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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears…. ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay




Ariel slowly raised her head to look at the person that pulled her into an alley, and she discovered it was Jaycee.

“Shouldn’t you be at the orientation?” He asked, unaware that his hands were on her butts. The way he pulled her to an alley made his hands land on her butts, without him knowing.

Ariel frowned her face when she felt Jaycee’s hands on her backside, and without wasting time, she took his hand and flipped him over her shoulder, and Jaycee landed on the ground, and Ariel did worse by placing her foot forcefully on Jaycee’s shoulder, ready for a fight.

“Why are you trying to harass me?” Ariel asked with so much coldness in her voice.

“I wasn’t trying to harass you Ariella, I was just trying to save you” Jaycee said.

“Trying to save me from what?” She asked, with her foot still on Jaycee’s chest.

“The security man would have caught you and reported you to the school administrators for being absent at the orientation, if I didn’t pull you into an Alley ”

“But that doesn’t mean you should land your filthy hands on my backside ” She said.

“I didn’t mean to Ariella, I am not that kind of Guy” Jaycee said, and Ariel slowly release her foot from Jaycee’s chest.

Jaycee got up from the ground and winced in pain, because his back was slightly aching. “You really have a bad temper. Your character doesn’t suit your beautiful face” Jaycee said, and Ariel glared at him.

“Do you want me to send you back to the ground? Compliment on my beauty again, and you won’t have the mouth to talk anymore” Ariel said, and Jaycee smile.

“Since I already know your name, let’s make it even. I am Jaycee Mendoza, it’s nice meeting you Ariella Campbell” Jaycee said, with a smile on his face, stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

Ariel looked at his hand and then to his face. “I didn’t ask you to introduce yourself to me, neither is it nice to meet you. Stay out of my business, and don’t ever try to save me again” Ariel said, rudely.

“Even if you are in danger?” He asked, looking at her.

“I can always find a way to save myself, I am more stronger than I look,” Ariel said and walked away. Jaycee smile and followed her.

“Are you attending the freshman’s party? Is going to be fun, you get to meet the old students, make new friends, and have fun. Today is the only day we are allowed to do what will want, you should be there” Jaycee said, trying to caught up with her.

Ariel stopped walking and looked at him. “I am not interested in meeting the old students, neither am I interested in making new friends, and I don’t want to have fun either. Just leave me alone Jaycee, or my punches will do the talking for me”

“I thought you aren’t interested in knowing my name, but you just called me Jaycee” Jaycee said, smiling.

“Whatever” Ariel said, and walked away. Jaycee smiled and was about following Ariel, when he got a call from Jasper.

“Hello Jasper, what’s up?” He asked.

“Where are you Jaycee? The freshman’s party is about to start” Jasper said from the other side of the phone.

“I am on my way” He said and ended the call. His eyes searched for Ariel, and he saw her going towards the dormitory.

“She reminds me of triple trouble” Jaycee said, and smiled lightly, before going to the freshman’s party.

It wasn’t like other kind of party where music would be played, and student will be seen dancing. Alcoholic drinks were not allowed, neither was music heard in the background. Students were seen gathering in circles, and the only thing they were allowed to do was asked questions from the senior students, and make fun of each of other, they were only allowed to drink soda drinks, or juice and plants drinks.

“Over here Jaycee” Jasper waved at Jaycee, Jaycee looked at him and smile before sitting with him, Brett was also with them.

“You said you wanted to use the restroom, What took you so long” Brett asked.

“Something happened that’s why, but is already been settled” Jaycee said, with a smile.

“Take a look at this hottie Jaycee” Jasper said, showing Jaycee’s the picture of a Lady.

“Who is she?” He asked.

“Her name is Priyanka, she’s a two hundred level student in this cop college” Jasper said.

“How were you able to get her number?” Jaycee asked.

“You should know I have skills in wooing ladies. It’s my calling” Jasper said.

“You should have write the entrance exam to a normal college, because this college doesn’t suit you, but seriously are you planning on f**king a senior?” Jaycee asked.

“Is there any law that state someone can’t f**k a lady who is older than him. Take a good look at her Jaycee she’s a hot package” Jasper said and Jaycee laughed.

Dario saw Jaycee talking and laughing with Jasper, and he sighed, looking somewhere else.

“Jasper look so beautiful when he is laughing” Nora said blushing.

“Since when did you start describing a guy’s face as beautiful?” Jessica asked.

“Since the day I met Jasper” Nora answered and Jessica hits her head lightly.

Just when the freshman’s party was about to start, Ariel entered the hall, and both Dario and Jaycee’s eyes saw her at the same, in the different positions they were sitting.

“I thought she said she wasn’t going to come” Jaycee muffled and smiled.

“Who would have thought that cold face will come to the freshman’s party” Dario said and smiled with his eyes fixed on Ariel as she looked for a particular spot to sit.

“Now let the bonding begin” The seniors of MCC said, while the freshman screamed in excitement, except for Ariel who wasn’t finding anything they were doing funny.

“Who dares start a party without me?” A voice asked, entering inside the hall, and all eyes fell on her.

? Who is she?

? She’s so beautiful

? Is she also a freshman

The students asked one another as Caramel and her friends entered the hall. Caramel Downs is the only daughter of Diego Downs, who has a huge share in funding Moscow cop college. Her two best friends, Candace and Camila’s parents also funded the school.

They call themselves C3, they’re also freshman of MCC, you can’t pick out a good one from the three of them, because they were very rude and supercilious.

“Who are they?” Nora asked.

“I have no idea” Jessica said, and looked at Caramel.

“Sorry about that caramel, I didn’t know you were going to attend the freshman’s party” Leo said. He is a senior students in MCC, and one of the best student In MCC.

Caramel looked around and her eyes met with Jaycee who was talking to Jasper. She smiled and sat in a space close to Jaycee.

“Hi, I am Caramel” She said, smiling.

“I know” Jaycee said, curtly and resumed his conversation with both Jasper and Brett. Caramel smiled at Jaycee, flirting with her hair, Ariel who saw what she was doing, shaked her head.

“She just so stupid like her name” She said to herself, and then she saw Dario looking at her, their eyes met and Dario winked at her. Ariel frowned her face, and covered her face with her hoodie, and Dario smiled.

“Hi, My name is Candace” Candace said smiling at Dario


“Can I sit close to you, there’s no space available for me to sit” Candace said, smiling.

Dario looked at her from head to toe, and place his jacket on the available space beside him.

“No space available for you to sit, because it has already been occupied by someone” Dario said.

“Who” Candace asked.

“My beautiful jacket who is much more beautiful than you, so go and find somewhere else to sit, before you transfer your ugliness to me” Dario said. Candace frowned and walked away.

“Now that the party has begun, what game should will engage ourselves in?” Leo asked, and the entire students chorus THE TRUTH OR DARE GAME

“Fine, let’s go for the truth or dare game, anyone who fails to answer or do what he or she is asked to do, will be given a huge knocked on the head” Leo said, and everyone laughed.

“I am so ready for this game” Jasper said, smiling.

“Questions like I dare you pick a lady and squeeze her b**bs is prohibited” Jaycee said.

“Why not?” Jasper asked.

“Because it’s a cop college, such negative dares aren’t allowed” Brett said, and Jasper stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going back to the dormitory Jaycee. It’s won’t be fun if I am not dared to kiss or press a girl’s butts” Jaycee said and leave.

“Jasper is so corrupt” Brett said.

“You can say that over and over again Brett. I wonder why he came to Moscow cop college, when he won’t be able to abide to such rules” Jaycee said and looked at Jasper who was leaving the hall.

Everyone came together and the game began with everyone asking each other question, and daring each other. Everyone was enjoying the fun except for Ariel. She didn’t participate in the game, because her eyes were fixed on the CCTV cameras.

“There is a CCTV cameras, which means the cameras might have captured Ariella leaving the school. I must find a way to get into the school security room, that way I can know if my sister really left this school building before she was killed” Ariel said, looking at the different CCTV cameras in the hall.

“Truth or dare” Jaycee asked, making Ariel looked at his direction because she already recognize his voice.

Ariel looked at who the question was directed to, and it was Dario, who was glaring at Jaycee with so much hatred on his face.

“I won’t answer any questions coming from him” Dario said.

“Failure to answer his question, you will receive a huge knock from everyone” Leo said.

Dario looked at the people who were available in the hall, and they were more than five hundred students. His head will surely be swollen if he refused to abide to the rules. He clenched his fist and looked at Jaycee.


“Is a good thing you chose truth Dario, which means I can finally get to ask you why you did that at the prom party and covered it up, like it never happened” Jaycee said.

And all eyes fell on Dario, even Ariel also looked at Dario, wondering what he did.

“What is Jaycee talking about Jessica?” Nora asked.

“If I knew I would have told you a long time ago” Jessica said.

Dario looked at every students who was looking at him, and then he looked at Jaycee.

“Shut up Jaycee” He said.

“Why should I shut up Dario? Are you scared that the past will come back to hunt you. You don’t deserve to be a cop student after what you have done!!!” Jaycee shouted at him.

“I told you to shut up!!!!” Dario shouted, and punch Jaycee.

Jaycee fell to the ground and Dario came on top of him, he tried to punch him, but Jaycee pushed him away, and punch him back

“You are the worse friend, ever!!” Dario shouted and kicked Jaycee.

“I also hated that I once consider you as my best friend” Jaycee said, and kicked Dario. They were already scattering the entire things inside the school hall, and no one could stopped them.

“What are we going to do? They are going to be punished by the school” Jessica said.

“They want to fight right, so they should get ready to be punished” “Nora said, not minding if Jaycee and Dario were going to kill themselves.

Jessica was about going to both Jaycee and Dario, but Ariel beat her to it. Ariel walked up to them, she kicked Jaycee so hard, and he landed on the table in the school hall, she also kicked Dario so hard, he flew and got hanged in a fan inside the hall.

“That’s the perfect way to kick someone. If you both are going to fight, then do it probably, it’s so boring watching you both fight like fowls” She said, and everyone looked at her.



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