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GAME OF SECRETS – Episode 19


(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 19
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Beginning of End
When death calls, human instinct always triggers. When the sun goes closer to the earth, humans activities change. Though it was morning but the temperature seemed hotter than it should be. A normal vitamin D the morning sun should give suddenly vanished. It rather garnered some essential nutrients humans manged to sustain a healthy body. People could be seen heading to work with bottles of water in their hands which was unusual and also the inkling of the change of human activity.

Nevertheless, death calls and Mr. Linto’s instinct triggered. He ran down from a starcase with his wife’s bag in his hand. He wore a caftan which he supported with a hand to actually facilitate his steps on the stairs. The wife followed from behind, also supporting her gown with a hand.

“Honey, what’s going on?!” Her voice circulated the classic living room.

The husband hit the traveling bag on the floor, just after climbing down the staircase. He looked up at his wife, perplexed like one who just escaped from death. “You have to leave town. They are coming after me!” he handed a paper to her. “Make sure it gets to my son.” he instructed.

“I’m going nowhere without you!” the wife hesitated. The husband kneaded the paper in her hand.

Just then two huge men entered into the living room. Their height could be compared to that of a bouncer with tied black fabric round their palms. A punch from any of them is capable of pivoting ones intestines and has a premature formulation of feaces leaves the anus with a hilarious sound like one grieving from diarrhea. One of them grabbed the traveling bag from the floor while another led the woman to the door.

“Who are you guys?!” the woman shouted.

“Don’t worry, they will protect you!” the husband assured her.

A few minutes after they left, a siren emanated from afar and stopped in front of the compound. Mr. Linto slid aside a window curtain to behold the president himself, matching towards his house with the military. His heart accelerated like spinning wheel of a Potter, yet remained sturdied like a brave warrior at the point of death. Expectantly, the door banged opened and Nini Joe entered in his fullness. He never took another step away from the door as his hands felt the walls of his pockets.

“You saved your son to have him still go against the government.” His voice, though was calmed but fierced.

“My son knows who he is against. The secret can no longer hide under the sun. You and your kind shall perish in hands of my son.” Mr. Linto replied.

“The sun that must unveil our secret must uncork it’s temperature and your son and your kind shall perish in the next seven days.”

“My son will never allow that to happen.”

“It’s a pity, you won’t see it happen.” He pulled out a pistol, airned it on Mr. Linto’s forhead. A pull on the trigger did not only splash blood on the floor, but also had the sound of a gunshot propagated in the house.
Lizzy hit her hands angrily on a long table filled with the men in suit once again. Patently, she was upset with them all, neither were the men smiling at her. One of the men also hit his hand on the table saying, “Young lady, you’re wasting our time! Decode the next dooms brain; ‘When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth; Dawn of the Dead'”

“I decoded the first one. You guys told me that you’d bring back my brother from the land of the dead, yet you’ve done nothing!” She shrieked.

“We shall do that at the end of time.”

“You shall do that now!”

Silence creeped in among them. The men began to soliloquize like the deliberation of elders in a meeting. One of them stood up, placed a phone on his ear and said, “Have Nohj John’s body brought to the white house immediately” he hung up the call then looked at Lizzy. “Can you proceed now.”

The young lady swallowed hard as an afterthought. “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth; Dawn of the Dead.” she repeated the words, critically thinking in the silence that took over. Her breathing rate changed when she got closer to the answer. “The dead’ as used in the sentence is not actually the dead. It’s about something called Deda from the word “dead'”

Hearing that, all began to look at one another.

“Does any of you know what Deda is?!” She shrieked.

“Deda is the name of my spaceship!” A man stood up terrifyingly.

“Spaceship?” Lizzy narrowed her vision in amazement. “You all are aliens?!” she shouted.

“Deda is buried in the ground at Dawn Town. I guess that means the hell that has no more room for it. They gonna get it out! And that will be a true evidence for the humans to know who we are!” The man finally elaborated.

“Exactly!” Lizzy replied.

“Send some men to Dawn Town now!” Another man commanded.

“It’s too late.” Another’s voice calmed everybody down as he stared at a television screen that hung on the wall. All followed the direction of his eyeballs to see the spaceship and some gunmen around it. The ship had a black diamond shape with ‘Deda’ engraved on it. Henry stood behind the ship and began to broadcast thus; “This shit behind me is a fucking spaceship which is an evidence that we have aliens among us and this aliens are no other people but those in the government. Wait, wait, before you crucify me, we have many evidence to prove that, starting from the apocalypse which took place in Uburu….”

As the news broadcasted, Lizzy recognized only James on the television. “Where is Agatha?” She murmured. Instantly, pandamonuim escalated from outside with crowd of people, protesting at the gate of the white house. Gunshot also paved into the ears of the men who tried to run, but soldiers found inside the room surrendered all of them.

“According to the news, killing you will prevent the end of time. Whatever that is. And from your discussion so far and all we’ve witnessed, you all are aliens.” One of the soldiers said.

“No, no, please.” The men begged for their lives. That never prevented the soldiers from killing all of them, leaving only Lizzy alive who had begun to breath hastily.

“Thank God you noticed I’m not one of them.” She exhaled deeply.

“But you still have to die.” Agatha’s voice came from the door. Swiftly, Lizzy turned with her hands up in the air.

“She’s not one of them.” A soldier approached.

“The dooms brain pointed her out. She must die.” Agatha insisted.

“I don’t know what that is, but no harm must come to her until further inquiry. We need to speak with Israel.”

Agatha lowered her gun. She looked at the dead men on the floor from one person to another. She had to over-cross some as she walked around silently. “You’ve killed all but one person is missing.” She said.

“Who?” The soldier asked.

“The president. He must be on the run now.” At a gun point, Agatha led Lizzy out of the white house.
At the secret island, only Annabel watched a television. She could see how the city was breaking into two, while Israel had left to meet his spiritualist. He stood before the man in a lonely nasty room with the walls full of ancient tortem. Israel looked weak regarding the bandages on his abdomen and arm.

“I had a disturbing dream.” He broke the silence.

“Your dream cannot be as horrrible as what is to come.” The man challenged.

“Nothing can be more important than the life of the one I love.”

“Even when the world is occupied by animals?”

“What do you mean?”

The man shook his head. “The sun is increasingly becoming unbearable, if you fail to bring down the aliens and anyone attached to them by the dooms on the last day, that will be the beginning of the end; nation will rise against nation, hence, human population will reduce drastically. And mind you, humans won’t be able to reproduce. Only the animals will have their reproductive organs functioning. This is why animals will occupy the earth. Only you, can prevent all this!” He narrated.

Israel was marveled at the horrifying feature of the future. Just before he could say anything, his phone rang. That was Agatha. He picked the call instantly.

“Your attention is needed in the white house.” Agatha announced. “You need to address the country base on what is on ground. Eight of the men are dead, only their secrets need to be revealed.” She added.

Israel hung up the call. “Bye, old man.” He began to walk away.

“What about the dream?” The man asked, but didn’t get a reply…

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