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Written by Teesha


Theme:: He did not deserve my tears

Chapter 15★16

Chloe opened the door to the lab and saw the two together

Tears flows down her cheeks, she closed the door back and ran out of there

Shit !! Romeo Said and wear his trousers , He walked out from the lab as well leaving Mia alone

Mia was still horny , she sat on the lab table finger f**king her self

★Flashback ★

Roland and Chloe was enjoying there drive when a call came in on Roland’s phone

Nancy was written on the screen,

Hello !!! Roland said

Where are you ? Nancy asked

What happened? Why are you asking?? Roland asked

Are you not suppose to be in school? Nancy said

Am not coming today “Roland said

You better bring your @ss here we are having test in the next thirty minutes” Nancy said and end the call

Roland turned the car heading towards the school

What happened? Chloe asked

We are having test “Roland replied

Oh!! Chloe said

Sorry!! We will come another time, if we miss the test we would not be able to do it again” Roland said

It okay!! Chloe said with a smile

★End of flashback ★

She ran into the rest room and locked the door from the back

She sat on the floor crying her eyes out , Romeo kept knocking on the door but Chloe was not ready to open up

Roland saw Chloe running to the rest room in tears, he was still thinking about what happened to her when he saw Romeo running after her

He left what he was doing and went to the rest room

What did you do to her ? Roland asked

Stay out of this, it not part of your business “Romeo said

Chloe heard there voice from inside, she decided to open the door because she knew that if she did not open it

They will start fighting , she stood up from the floor and dust her skirt

He did not deserve my tears , why am I crying because of what I saw they maybe in relationships with each other

What did I expect before? Is that why he is giving me attitude? Chloe thought and moved closer to washing base

she washed her face before she opened the door

Are you okay? Romeo asked touching her

Chloe removed his hand , don’t touch me with that disgusting hand “She said

Romeo could not say anything, he only stared at her red eyes

Her eyes her swallowing, you know that she just finished crying

Let go!! She said and held Roland’s hand

Romeo clenched his fist in anger , he feel like separating there hands from each other

Are you okay? Roland asked looking at there hands that was locked together

Am okay” Chloe said and remove her hand when she saw that they have moved away from where Romeo was

Chloe entered the class and saw Mia smirking at her, she felt like punching her face badly but held her self back and sat down

Roland entered and also sat down like wise Romeo who was boiling in anger

The teacher entered and gave them the test

Chloe started writing her work without looking or talking to anyone, she focused on her work in though her mind never left what she saw earlier

When she was done, she summited her work , same goes for others

The teacher walked out , Chloe took her bag and walked out

Roland stared at Romeo as if they were passing message to each other

Chloe came across Ryan and hissed

Can you spare me two minutes? Ryan asked

For what ? Chloe asked

Am sorry “Ryan said

For what exactly? Do you do something bad ? Chloe asked

I hurt you with my guys , am really sorry for doing that” Ryan said

Chloe moved closer to him and place her hand on Ryan’s shoulder

Ryan started shaking in fear thinking she is going to beat her up again

That has gone I have revenge and once have taking my revenge we are good I have no grudge against you “She said and walked away before Ryan can talk

Jeez !! Ryan said breathing out in relief

That a narrow escape” he said and also left

Chloe took a cab home not waiting for Romeo or Roland

When she got home, she head straight to her room and change her clothes

She put on a short purple gown and comb her hair , she pack it in a messy bun and pick a heels that goes with the dressing

When she was done, she picked her bag and checked her self in a mirror

To be continue

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