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Written by Teesha


Theme: “She kissed me

Chapter 17★18

Romeo got home and saw Chloe coming out of her room.

Where are you going with your injured leg? Romeo asked, checking the way she dressed.

Do I have to tell you where I am going before going out of this house? It’s my leg, not yours, and it’s only sprained, not broken,” Chloe said and walked out.

Romeo stared at her until she was out of his sight.

Chloe stopped a cab and told him the address she was going to.

When the driver got there, it was a club.

She got down and walked inside. She met Nancy, sitting alone.

Hey !! Chloe said to sit down.

I thought you wouldn’t come,” Nancy said.

Chloe smiled and poured herself wine.

It’s alcoholic; have you drunk it before? Nancy asked

No !! “But I’m going to try it today,” Chloe said, taking a sip from it.

Not bad! She said

Why have you asked me to come here? Chloe asked

Nothing much; I just thought you would need it,” “Nancy said.

Chloe poured another vodka into her cup and gulped it down. She continued pouring herself until she got drunk.

She dropped her bag and moved to the people dancing. She stared, swaying her hips badly.

Wow !! “I never thought she could dance so well,” Nancy said, and she started videoing her.

She took Chloe’s phone and put a call on Romeo.

Romeo was in his room thinking about what Chloe said and where she could be when his phone rang.

She picked up the call even though it was an unknown number.

Hello ! Romeo said

Hello !! This is Chloe.

Can you come to the address I sent you now? Nancy said

Romeo checked his message and saw the address. He put on his shirt and walked out, thinking it was Chloe who called her.

He entered the car and drove out.

Why did she ask me to come there? Romeo thought

A few minutes later, he got there and got down from his car.

A club? Romeo said, looking at the banner that was placed there.

He entered and tried to call her number again when she saw Chloe dancing with a guy.

Romeo returned the phone to his pocket and moved closer to Chloe, who was dancing with the guy she did know.

Romeo tried to separate her from the guy she was dancing with, but the guy held her to himself.

Let her go! Romeo said

Why ? Do you also want herant her? The guy said he was leaving. Chloe

Let her go when she’s still nice! Romeo said it again, holding Chloe’s hand.

Who are you to her? The guy asked:

Her boyfriend! Romeo said

Boyfriend!! Chloe said, drunkenly touching his face.

Are you really my boyfriend? She asked

You are really cute, but why do you resemble that jark called Romeo?” “Chloe said.

Really!! Jerk,” Romeo thought, looking at her.

Chloe started crying like a baby and hugged Romeo.

Don’t leave me again,” she said.

Romeo hugged her back after thinking for a while.

He saw Nancy waving at him from a corner.

Chloe!!!! He said that when he did not hear her voice or any response from her, he disengaged from the hug.

Chloe has already fallen asleep on his arm.

He picked her up and moved closer to Nancy, who was a little tipsy as well.

Why are you here? Do you call her here? Romeo asked, looking at her angrily.

That her bag and her phone “Nancy said and stood up.

Do you call me here? Romeo asked

Yeah ! So that you can help her home,” “Nancy said and walked out.

Romeo took Chloe’s bag and phone and carried her towards the car. He dropped her in the front seat.

I should have stopped her when she was coming here,” Romeo said, and he entered the car as well.

He used her seat for her, and when he was done, he drove out.

I wish I could destroy his face,” “Chloe said in her sleep.

Romeo stared at her and smiled when he heard what she said.

He drove inside the mansion and packed the car.

He got down and picked Chloe up. He locked the car and took her to her room.

She dropped her and helped her pull off her shoe; he covered her well with the duvet.

He was about to leave the room when Chloe pulled her to herself.

He fell on her with their lips two inches from each other.

He stared at her pink lips with different ideas running through his mind.

He shook it off and tried to stand up, but Chloe pulled him to herself. This time around, their lips were on each other.

Romeo’s eyes widen.

Don’t go strawberry,” “Chloe said.

Romeo stood up from her and ran out of her room like someone who just saw a ghost.

He entered his room and locked the door. He moved closer to the mirror and placed his finger on his lips.

She kissed me,” “Romeo said.

“I am not brushing my teeth tonight, he said, and he went to bed.

*Next morning*

Chloe woke up and headed straight to her bathroom. She came out a few minutes later with a towel on her waist.

My head hurts,” she said, holding her head.

How did I get home yesterday? She thought and sat down to remember what happened yesterday.

Shit ! She said when she remembered everything that happened except the kiss, she did not remember kissing Romeo.

She put on her clothes and headed downstairs. She met Romeo in the dining room.

She sat down, not saying anything.

How are you feeling? Romeo asked

Why are you asking? Chloe asked

You got drunk yesterday; here take the hangover tea in front of you,” “Romeo said and stood up.

I am not taking anything you made. Thank you for bringing me home yesterday, but next time they call you because of me,

It’s better if you ignored me and didn’t show up because your face irritated me a lot,” Chloe said and stormed out.

To be continued

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