the class

Romeo walked in and moved closer to Chloe

Where did you go yesterday? Romeo asked holding her hand

You are hurting me!! Chloe said trying to remove his hand

Romeo saw the jacket she was putting on, he recognized it to be Roland’s own

Wow!! You follow him to his house “Romeo said

What do you mean? Chloe asked

I thought you are innocent, I don’t know you are really shameless

Everyone was worried about you yesterday, you even made my father slapped me “Romeo shouted

What are you talking about? Chloe said

How much did he pay for a night ?? How much do you get sleeping with him ?? Romeo asked

Tears flow down from her eyes , she remove his hand forcefully and his nails scratch her

She landed two hot slap on his cheeks

I thought you will come to your sense with time but it seems things are getting worst

How dare you thought of me in that manner

You are the one who left me in the school when you know I don’t know my way home

You still come here raining insult on me , you have been hurting me and have been letting it go since I know that is what you are good at

But I won’t forgive you for what you said today , I don’t know what I did to deserve so much hatred from you

But I won’t tolerate any insult from you again ” Chloe said

Roland has been watching everything , he followed Romeo when he saw him coming to the class

What is going on? Roland asked entering the class

Chloe off the jacket she was putting on

You said am shameless right “see this ” Chloe said showing him her shoulder that was bandage

I nearly lost my life because of your stupid act “She said and give the jacket to Roland

Thank you but I can’t accept this again, I don’t want any insult again

She said and ran out in tears

You are really a jerk” Roland said and wanted to walked away but Romeo held him by his shirt and gave him punch on his face

Who is the jerk between me and you? Romeo said and gave him another punch

Roland also return the punch to him sending him to the ground

They kept punching each other until some students entered and separate them while one of them went to call for a teacher

There faces were full of bruises , the teacher entered and saw Roland’s lip bleeding while Romeo was bleeding from his nose

The two of them were taken to the school clinic after they were done cleaning there wound

They were sent to detention room

Chloe asked the driver to take her home after running away from the class the other time

She got down from the car when they got home and entered the house

She met Mr Harvey seating in the seating room while Mrs Harvey was coming from the kitchen

Good morning uncle “Chloe greeted

Mr Harvey stand up when he saw her

Where have you been? He asked looking at her

She explained what happened to her for them except how she got injure

Thank goodness you are safe but why is your shoulder bandage? Mr Harvey asked

It a minor injury, she said with a smile

What about that ? Mrs Harvey asked talking about where Romeo scratched her with his nails

This “Chloe said not knowing what to say

It okay!! Come let me get it treated” Mrs Harvey said

I will be okay,thank you!! Chloe said

What about your jacket? Mrs Harvey asked

It got lost “Chloe said

Why don’t you go to school? Mr Harvey asked

I thought of coming home because I know how worried you will be ” Chloe said

that so thoughtful of you “Mr Harvey said with a smile

Thank you sir !! Chloe said and left

What happened to her? Mrs Harvey said seating down besides her husband

Thank goodness she is okay, talk to your son “Mr Harvey said and stand up

He is your son also ,is your responsibility to guide him as well” Mrs Harvey said

★Chloe’s Room ★

She sat down on the bed crying

It true that people change, what did I expected it been ten years since we see each other

But why will he said such things to me “She said looking at her where he scratched

Maybe coming here was a big mistake

If am with granny now at least I would be happy

★Mariton High school ★

Roland and Romeo were in detention room

While others students are having class

Why did the newbie left in hurry the other time? Camila asked one of the students

I don’t know “we only saw her getting down from Roland’s car this morning” she replied

Roland’s car ” Mia asked when she heard what she said

Yes !! The girl said

She is really crossing the line “Mia said to Camila

Why ? Nancy asked when she heard what mia said

Stay out this , Am not talking to you” Mia said

Nancy smile and walked out

She head to the detention room without anyone notice

You guys have not change a bit “Nancy said when she entered the detention room

She is close to both Roland and Romeo when they were best friend but no one knows

He pick up a fight first ” Roland said not taking his eyes away from the story book he was reading

I never asked “She said seating on the table

You take all your anger on Chloe, put her out of your madness you two

It will be better if you make out your difference before it too late ” Nancy said holding there shoulder before she walked out

Romeo and Roland ignored each other

I hope she is okay “Nancy said and sat down on her seat

She saw Chloe bag on her seat , she must have forgotten it ” Nancy thought

★Romeo’s mansion ★

Chloe came out from her room heading downstairs

Why is all the house silent ? She thought

Romeo walked in, she gasp when she saw the bruises on his face

She left the glass of water she was holding and moved closer to him

Are you okay?? How did this happen?? Chloe asked

Romeo stared dagger at her and was about to walked away

But Chloe held his hand

Let me treat your wound” Chloe said

Romeo remove her hand , it will be better if you stay away from me

Stop with your pretend, I don’t need your fucking caring “He said

Really!! Then suit your self

You don’t deserve any caring from either, I was only doing that for humanity sake

After what you did today, you don’t deserve any caring from me

Go to hell for all I care ” She said and walked out

When she get to the compound, she saw a maid weathering the flowers

The maid gave her a phone , she said it was Mr Harvey who asked her to give her when she come downstairs

Where are they? Chloe asked the maid

They went out “the maid replied

Okay! Thank you ” Chloe said and walked towards the gate sides

She saw a car parking Infront of the house

She recognized it to be Roland’s car

She opened the gate and walked out

She knocked on the glass of the car

And it was whine down by Roland

Gosh !!! Chloe said when she saw his face and opened the car

She sat down besides him , what is all this? Chloe asked

I came to check on you since you left the school in anger”Roland said

Am not talking about that , did you guys get into a fight when I left ” Chloe asked

Not really!! Roland replied

Wait here, I will be back “Chloe said and got down before he could say anything

She asked a maid for first aid kit and it was given to her

What did you want to use the first aid kit for ? Romeo asked when he saw her going outside

Chloe stopped walking and turned to him

I don’t think it part of your business “She said and walked out

Romeo followed her , he saw her entering the car

The glass of the car was not whine up so it easy for him to see who is inside the car

He saw Chloe treating Roland’s face , his blood boiled in anger

Roland smirked when he saw him staring at them

Thank you!! Roland said holding Chloe’s hand

It okay! Chloe said with a nervous smile and withdraw her hand

You have not get your hand treated”Roland said

It a little scratch, do I need to treat it ” Chloe said

Roland take her hand into his and helped her treat it

No matter how little a wound is , you have a treat it because of invection “He said

Okay!! Thank you !! Chloe said smiling

Romeo walked away angrily, Chloe also got down from the car

Bye !! Chloe said waving at Roland

Can I have your phone? Roland asked

Why ? Chloe asked

When you give it to me , you will see what I want to use it for” Roland said

Chloe hand over her phone to him

He type his number on it and use it to call his

See “he said showing the two phones to her

I have your number and you have mine, we can talk on phone” Roland said and return the phone to her

Chloe walked in after he drove away

She met Romeo in the seating, she ignored him and walked away

Few minutes later a message Pop up on Chloe’s phone

Am home “The person said

Huh !! Who is this

The number is not safe” Chloe said

How is your hand and your shoulder? Another message pop up

Roland “” Chloe said

She just remembered that he collected her phone not long

I’m alright !! What about you?? How are you feeling?? “she texted back

Roland smile when he saw her message

Am okay now after seeing your message” Roland replied

What does that mean?? Chloe said

I mean it feel good to know someone care for me “Roland said

It normal” Chloe replied

Have you eaten?? Roland asked

Not yet !! What about you?? Chloe said

Just eating ” Roland said

You cook it? Chloe asked

Nope !! My nanny did ” Roland said

Oh my regards to her and help me thank her for washing my clothes and treating my wound “Chloe said

You should come and do that yourself , I don’t know how to send regards” Roland said

Chloe smile because of his reply

Then !! Don’t “Chloe said putting an angry emoji

I wonder how your angry face will look “Roland said with laughing sticker

Don’t come to school tomorrow, if you value your life” Chloe said

Oh am really sorry ” Roland said

Chloe send a laughing sticker

Are you scared ?? She said

I don’t want to add to the bruises on my face , yours will be worst “Roland said

See you in school tomorrow, bye !! Chloe said

Did you want to sleep? Roland asked

Yeah !! And I have homework to do” Chloe said

Okay!! Good night “Roland said

Chloe got down from her bed and went to seating to find something to eat

She saw Romeo eating at the dinning, she sat down and serve her self

She started pressing her phone and at the same time laughing

This was getting on Romeo nerve , he hit the table making the water on the dinning table pour on Chloe’s body

Granny did not thought you table manner” Romeo said

Who are you to tell me that?? Chloe said standing up

See all my body , don’t you have manner as well ? Chloe said

You have no right to tell me that ” Romeo said

Same goes for you” Chloe said and take the glass cup that contain

I told you I will not tolerate your attitude anymore ” Chloe said and pour the water on him

What is going on here?? They heard Mr Harvey’s voice

We are playing a game uncle” Chloe replied holding Romeo’s hand

Good !! I thought you are fighting again”Mr Harvey said and left the dinning

They left each other’s hand and head to there various room angrily

To be continue

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