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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay





Ariel sitted in the bare floor looking lifeless. For the past one week, she hasn’t eaten anything neither has she had her bath. She just sat in one corner of the house, crying. She looked skinny and messy, but Ariel didn’t care about her look, all she cared about is her sister, who she desperately wants to see again.

Ariel was still crying silently, when she heard a knock on the door, ever since her sister died, she hasn’t come out from the house, neither has anyone come to see her. Ariel doesn’t have friend, because Ariella was her sister and her best friend.

Ariel looked at the door, as the person from outside kept knocking on the door, with tears in her eyes, she managed to walk towards the door, and as she walked, she had no strength in her.

She opened the door, and sees a man who is obviously a mail man that delivers mails to people leaving in the province.

“You must be Ariella Campbell, right?” The mail man asked, and Ariel just stared at him, without saying a word to him.

“You got a mail from Moscow cop college, I think you pass the entrance exam” He said smiling, but Ariel didn’t utter a world.

“Here you go Ariella” The Mail man said, and handle the mail to Ariel. Ariel slowly took it from him, and entered the house, walking like a walking corpse.

“Is she okay, I wonder why she looks half Dead” The mail man said, and continued his journey.

Ariel sat back on the ground, looking at the mail giving to her by the mail man, and as she went through it, balls of tears falls down her eyes. Ariella passed the entrance exam to Moscow cop college in flying colors.

“Why do you want to become a cop Ariella, because I don’t see anything fun in it?” Ariel could remember asking Ariella, a few weeks before her death.

“Being a cop is fun Ariel” Ariella said, smiling.

“And how is it fun?”

“It’s fun because you get the privilege to be trained on how to caught bad people”

“That’s it? Then it’s so lame. I can easily beat up someone, so I don’t think I will need training to do that. Beat up whosoever the criminal is, tie him and throw him in jail”

“That’s not how it works Ariel. Some criminals are really skilled, and in order to lure them into your cage, you have to be trained to do that, and also being a cop paves ways for you to investigate a lot of crimes” Ariella said.


“Yes Ariel. That’s why I want to become a cop, because being a cop, is a great opportunities for you to discover lots of crimes, both the known and unknown” Ariella said.

“A great opportunity for you to discover lots of crimes, both the known and unknown” Ariel mimicked what Ariella said few weeks ago, and more tears fell down her eyes.

Ariel stood up from the ground and looked at herself in the mirror. “There’s no different between us Ariella, because we look like each other. I am going to attend the prestigious Moscow cop college, so I can help you achieve your longtime dream, and bring down whoever that killed you. I promise you Ariella that once I laid my hands on them, I won’t spare them. I am going to chop every part of your body like they chopped off your head” Ariel said, as painful tears falls down her eyes.



Ariel arrived in Moscow city, fully prepared to be her sister, and to investigate on how her sister died, in order to make them pay for what they did to her sister.

“What happened to your hair?” The chief executive director of the cop college asked, and Ariel glared at him.

“And what so special about hair that you are asking about it” She asked, with a stony look on her face.

“It much more longer in your passport” He said.

“Haven’t you heard about cutting of hair, or are you just trying to act dumb” Ariel said

“Excuse me”

“Of course you are excuse Mr. Watterson, so are you going to stamp my papers or not?” She asked with so much coldness in her eyes.

“Fine. You don’t have to be so mean” Mr. Watterson said. He stamped on Ariel’s credentials and handle it over to her.

“Welcome to Moscow cop college Ariella Campbell” He said with a smile, Ariel took the paper from him. “I don’t need the welcoming” She said and left the office, upon leaving the office, she bumped into Jaycee, and her files fell from her.

“Sorry” Jaycee said, giving her back the papers, and Ariel took it from him.

“Are you all right?” He asked, politely.

“If you don’t want to have your head chopped off, always watch where you are going” She said, with a mean look on her face, and walked away.

“Why is she so mean?” Jaycee muffled before entering Mr. Watterson’s office.

Ariel was still walking towards where she was going to take her cop uniform when a ball from no where hit her face, and she fell to the ground.

Dario quickly rushed to her. “Miss, are you all right. I didn’t see you coming” He said. Ariel angrily stood up from the ground and threw the ball so aggressively at him.

“I just say sorry, you didn’t have to throw the ball at me”

“If sorry can mend the entire crimes in the world, I wonder why you came here just to be a cop” Ariel said, coldly and walked away from him, and Dario looked at her. “She is fierce” Dario said, and smiled.



“You look so beautiful in your uniform Jessica” Nora complemented on Jessica’s cop uniform.

“Thanks Nora, you look stunning too” Jessica said, and Nora giggles. Her eyes met with Jasper who was talking to Jaycee and she smiled the more. “Jasper look so handsome in his cop uniform. I wish I can kiss him right now” Nora said, squealing in excitement.

“Keep your voice low Nora, he might hear you. I thought you said he has a California girlfriend?” Jessica asked.

“I heard they broke up last night. So it means I still have a chance to be with him” Nora said excitedly, and Jessica shaked her head smiling.

“It surprising that Dario and Jaycee aren’t fighting, there are not far from each other” Nora said.

Jessica looked at Dario and Jaycee who were standing in different places and sighed. “They are surely going to get punished everyday for fighting, that’s for sure”

“You are more closer to Dario and Jaycee, don’t you know why they became enemies?” Nora asked.

“No I don’t. After our prom party in highschool, they became enemies. I don’t know what transpired between them” Jessica said.

“Whatever I don’t care if they kill each other, the only people I care about are you, my parents and of course Jasper”

“You are crazy Nora” Jessica said, and both of them laugh.

“When will the introductory start?” Nora asked.


Jessica was caught short, when the door of the school opened and Ariel entered the school hall.

“My name is Ariella Campbell, I am a freshman of Moscow cop college” Ariel said, with a stony look on her face, and both Dario and Jaycee’s eyes fell on Ariel.

“She is the girl from yesterday” Jaycee muttered, looking at Ariel.

“She looks hot in her cop uniform” Dario said smiling, as his eyes were glued to Ariel’s face.

“Why is she introducing herself when no one asked her to?” Nora asked.

“I know her Nora”

“You do?”

“Yes. She is the girl I told you about, the one who I helped and was ungrateful” Jessica said.

“What is she doing here?” Nora asked.

“I have no idea, I think she is a cop student too. I am glad she is okay now” Jessica said. Nora looked at Ariel and frowned.

The school departments came up on stage, and every cop student returned their gaze to them.

“Hi Ariella” Jessica said to Ariel with a smile, since Ariel was standing beside them, Ariel looked at her with a stony look and walked away from her.

“What’s her problem Jessica?” Nora asked.

“I don’t know either” Jessica said and sighed.

“You are welcome to Moscow cop college, and I am happy that young people like you have decided to become cops to fight against the crimes happening around us. Being a cop is no joke, so don’t expect it to be like a normal college. You all are going to trained so you can be fit to fight when it’s necessary, and also have the minds to be able to face danger in terms of investigations. Your room numbers will be given to you, and you have to be in peace with your roommate, one fight from any students will enhance serious punishment. If you read the code of conduct of this college, then don’t break any of the rules if you don’t want to be in the black book of this college”

“And lastly, after you settle down in your various rooms, you can come out for your orientation night, failure to be there will enhance severe punishment. Once again, welcome to Moscow cop college.

The students screamed in excitement, except for Ariel who has no joy in her face. Dario and Jaycee looked at her from where they were standing, and when she looked at them with those cold of hers, they quickly looked somewhere else.


Nora kept flipping through the pages of the code of conduct of the school, as they walked to their room. They had the same number, which makes them roomies.

“What!!! You are not allowed to spend the night outside the school, expect it’s breaks and holidays, lightout starts by seven, failure to be in the school premises before seven you will be punished. Training starts by 5am and ends at 12pm, Classes starts by 1 and ends by 6pm. No clubbing, No dating…. No dating!!!!” Nora shrieked.

“Yeah. It’s just going to be a distraction to our training” Jessica said.

“This is unfair, I won’t be able to say YES to Jasper if he ask me out. We don’t even have time for ourselves,. because we are always training and going to classes. They shouldn’t have name it Moscow cop college, but Moscow cop prison” Nora said, and Jessica laughed.

“C’mon Nora, let’s go find out who our last roomie is” Jessica said, holding Nora’s hand, and they both went to their rooms.

Jessica and Nora entered their room, and sees Ariel arranging her things.

“You are our roommate, I guess we are destined to be friends. I am Jessica, and this is my best friend Nora” Jessica said smiling.

Ariel looked at them, and walked out from the room, without talking to them.

“Why are you trying to talk to her, when she is a big time snubber, she doesn’t even know to wear a smile” Nora said.

“Just let her be Nora. Why don’t we arrange our things before the orientation night begins” Jessica said and nodded her head, smiling.



Dario smile after he looked around his apartment. Just like his father has promised, he gave him an apartment inside the college, and he is the only student that has his own apartment inside the school, thanks to his father’s connection.

Dario fell on the master’s bed inside his room and smile. “This is the life” He said, squealing excitedly.



“It’s so going to be hard living in this college, does it means I can’t change girlfriends anymore?” Jasper asked, and Jaycee smile.

“Better get used to it Jasper” Jaycee said, folding his clothes.

“Aren’t you affected by the code of conduct of this college?” Jasper asked.

“I don’t date around like you do, so I won’t be affected by their rules”

“What about her?” Jasper asked, and Jaycee stopped folding his clothes.

“You haven’t dated anyone because you keep hoping to see her again. What if she happens to be in the school, will you go against the school policy just to be with her?” Jasper asked.

“There is Zeros percent hope that she will be in Moscow. She is not from Moscow when I met her. But if fates works for the both of us, and I see her again in this cop college, I won’t mind breaking the rules. But unfortunately, she is not here, so it means I will stick to the rules till I graduate from this stupid cop college” Jaycee said.

“Sorry Jaycee, but I not abiding to such rules. It’s a good thing CCTV cameras aren’t in the toilets, it’s the perfect place to f**k a hole”

“You are mad” Jaycee said smiling, and a young boy who was the last roomie entered the room.

“Hi, I’m Brett” He said, and both Jaycee and Jasper waved at him.



The hall was filled with students and new intakes of the school, as they introduce themselves to each other, and learning more about the school.

Ariel got tired of all the introductory and guidelines, so she sneaked out of the hall without anyone knowing, and she began walking around the premises of the college.

“I am finally here Ariella, and everyone thinks I’m you. But don’t worry Ariella, sooner or later, I am going to get justice for your death” Ariel said to herself looking around the school.

“Hey you, shouldn’t you be at the orientation?” A security guard said, trying to point his touch on Ariel’s face, so he could see her face and report her, but before the touch got to her face, someone pulled her into an alley, and her head landed perfectly on his broad chest, and his hands on her butts.



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