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GAME OF SECRETS – Episode 14


(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 14
Written by Author Math

The world had its surface burning up by the sun itself. Its intensity was above 37 degree centigrade, the universal accepted body temperature. Therefore every organism in it was practically subjected to a humorless discomfort especially the homosapiens. Already, the lilies of the valley had all met their dooms regarding their non-tolerance to the unexpected high radiation. It was like hell raining down on Earth. Hence, it painted the world red and set it in a colossal catastrophe. Humans in the city of Los Angeles started running helter skelter believing that the world had come to an end. Many parked their cars while some took on their heels to their homes, some even ran into a nearby church for quick salvation. Many could be seen with sunshed and a bottle of water in their hands seeming less concern about the situation.

Andre, an average man pulled over in front of his house, briskly walked into his living room to see his wife and six year old daughter burning up regardless the functioning air conditioner found in the room. Swiftly, Mary, the wife, turned to him with the daughter in her hands. “Honey, what’s going on?” She asked terrifyingly, staring at the husband like the solution to the situation lies on his face.

“I’m a medical doctor not a meteorologist, so I don’t know what’s going on. Increase the air conditioner.” The man flung his car keys on the centre table, grabbed his necktie like the claws of a bird on a tree.

“I’ve done that already” the wife replied.

“What?!” Andre couldn’t believe it because the temperature was still unfavorable even inside the house. He began to pull his shirt. However, there was a television on the wall of the room opposite the family which automatically displayed a man in a suit with a paper in his hands. No doubt it was a breaking news. Mary enthusiastically raised the volume as the man broadcasted thus: “There are plenty of ways Earth could go. It could smash into another planet, be swallowed by a black hole, or get pummeled to death by asteroids. There’s really no way to tell which doomsday scenario will be the cause of our planet’s demise. But one thing is for sure – even if Earth spends the rest of its eons escaping alien attacks, dodging space rocks, and avoiding a nuclear apocalypse, there will come a day when our own Sun will eventually destroy us. I think the day has come…”

The couple looked at each other instinctively, feeling a droplet of heat on their faces. Though the breaking news kept breaking but the voice of the man through the sound of the television speaker distantly faded away from their eardrums, thus, generating an obnoxious silence that rather brought the beat of their heart to their ears.

“Mummy, are we gonna die?” Serah, the little girl in her mother’s arms broke not only the silence but also the overwhelming tension. The mother ignored her as she took a few step to her husband.

“Honey, tell me what the news is saying isn’t true.” Her voice quivered like a cold patient on a sick bed. Andre raised his hands and flopped them hopelessly. He collapsed on the nearest cushion behind him, breathing hastily.

“Mummy?” Serah called the mother’s attention once again.

“Serah, nobody’s gonna die. Come, let me apply cold water on your head.” Mary began walking out of the living room but spark of electrical wires, bulbs and break down of the television put her to a stop. She ran back to the husband who jumped on his feet, holding the wife defensively. Little Serah escalated a cry after seeing her mother in tears.

Notwithstanding, the sun had gone hotter than expected in the next few hours, people began to drop dead on the street and homes especially children who couldn’t withstand the unbearable temperature. Forest got lit, soaring with the fire to every coast. The ocean was at the verge of boiling, hence triggering a massive death of the aquatic organisms. Even so many terrestrial animals died. Could this be the end of the human race? No, it was just the beginning of the end. Humans became not just hopeless but helpless too like Andre and his family who could be found sitting on the floor of their bathroom naked with Sarah in between them. The poor girl was also between life and death. The mother held her in her arms when she observed it then began to sniff in tears.

“Honey, please do something. I don’t want to lose my only child.” she cried.

Andre felt her pains. He rushed up, barged into his room where he opened a drawer. He wore just a pant like one coming out from a pool. Quickly, he brought out an antipyretics which he pulled a quantity into a syringe and rushed back to the bathroom. The wife watched him grab the child’s hand to inject the drugs into her body.

“Wait, wait, wait, what’s that?” she queried instantly.

“It’s an antipyretics. It will help cool her temperature a bit.” he found his voice, breathing hastily as he injected the drugs. In the process the sun gradually began to go down thereby reducing the radiation. Mary saw it through the window as she seated on the floor. She pointed her hand to it and said, “Honey, look, the sun is actually going down.”

Andre quickly stood up, carried a bucket to the diminutive window as an aid to his height. He climbed, like an amateur spy, he peeked with only an eye through the window to finally see the sun gone, leaving a terrible damage to the world. He jumped down. “Do not come out. Stay here” he instructed his wife before rushing outside. Slowly, he walked on the void road, observing the abandoned cars and corpses lying on the ground. A few others that survived the disaster also began to come out from their hiding places. Andre bent down, placed his two fingers on the neck of a lady lying dead on the ground. Disappointed, he didn’t feel a pulse, so he straightened up with his two hands placed on his waist. What a damage?!
Andre could be seen inside a lab situated inside his house. He wore a lab coat and a medical hand glove with his eyes fixed on the eyepiece of an electron microscope. On the table opposite him were blood lancet, breath carbon monoxide, brose low tape, a beaker and other medical test equipments. On the wall was a chart of human anatomy. Suddenly, Andre shouted, “Bloody hell!” he stood up. “This can’t be?” He left the lab to his room where he began to dress up in a hurry. The wife walked in.

“Where are you rushing to, Andre?” she asked curiously.

“Geneva, Switzerland. To the headquarter of World Health Organization. I need to bring to their notice the new development. Can you imagine for the past one year after the unbearable radiation, there has not been any child birth or pregnancy. Rather only death rate is dynamic. From my research, the radiation left a bigger problem to the human race.” He paused when he began to put on his suit.

“I don’t understand.” Mary took a step closer.

The husband held her two shoulders, gazed into her eyes and said, “Radiation to the reproductive organs as well as radiation near the abdomen, pelvis, or spine may lower sperm counts and testosterone levels, causing infertility. Radiation may also destroy sperm cells and the stem cells that make sperm. Radiation therapy to the brain can damage the pituitary gland and decrease the production of testosterone and sperm. For some types of cancers, the testicles can be protected from radiation through a procedure called testicular shielding. Furthermore, Spermatogonia which is known as sperm forming cells are extremely sensitive to the effects of radiation. It causes irreversible damage to the sperm forming cells and drop in the number and quality of sperm produced. This is what the high radiation caused to only the males, and you know without the fertilization of the ovum by a man’s sperm, there will be no reproduction. Therefore, humans are about to go extinct and that will be the end of the human race. The world will experience a brink of apocalypse.”

“Oh, my God!” Mary exclaimed…
James woke up from the trance inside the living room at the secret island. Already, Annabel, Agatha and Israel were there, staring at him due to his static posture for some time during the trance.

“James, what’s it? You blacked out!” Israel broke the silence.

The young boy stood up drom his seat, terrified. “I just had a glimpse of what is to come.” he replied. He narrated his trance to them and said in conclusion. “I think the little alien girl is not the only alien in our planet. They are others who wants to take over by making all male in the world impotent for reproduction incapability”

“How then are they gonna take over the world with that?” Annabel asked.

“I think i know.” Israel interrupted. “When there is no reproduction, human population decreases and death rate increases. I think only the aliens will have the ability to produce fertilize sperm to reproduce their kind only. I think the only way to save the world is by decoding the ten secrets by the ten people the little girl told me”. He explained to the best of his knowledge.

“Andre and his family as I saw on the trance are real. Andre is actually my uncle. I’m so scared right now.” James said.

Just then, his phone rang. He looked at it to see the caller. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed.

“What?!” Agatha asked him.

“My uncle, Andre who has not called me for long now is the one calling me.” He replied fearfully. All began to look at one another in silence….
Lizzy looked at the men in suit one by one. There was something about them she couldn’t put a finger on. They seemed human but she believed they are not. Nevertheless, she swallowed hard and said, “First, what did you mean by end of time, and how did you know about the next doom words. Who are you people?!” she asked….

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