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Written by Teesha


Theme 6:: Roshni death

Chapter 11★12

★Next day ★

Both Chloe and Romeo kept ignoring each other

After they finish eating there breakfast, they both walked out

Romeo entered the car while Chloe walked out not entering the car

She opened the gate and saw Roland waving at her from his car

She smiles and walked closer to him , she opened the door and sat down

Romeo saw them and asked the driver to wait

“Good morning!!” Chloe said

“Huh !! It a beautiful morning seeing you “Roland said

Thank for your offer” Chloe said

When she was getting dress in her room this morning, Romeo had actually called her and offered her a ride which she accepted immediately, without a second thought

“It’s nothing” Roland said

Chloe used her seat belt and put on her earpiece

Roland start the car and drove out, Romeo took a deep breathe before asking the driver to go

Different question keep running through his mind throughout the ride. His inquisitive self would not let him rest.

‘Why did he come here to pick her up ? Romeo thought, getting pissed off without even knowing why


“Why did you fight with him?” Chloe asked Roland

“I never did, he pick up a fight first, that how he behave” Roland said

“Oh !!” Chloe exclaimed

Roland drove into the school parking lot and park his car. Romeo also arrived that time

Chloe got down and saw Nancy waving at her from there class .She smiled lightly waving back , she takes her phone and head towards the class

Ignoring the students comment, she entered the class and saw Nancy holding her bag

“You left this behind yesterday “Nancy said

“Yeah !! Thank you” Chloe said and took her bag from her

“Are you okay now ? I heard you left the school in anger yesterday” Nancy said

“I’m okay!!” Chloe said with a smile

Camila and Mia entered and hissed when they saw Chloe

“Ignore them , that is there habit ” Nancy said

Chloe smile and went back to her seat. Roland walked in and dropped his bag. Mia flashed him a smile but he ignored her as usual and sat down

Romeo also entered and went to his seat.His face look like he did not sleep yesterday night

“Hey buddy “Ryan said shaking his hand

“Do you fight in your dream? Why is your face look like you never slept at all” Jude asked

“Cut the crap and let me be” Romeo shouted, putting his head on his table

“Seriously!! Are you okay? Ryan asked

Romeo ignored them thinking about what happened this morning

They are not having any subjects today because it was time for sport

They all went out of the class and went to change into there spot wear

Roland and Romeo were looking hot as always while Chloe and Nancy are beautiful the skirt was shot

Their thighs were showing making all the guys drool.Mia and Camila are not looking bad as well

They all went to the field , the boys were on the field playing football while the girls seat down watching them and also cheering for their favorite

Roland and Romeo are opponent and they are both good in football. Romeo and Roland kept playing not passing the ball to other

Romeo used his leg to kicked Roland and they both fell on the ground

Chloe ran towards Roland while Nancy ran towards Romeo and helped him up. Romeo’s mind was not with Nancy that was helping him, all his focus was on Chloe, who was smiling with Roland while helping him out

Nancy notice that his mind was not with her ,she look at the directions he was staring at and saw him staring at Chloe. She smiled and left him , Chloe also went back to her seat

“Do you know Romeo before coming to our school? Nancy asked

“Should I tell her the truth?” Chloe thought before answering her

“Yeah !! I live with him” Chloe answered, taking a deep breathe

” You mean you both live together” Nancy’s eyes widened in surprise

“Yeah !! Then why did you came to school with Roland?” Nancy probed further

“We don’t get along, he did not want anyone to find out we live together. I’m only tell you because I know you won’t tell anyone. So let’s keep this a secret okay?””

“How do you know I will not tell anyone? Nancy asked with a slight frown

“You are not a bad person”Chloe replied taking her hand

“Why do you asked? She added, raising a brow

“I saw him staring at you when you were helping Roland” Nancy said

“I wonder why they hate each other “Chloe said sadly

“You want to know? Nancy asked

” Of course, do you know about it ” Chloe asked

“Yeah !! Nancy replied

“They were best friend before but everything change after Roshni death. They both blame each other for her death “Nancy said

“Blame each other? Why ? And who is Roshni? Chloe asked all at once

“Roshni was the girl they both fell in love with. She was a student here , she was closed with both of them and she make both of them fell in love with her ” Nancy said

“She made them fall for her ? Why will she do that ? Chloe asked

“She wants attention “Nancy replied

” When I saw her for the first time, I didn’t like her because no one knows the game she played on both of them. As time goes we find out that Roshni was battling with heart disease. She told Romeo about it but kept it from Roland “Nancy said

“Why?” Chloe asked

“Romeo later let go of Roshni , so Roland was her boyfriend. She did not want him to find out so that he won’t be heartbroken but it only cause a problem between the two friends. Because the day Roshni dead , she was with Roland ” Nancy narrated

“She died while Roland was trying to save her by taking her to hospital but it was too late. Roland asked Romeo if he knew about it.Romeo could not lie , he told him everything. Roland was disappointed and at the same time heartbroken. He thought if Romeo had tell him, he would be able to save her and since then they hate each other ” Nancy added

“That is sad “Chloe said and stared at both of them

“The girl must be lucky to have the two guys” she added

“Yeah, Lucky indeed “Nancy said

“It seems history will still repeat it self ” Nancy muttered but Chloe heard her

“What do you?. Chloe asked

One of there teacher came to field and asked them to return to there various classes

Nancy and Chloe head to the cafeteria since it was time for lunch.They brought drink and snacks for themselves and sat down. They were still eating when one of the junior came to them

“That the principal call for Chloe” He announced, Chloe stood up immediately

I will be right back” Chloe said

She has not taken more than two steps when she slipped

She fell on the ground groaning in pain

She held her ankle in pain , the students moved closer to her

Romeo and Roland also ran towards her

They both stretch there hands to her at the same time

Chloe stared at them not knowing the hand she will take

To be continue

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