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GAME OF SECRETS – Episode 11


(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 11
Written by Author Nath
:Heading: Game Begins.


The worst thing that can ever happen to you is to believe that the world has come to an end or about to end, yet you ain’t raptured or play to be in a safer side when it happens. Only then will you remember your bad deeds to correct them or defend them. The world was at the verge of trembling, sadly only few had the knowledge.

I soared through the darkness to locate my family house after leaving Israel behind. Shockingly, I had to make Annabel believe that my parents live abroad. The gentle breeze of the night didn’t seem gentle to me. I couldn’t feel it at all on my way home because a lot was already going through my mind especially now I have completed my mission in Uburu. Surprise?? Yes, my mission! Grab your chair let me shake them to burst your brain.

I was in Uburu for the same purpose Israel was. Hence, I knew what he knows. I was sent by my parents to spy on him, to study him, know his plans and secrets because one has to keep his friends close and keep his enemies closer. Though I never regretted the sex I had with him. The dude knows how to paddle a bicycle. I’ve actually realized why he called what he is about to do a game; it’s because many will be pressing buttons to cover their secrets while he will also press buttons to reveal them. Remember, we shall all be protecting our lives in the process coz that’s what a game is all about.

However, my father wasn’t in the government, but he does a dirty job for them like delivering murder messages to Israel. So they forced him to send me to Uburu to know what he knows.

Nevertheless, I pushed the door of my family house opened with a force to see my parents and other men in black suits, staring at me like lost goats. Of course they were the head of the government and they had been waiting for me coz I had let my parents know of my arrival. Beside them was my elder brother whom I love so much that motivated me to risk my life in Iburu because we’re also trying to protect his secret. His name was HONJ. My father named him after his Korean business friend.

No time for pleasantries, they just wanted me to give them a report. I could see it in their eyes. Therefore I stood before all in the living room and said, “I know how Israel thinks both in good and in bad situation.” I began. “Though he is smart but I share in that ability now to think like him. Yes, the small girl you told him to kill wants…”

“I didn’t tell him to kill her, Lizzy.” John, my father interrupted me. “I was only a messenger carrying out an order from above. I am the only one the boy knows facially because I deliver a job to him. If I had known the little girl was mysterious, I wouldn’t have carried out the order of delivering the message. Now look at what it has caused us!”

“Enough, Mr John!” One of the men signalled me to continue.

“The girl wants him to fulfil her destiny of getting rid of those with deadly secret.” I completed.

“But honey, how can we stop him?” Gloria, my mother trembled.

“Stopping Israel is like stopping the world from existing. Also, any attempt he makes from decoding the dooms brain wrongly, someone close to him dies. So this mission is his life. The only way to stop him is using the initial plan; kill the source of the doom brain to reborn the deadly zombies and wipe out every living thing in the affected area to prevent it from spreading. But Israel will never allow that happened too.”

The men looked at one another. I coul see some whispering to another like a kind of conspiracy to kill Israel. Of course, it was. I didn’t care if Israel dies or not. I was only concerned with my brother’s secret which I was also involved. So if the men I’m seeing my father with could prevent that by taking Israel down, I’ll give them my full support. Suddenly, one of them asked, “Where Israel’s exact location?”

I hesitated from answering the question because it would be a move to capture Israel. My mouth suddenly became heavy when I opened them to speak. Luckily, a breaking news came from a television. We all turned to the screen to see Israel!! He seated on a long stool with a leg on its horizontal base and the other leg tapping cleverly on the ground. The background was totally the underground house where I just returned from. He wore a hoody that covered his head but his face was really visible. Inside the pocket of the hoody were his two hands. He looked innocent, harmless and gentle as he began to broadcast, “My name is Israel Linto, a.k.a ‘god of secrets’. I’m not a bad person as the government has termed me. Something is going on that we all needs to know. My mission is to make the world a better place reveal deadly secrets and punish those behind it by death. Why the government wants me dead is because the betterment of this world will bring their downfall. I know many will join the government to fight me because they are having one secret or the other, but know this; not by my will am I working. I’m walking accordance with the will of an angel through a dooms brain. The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.” the light of the television went off.

All the men directed their eyes to me. “Where exactly is he?” one of them repeated the question.

“Underground house, at the forest of Moab.” I replied, feeling like a betrayer. In my presence, the man put a call and the commander of the soldiers entered.

“Take your men to Moab forest, the young boy is there right away!” he instructed.

“Yes, sir!” the soldier left briskly.
From the long stool where I sat down in front of the camera that had just been cut after the broadcast, I read Annabel’s thought from her posture; she folded her arms, leaned against the wall and crossed her legs at a corner. Agatha and James were behind the camera.

“We are done, my Lord.” Agatha said.

“Wait,” James’ voice harshly quivered my eardrums. “Is high time you stopped calling this dude ‘lord’ unless you call me god.” he glared at Agatha.

“Didn’t you hear him?” Agatha began to walk into one of the rooms followed by James. “He’s also a god, god of secrets.” she added and finally entered into the room. I could hear James’ voice saying as I was going to meet Annabel, “If he is a god of the secret then what am I?”

“I don’t know you.” Agatha replied.

“You’re breaking my heart, young lady. Please, also call me lord” pleadingly, his voice lasted a few seconds in my ears. I smiled.

However, I had gotten to Annabel. I slid her hair, touched her cheeks with my palm which she compressed on her shoulder to emotionally feel the warmness of the palms. Suddenly, she unfolded her arms and held me across my waist. I looked into her eyes to see so many worries. Therefore I told her, “Everything gonna be alright.”

“No, Israel. Lizzy is still in the picture.” she said.

“Yes, but at the back of the picture. We are now in the front for the world to see.” I kissed her.

She quit the kiss, ran her hand, through my waist to my chest. “What next?”she asked.

“To meat someone called NOHJ JOHN”

“Who is he?”

“I don’t know. The dooms words said so.”

Annabel twisted her face to grab what I was talking about because she had not heard any doom words from the dooms brain. I noticed then repeated, “Naughty John, Naughty John, Does His Work with His Apron On. Cuts Your Throat and Take Your Bones. Sells them off for a Coupla Stones.”

Annabel adjusted away from me. James and Agatha also came out to listen to us.

“How is the name NOHJ JOHN.. I thought we were through with that dooms words.. Moveover, they said naughty John not…”
“The Nohj is from John.” I interrupted her. “It is a Korean cosmetic brand that glows the skin. The owner of the product is called Nohj.” I turned to Agatha and said, “Search the name Nohj John on the computer.”

The young girl punched the computer keyboard. We all could be found behind her with James the closest person to her. When the person’s profile popped out, we glanced at one another because according to the profile, the sister to Nohj John was Lizzy John.

“This is crazy!” James exclaimed.

I suddenly became sad because I know if I should decode more of the words, it will relate to Lizzy too, and you know what that means; I must kill her. I turned to Annabel to see her staring at me as if she knew what was going through my mind. Suddenly, we heard military footsteps above the ground. Therefore we all fixed our eyes up, but our ear heard the opening of the metal gate at the moment. We were really surrounded by the military.

“That might be Lizzy coming.” Annabel suggested.

“No, those are the military. We are surrounded.” I concluded. Instantly, Annabel held my hand. I could see James also holding Agatha’s hands as the footsteps kept coming closer. When Annabel and I looked at each other, she reminded me again saying, “We die together.”

I smiled. “But not today.” I assured her……

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