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Written by Teesha


Theme:: She took his hands

Chapter 13★14

*Beware not edited *

Chloe stared at both hands , she was about to put her hand on Romeo’s hand when she remembered what he Said to her

Stay away from me ” the words rings in her head again

She placed her hand on Roland’s hand

Roland helped her up when he see that she could not walked very well

He picked her up , Chloe’s hand was around his neck

Romeo stared at Roland with hatred before he Walked away in anger

How did she fall ? Nancy thought and stand up

She bend down and check the floor, she saw a lot of liquid soap on the floor

This was poured here so it was a plan to hurt ” Nancy thought and stand up

She saw the junior that came to them when they were eating and moved closer to her

Who asked you to call Chloe? Nancy asked looking at her

Principal “she girl said

Should I go to principal’s office and ask if he called for her ? Nancy asked

No !! The girl said looking at the floor

Who sent you to lie ? Nancy asked

Senior Mia and Senior Camila “The girl said

Okay!! You can go ” Nancy said but the girl held her hand

Please don’t tell principal “She said

I won’t ” Nancy said and walked away

Mia and Camila sat down in class laughing

I don’t like the fact that Roland help her , it hurt my feelings “Mia said

I was also hurt when Roland wanted to help her but am happy for the fact that she got hurt ” Camila said

Nancy entered the class and pretend she knew nothing

She sat down looking at both of them

★School clinic ★

Chloe did not allow the doctor to treat her leg because of the pain

Roland was asked to stay outside

Romeo also came there waiting outside for her , the doctor came out

He she okay? Roland asked

She did not allow me to touch the ankle and I need to adjust the bone that was dislocated “The doctor said

Roland wanted to enter but Romeo stopped him

I will go ” Romeo said

Why ? Roland asked and remove his hand

You both can go inside, the doctor said when he noticed that they wanted to fight again

Romeo and Roland entered and saw her crying

Romeo moved closer to her and squat Infront of her

Chloe was about to take her leg away but Romeo held it tighter

Stay still “he said and put her leg on his laps

Roland was only staring at him same goes for Chloe

She remembered when she sprained her ankle when she ten years ago

★Flash back ★

Chloe and Romeo was playing outside with there friends

Chloe climbed on the tree smiling at Romeo who asked her to get down

You will get hurt , come down “Romeo said

You can come and join me as well, it fun” Chloe said and giggles

No !! I can’t climb it and it dangerous

Of you fall from there , you will get hurt , give me your hand let me help you down “Romeo said stretching his hand to her

I want to play more ” Chloe said

Please Chloe get down “Romeo pleaded at the rage of tears

Okay, don’t cry

I will get down” Chloe said and try to get down but she missed her step and fell from the tree

She cried holding her ankle

I told you “Romeo said also crying with her

Stay still , it will hurt a little” Romeo said holding her ankle to help her adjust it

★End of flashback ★

Chloe took her leg away from him

Don’t touch me , the doctor can help me “Chloe said

Romeo felt hurt and stand up from her front

Chloe allowed the doctor to help her , when she was done

Roland helped her to the class while Romeo walked behind them

When they were about to reach the class , Chloe asked Roland to leave her

Can’t let you walk alone, you will fall “Roland said

Am okay” Chloe said

Romeo moved closer to them and separated there hands from each other

She said she can’t walked why are you disturbing her “Romeo said

He was not disturbing me, he was only trying to help ” Chloe said

What is the difference? “Romeo asked

Roland was about raising his hand but Chloe stopped him

Roland stared at her and saw her shaking her head not to

You are really shameless”Romeo said and walked away

When will you stop tolerating his nonsense? Roland asked

He was not like this before I hope he will change “Chloe said and limbed inside

Roland also entered the class, Nancy stood up immediately when she saw Chloe

She helped her to her seat , does it hurt? ” Nancy asked

No !! Am okay “Chloe said with a smile

Chloe saw Mia staring at her but pretend she did not see her

She knew she was the one responsible for what happened to her

Will you go home to rest , I don’t think you can stay in class ” Nancy asked

No am not going home and I can stay in class since we are not having any classes, we will soon close so I don’t need to go “Chloe said

Romeo stared at Chloe with hurtful eyes , what will happen if Roland fell in love with her ? This was how it started with Roshni “Romeo thought

Is not as if you love Chloe” His inner mind said

That is true, I don’t love her so I don’t need to be bothered” Romeo said and took his bag

Roland, Chloe and Nancy also took there bag and head to the parking lot

Chloe entered the car with Romeo while Roland entered his car and drove out

Romeo and Chloe kept quiet not talking to each other till they got home

Romeo got down leaving her behind, he turned back to see her struggling with the door

Jeez!! He said and went back to her , you should have ask for help “He said before Chloe could understand what he meant by that

She was already in Romeo’s arm

I can walked, put me down ” Chloe said

But Romeo paid a deaf ear and took her to her room , he dropped her on her bed and helped her off her shoe

Stay away from me , it will be better if we avoid each other “Chloe said and took her leg away from his hand

Romeo stared at her before he walked and closed the door

There room was beside each other, he entered and locked the door

I should not have helped her, ungrateful human being “He muttered

Chloe checked her phone when she noticed that a message pop in

Have you get home? Roland asked

Chloe smile and replied his message

They kept chit chatting which made Chloe laughed

This was bothering Romeo in his room , who he she talking to? What so funny about there conversation? Romeo thought and went to her room

He knocked on the door , you are disturbing me with your laugh can’t you laughed gently

Must you behave like a mad people” He yelled from inside

Chloe opened the door looking at him angrily

What do you just said? Chloe asked

Must you always behave like a mad people? Romeo repeated before he could finished what he was saying Chloe has punched him on his face

Beware of what you will be saying to me , just because I came to live with you did not mean I have to tolerate everything you said

If you don’t know how to talk better keep quiet or go and learn it “Chloe said and closed the door on his face

I hate you so much , you will regret punching my face, just wait and see ” Romeo said and entered his room

Chloe signed in frustration, she entered her bathroom and change into her night wear

When she was done, she did her homework and slept off

★Next morning ★

Romeo has left for school, he did not wait for Chloe

Chloe got down and sat in the dinning eating her food when her phone rang , the call was from Roland

She picked it up

Good morning? How are you? “Roland said

Am fine and you? Chloe asked

Am okay, come out am waiting for you” Roland said

Chloe stood up and went out , she entered the car

Hi “Chloe said with a smile

Should we skip school for today ? Roland asked

Skip school? ” Chloe asked

Yeah !! Let go for a drive “Roland said

Sounds good” Chloe said with a giggle

Really!! Roland asked happily

Yeah !! Why are you asking? Chloe asked

I thought you will reject it” Roland said and start the car

★Mariton High school ★

Romeo entered the school, he head towards the class when a hand pulled him into the lab

Who the hell ? Romeo said

Mia put her hand his lips smiling seductively

What do you want? Romeo asked

This *Mia said holding his d**k , Romeo groaned out in pleasure

Before he could say anything, Mia lips was already on his

Romeo held her hand kissing her badly with his hand under her skirt

He started finger f**king her , there moan filled the whole lab

He pulled of her skirt and remove his finger , making her face the wall

He position himself well before penetrating into her

Harder !! Mia said with her hand on the wall

The door opened all of a sudden making them separated from each other

To be continue

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