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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay


By; Succie Brown.




Ariel opened her eyes and scanned the whole place, and discovered she was in a hospital. She tried getting up from the bed but she discovered she was receiving fluid IV, and without wasting time, she tear off the bandage in her hand, and got down from the bed. She was about leaving the ward, when a girl entered the ward.

“Oh you are finally awake” She said with a bright smile, and Ariel gave her a deadly glare. “Who the heck are you” She asked with a stony face. The joy of smiling already left her, after she saw how her only twin sister was killed.

“My name is Jessica. You happen to fall on me when you pass out earlier. You were shivering so badly, so I figured out you needed medical attention. Are you okay now?” Jessica said, and tries to touch Ariel’s forehead, but Ariel quickly took Jessica’s hand, and squeeze it to the back.

“Who are you and why are you trying to touch me?” Ariel asked, with so much anger in her eyes.

“I already told you my name is Jessica” Jessica said, in between pains.

“Who sent you, who!!!” Ariel shouted at Jessica.

“No one sent me. I am just trying to help you, because you pass out earlier” Jessica said, and Ariel let go of Jessica’s hand.

“You didn’t have to hold me that way. I am just trying to help” Jessica said, waving her hand in the air, because her hand were aching so badly, due to the way Ariel squeeze her hand.

“I didn’t ask you to help me. You should have just left me there” Ariel said.

“Is that how you thank someone who saved your life? Where are you from?” Jessica asked.

“You don’t have to know about me” Ariel said, leaving the ward.

“You aren’t that strong to….” Jessica swallowed what she had to say inside her mouth, when Ariel looked at with so much anger in her eyes.

Ariel without saying any words to Jessica, left the ward. Jessica sighed holding her chest. “Who the heck is she, why does her eyes look so cold and scary?” Jessica said to herself. Her phone rang and she brought out her phone from her CELINE handbag.

“Hello Nora” Jessica said, after picking the call.

“Where are you Jessica? We are suppose to be shopping for Becca’s anniversary party” Nora said.

“Sorry Nora, something happened and that’s why I am delaying” Jessica said.

“Something happened? What happened Jessica?”

“I am at the hospital”

” Oh my goodness!! Are you alright? Did something happen to you? Send the location of the hospital to me, and I will be there in a few” Nora said, panicking.

“Can you stop panicking?”

“You are at the hospital Jessica, what did you expect me to do, get a microphone and sing?”

“There’s nothing to panicked about, because nothing happened to me” Jessica said, taking her phone from her left ear to her right ear.

“So what are you doing at the hospital?” Nora asked.

“Someone passed out earlier, and as a good Samaritan which I am, I offered my help and took her to the hospital, but instead of saying thank you, she almost broke my hand” Jessica said, looking at her hand, that was aching so badly.

“Who the heck is that?” Nora asked, getting angry already.

“I don’t know, I have never seen her before, but she looks like she is going through so much. She looked messed up, and her eyes were swollen and red”

“Those are the kind of people you shouldn’t involved yourself with Jessica. Get your ass back here, and let’s get prepared for the anniversary party”

“You are not the one who the party is being hosted for, so why are you trying to look so perfect?” Jessica asked.

“Jasper will be attending the party because he is Jaycee’s best friend, and I have to look my best, so he will notice me” Nora said.

“He has all the time to notice you because he is also attending Moscow cop college with us”

“But you already know how strict the rules of Moscow cop college is, right? No excess makeups on, and definitely no indecent dressing, and why? Because we are cops who are meant to investigate crimes and make the world a peaceful place to breed in. Once I become a student at Moscow cop college, I won’t have the opportunity to do as I want, so now that I have the chance to so, I have to grab it, and make Jasper see how beautiful I look in makeups and sexy gown” Nora said.

“I have an earful from you Nora, I will be at your house soon” Jessica said.

“Make it snappy alright. You are the one with a fashion sense, so I need you to pick out the best dress for me to wear” Nora said.

“Fine, I will parrot” Jessica said with a smile and ended the call. After clearing Ariel’s bills, she entered her car and headed for Nora’s house.

Nora and Jessica have been friends since childhood days, and they hardly have any misunderstandings, because they understand each other so perfectly. Jessica kind of act mature, act reasonably, and have a high level of fashion sense, and she tends to care for every one around her.

Nora on the other hand, talks a lot, acts without thinking, and the only people she cared about in this world was her parents, Jessica and Jasper, who she had a huge crush on. You will be dying and she won’t blink an eye. Nora only wrote the entrance exam to Moscow cop college, because of Jasper.

She met Jasper at the graduation party of Jessica when she was still in high school and ever since then, her feelings for Jasper keeps growing every day. As for Jessica, she has been Jaycee and Dario’s classmates since elementary school.

Jessica was still on her way to Nora’s house, when she saw Ariel limping as she walk. “Isn’t she the girl from earlier” Jessica said, to herself and pulled the car to a halt.

“Hey” Jessica said, because she doesn’t know Ariel’s name. Ariel turned behind her, and looked at Jessica.

“Where are you heading? I can drop you off” Jessica said.

“Do you also want to kill me just like Moscow city has killed my sister!!!” Ariel shouted at her.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I just want to help” Jessica said.

“I don’t need your help, stop following me, or I am going to chop off your head, the same way they chopped off my sister’s head!!” Ariel shouted as tears fall down her eyes.

“Are you alright, why are you crying?” Jessica asked going close to Ariel, and Ariel gave her a powerful kick that sends her to the ground.

Ariel throws a deadly look at Jessica, before walking away limping. Jessica touch her nose and discovered she was bleeding.

“My good will be the end of me someday” Jessica said. She entered her car, and drove off.



Ariel walked one step after the other like she was being pushed from behind. She has successfully buried her sister, but yet she couldn’t accept the fact that her identical twin sister was gone.

After the flood that killed her family years ago, her and Ariella were the only ones who survived the tragedy and now Ariella is gone, leaving her alone in a world filled with wicked people.

Ariel looked around the house, and she could remember her and Ariella running around the house playing. The numbers of times she styled Ariella’s hair, and how Ariella will pressure her to grow her hair, but Ariel will always refused.

With balls of tears falling down her eyes, Ariel entered the room, and the reflection of her own self appeared, sitting on the bed.

“Ariella be fast with the cooking, I am hungry” She said and Ariella’s reflection entered the room, holding a tray.

“What took you so long?” Ariel asked.

“Sorry your majesty, but the food you requested for is not a three minutes meal” Ariella said, and Ariel smiled and took the food from Ariella, and began to eat.

“As always you food is always delicious” Ariel said, giving Ariella a high thumbs up.

“Seriously you need to learn how to cook”

“Why should I learn how to cook when you are here?” Ariel asked, eating.

“I can’t always be there to cook for you Ariel”

“You are not going anywhere Ariella, because we are stick together like glue” Ariel said, wrapping her hand around Ariella’s shoulder, and Ariella smiled.

Ariel tried touching Ariella’s refection, but it disappeared like a bubble, and Ariel broke into painful tears.

“Ariella, please come back to me, I can’t go on without you, please, come back to me” Ariel said, crying, holding on to Ariella’s picture.

She just couldn’t accept the fact that Ariella was gone.



The hall was big, and luxuriously decorated by the best interior designers in Moscow City, and just looking at the hall, you can easily tell it was hosted by someone with billions of dollars in his pocket.

It was the marriage anniversary of both Becca and Lorenzo. Becca was Jaycee’s sister, while Lorenzo was Dario’s brother, and they were seen greeting the people that came to the party with their five years old daughter, whose name was Nadiya.

“Your dress looks so beautiful on your Becca” One of Lorenzo business Partners complimented on Becca’s dress, and Becca smiled.

Lorenzo squatted beside Nadiya, beaming a smile at her. “Nadiya”

“Yes Daddy” She said, smiling.

“Your grandma and grandpas are here now, go and say Hi to them” Lorenzo said, smiling at Nadiya.

“Okay Daddy” Nadiya said, and hurriedly went to meet Raymond, Madelyn and Connor.

“Follow me” Lorenzo said to Becca with a serious look on his face. He smiled at the people who was present in the hall, before walking away. Becca sighed before following him


A slap landed on Becca’s face, the moment she entered the room with Lorenzo. Becca fell to the floor and Lorenzo forcefully grabbed her jaw.

“How many times will I tell you never to smile at any man apart from me, huh?!!!”. Lorenzo shouted at her, vigorously holding her Jaw.

“I only smiled at him because he complimented my dress” Becca said, with a crying voice, and Lorenzo slapped her again.

“You are not allowed to smile at anyone apart from me Becca, your beauty and body belongs to me and me alone, understood” He said, and Becca nodded her head.

“Are you dumb!!!” He shouted at her, attempting to slap her, but Becca quickly answered.

“My beauty and body belongs to you and you alone Lorenzo” She said, with tears falling down her eyes.

“I am glad we are on the same page Becca. Now wipe those tears of yours and come back to the reception ground” Lorenzo said, and Becca began cleaning her tears.

“You are so beautiful Becca” Lorenzo said. He forcefully kissed her, and leaves the room. Becca stayed on the floor, crying her eyes out.

“Becca, are you in there” Jaycee said from outside knocking on the door. Becca quickly cleaned her tears, and quickly applied makeup on her face, before opening the door.

“Jaycee” She said smiling.

“What took you so long to open the door?”Jaycee asked.

“I was just fixing my dress” Becca said smiling.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes I am fine Jaycee. What brings you here?” Becca asked. Jaycee smiled before bringing out a jewelry box from his pocket.

“Happy marriage anniversary Becca” He said, giving the jewelry box to Becca.

Becca looked at the necklace inside the jewelry box and smile. “Thank you Jaycee”

“You are welcome Becca. Are you sure you are happy with Lorenzo?” Jaycee asked, and Becca smiled.

“Of course I am happy with Lorenzo. We have been married for six years and we have a daughter, so I am happy” Becca said, smiling.

“I am glad to hear that Becca. You know your happiness is priority, right?”

“I know that Jaycee, and believe me when I say I am happy with Lorenzo. So don’t worry about me kid brother” Becca said, playing with his cheeks and Jaycee smiled.

“I will be going home now Becca”

“Aren’t you staying till the end of the party?” She asked.

“If I stay till the end I met run into Dario, I don’t want to fight with anybody”

“What happened to you and Dario, you both used to be best friends?” Becca asked.

“I will go ahead now Becca” Jaycee said. He kissed Becca’s cheek and leaves.

“I am not happy Jaycee, I am suffering” Becca said, as tears falls down her eyes.


Jaycee was heading towards the parking lot, when he mistakenly bumped into Dario who was coming his way.

“Are you blind!!!” Dario yelled at him.

“At least I am not senseless like you” Jaycee fired back.

“Did you just call me a moron?” Dario asked, already getting angry.

“Since you said you are moron, you are definitely a moron from the highest order” Jaycee said.

Dario punched his face, and Jaycee return the punch. Both were about to fight, but Jessica quickly came in the middle of them. Dario and Jaycee withdraw their punches when they saw Jessica in the middle.

“Jessica” Both called her name and glared at each other.

“The moment I didn’t see you two, I knew you will be somewhere in a corner trying to punch each other” Jessica said.

“He started it by calling me a moron” Dario said.

“That’s because you are indeed a moron”

“How dare you called me a moron” Dario said, trying to attack Jaycee, but Jessica took Jaycee’s hand and leaves with him.



“You didn’t have to drag me from there Jessica, I know how to fight for myself” Jaycee said, drinking from the glass of wine in his hand.

“I didn’t say you don’t know how to fight, this is your sister’s anniversary Jaycee, you won’t want to ruined it, by fighting with Dario”

“Lorenzo is his brother, so that makes us even”

“What happened between you two Jaycee, I remembered in our high school days, you both were so close, so close that nothing can separate you two, and all of a sudden, you two became enemies. What transpired between you two?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it” Jaycee said. Jessica looked at him, and smile, then her eyes met with Nora who was drinking. She sighed and walk up to her.

“What happened to you Nora, why the sullen face?”

“Jasper came with his California girlfriend. My makeup and dressing are all for nothing!!” Nora said, crying and Jessica sighed.



Students wearing cop uniform gathered in the school hall, as they welcome the new intake cop students into the school.

The new intake students were dressed cooperatively in their cop uniform, looking excited to be a part of the prestigious Moscow cop college.

Footsteps was heard entering the school hall, and every one’s eyes turned to look at the person that just entered the hall, and it was no other person than Ariel, who was neatly dressed in a cop uniform and a cop cap.

“My name is Ariella Campbell, I am a freshman of Moscow cop college” Ariel said, with a stony look on her face, and both Dario and Jaycee’s eyes fell on Ariel.



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