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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay


By; Succie Brown.



The morning alarm rang in every room in the freshman’s dormitory, and students could be seen running out from their rooms, and some students could be seen trying to sleep despite the loud sound coming from the school’s alarm.

“Failure to be at the school’s training ground before 5:30, and you’re going do 1000 push up” A voice from the public address system echoed in the freshman’s dormitory, and students began hurrying to the training ground including those that were trying to drift back to sleep.

Before the students could get to the training ground, Ariel was already there, making some of them speechless.

“How did she get here?” Jessica asked, looking at Ariel.

“Don’t let her business be your cup of tea. Jasper is with Jaycee can you talk to Jaycee so I can have a chance to talk to Jasper?” Nora asked, acting cute, and Jessica smiled, taking Nora by the hand to where both Jasper and Jaycee where.

“Hi Jaycee, when is the training starting?” Jessica asked.

“At 6′ o clock” Jaycee answered with his eyes fixed on at the entrance of the training ground, he checked his time, and it was already 5:56am.

“The school is so mean, I can’t believe that they wake us up from our sleep, just to start the training at 6am. I hope everyone is here at the training ground, else whoever is not here before our seniors, will do 1000 pushups, that’s more like dying” Jessica said, and Jaycee sighed again, looking at the entrance of the training ground.

Dario entered the training ground just before the clock was about to hit 6am, and Jaycee sighed in relief. “I guess no one will get punished” He said to Jessica smiling.

“Why are you smiling all of a sudden? I have been talking to you, but you kept looking outside the training ground like you were waiting for your long distance girlfriend” Jessica said, and Jaycee smiled. He looked at Dario from where he was standing, and Dario’s face looked dull and pale.

“Is he sick?” Jaycee muffled within himself.

“Hi Jasper” Nora said, smiling.

Just when Jasper was about to talk with her, the seniors of MCC who is in charge of their training distracted him from talking to her.

“Good morning freshman” Leo said, with a warming smile, and Jasper walked away from her, going close to the crowd.

“Speaking of bad timing” Nora said squeezing her face.

“Who is ready for your first training in Moscow cop college?” A cop student that goes by the name Maya said. She is also a senior student just like Leo.

The students chorus a big yes, squealing excitedly. Leo, Maya and the few available students smiled.

“Are you sure you are ready for your trainings? Is not as easy as you think” Leo said, smiling.

“We are ready!!!” The freshman chorus, except for Ariel, who has no exciting look on her face.

“Fine, since you all are ready, let the training begin!” Maya said, she snapped her fingers and big tyres were brought to the training ground, making the freshman students wonder what they were going to do with it.

“For your first training, is called the tyre run. You will tie a rope on your waist and attached it to the tyre, and you will run with it to the school entrance and back to the training ground” Leo said, and the freshman students began murmuring to one another.

“The school entrance is really far from here Jessica. If we run with a tyre from the training ground to the school entrance and from the school entrance back to the training ground, my rips are going to dislocate” Nora whines like a baby.

“What were you excepting, that they were going to give you simple trainings like jump on your toes? You are in a cop college Nora” Jessica said.

Nora takes in her lips and looked at Jasper who was laughing with Jaycee and Brett. “I hope he will be mine, because I only came here because of him” Nora muffled to herself.

“So who is going to take the first step” Maya asked, smiling at her juniors, and the freshmen students kept looking at one another. Just looking at the weight of the tyres is already scaring them.

“I will take the first step” Ariel said, walking towards the heavy tyres, and everyone looked at her.

“Is she trying to show off?” Nora asked.

“At least she made an attempt to take the first step. She has high sprirt” Jessica said, and smiled, looking at Ariel.

Ariel connected the rope with the tyre and tied it around her waist, and she began running with it, and everyone’s mouth formed an O

“I hate that girl” Caramel said, squeezing her face.

“Me too” Candace concurred.

Dario looked at Ariel as she ran, he smiled and without wasting them, he connected the rope with the tyre and joined Ariel.

“If you don’t join in the race now, a more bigger tyres will be giving to you, since you are acting lazy” Leo said, and the students began connecting the rope with the tyres, joining in the race.

Some students got tired halfway, while some fainted, because it was so difficult running with tyres. Ariel and Dario were the only ones who got back to the training ground.

“Impressive Ariel, and Dario, you started the race and yet you both ended up finishing the race. I think you both are really fit to be students of MCC” Maya said, and Leo and the other senior students nodded their heads in agreement to what Maya said.

Dario smiled at Ariel, but Ariel gave him a cold look, and stood somewhere else.

The students continue training still it was 12 O’ clock and their training for that day ended. They were told to have their bath, eat and get ready for their classes which will be starting by 1pm.

A lot of students were tired, but they dare not say they won’t attend classes because they were tired. In MCC, absent in classes is prohibited, no one is allowed to miss classes except he or she was seriously ill to the point of not being able to stand up.

Ariel sits alone in a chair inside the school cafeteria, with her usual cold face. Jessica wanted to sit with her, but Nora told her not to.

Ariel was still eating alone when a few students approach her. “Hi Ariella” The three girls said, dropping their cop cap on the table and sat with her.

Ariel glared at them. “What do you want?” She asked.

“We just want to say we are impressed on your confidence today. You were the first person to come out to run with a weighted tyre, and not once did you get tired” The first girl said.

“Did you train somewhere before you came here? Because it’s strange that you didn’t get tired during all those hard trainings will did today” The second one said.

“Will you be kind enough to teach us, so we won’t slack off during trainings?” The third girl asked.

Ariel dropped her cutleries and looked at them. “Get lost” She said.

“You want us to leave?”

“If I repeat myself again, then sorry will be your middle names. If you want someone to train you, go find someone else and not me” Ariel said, rudely.

“You are so rude!!” The three girls said at once, and walked away. Ariel held the edge of her spoon, trying her best not to call them back.

“I wonder what planet she came out from, she so rude, and I hate her already” Nora said. She was sitting with both Jaycee, Jessica and Brett.

“I think she has a problem, and in order for people not to get close to her and know her problem, she is distancing herself from everyone” Jessica said.

“That’s not an excuse Jessica. Everyone had his or her problem, but that doesn’t mean you should lash it out on people” Nora said.

“You are saying that, because you have never faced a difficult situation in your 21 years of living on Earth” Jessica said.

“Whatever Jessica” Nora said and concentrated on her food. Brett looked at Ariel, trying to remember where he has seen her before.

“Where have I seen her?” Brett said.

“You know her?” Jaycee asked.

“Yes I do, but I can’t remember where I have seen her” Brett said, and stared more deeply at Ariel, and he recalled meeting her on the entrance exam to MCC.

“I think I remember her now. I met her on the day of the entrance exam”

“Really?” Jaycee asked, and Brett nodded his head.

“Yes. She bumped into me and asked me the directions to where the exams were taking place. She was looking so happy and fragile then. She had a long hair and a cheerful voice too” Brett said.

“Then why is she so cold now?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know Jessica. I guess I was unable to recognize her, because of her cold personality and short hair” Brett said, with a smile on his face as he looked at Ariel.

“I wonder why she is so cold now” Jaycee said.

“Can we stop talking about her, and concentrate on our food?” Nora said and Jasper approach them.

“Hi guys” He said sitting beside Jaycee.

“Jasper!!” Nora squealed excitedly.

“Hi Nora” He said and winks at her, and Nora’s heart melt like ice.

Jaycee saw Ariel leaving the cafeteria and stood up to his feet. “Where are you going Jaycee?” Jessica asked.

“I will be back” He said, and leaves the cafeteria.

“Have some of this Jasper” Nora said, giving him a plate of Tasmania beef and chicken rice.

“Thanks Nora” He said, and Nora giggles.

Jaycee went in search of Ariel, but he couldn’t find her. “Where did she go, there are lots of questions I need to ask her” Jaycee said, and swipe his hair to the back.



Nadiya happily entered Becca’s room, only to see Becca crying. “Momma, are you all right?” Nadiya asked. Becca cleaned her tears and smiled at Nadiya. “I am not crying Nadi” She said.

“But there’s tears in your eyes” Nadiya said.

“It’s not tears Nadiya, it eyedrop. I am having eye aches” She said.

“I heard you screaming last night Mom, why were you screaming?” Nadiya asked.

“Emm, I and your daddy were playing and that’s why I was screaming last night” Becca lied.

“Are you saying the truth momma?” Nadiya asked and Becca nodded her head smiling. “Yes I am saying the truth Nadi”

Nadiya looked at Becca’s cheek, and asked. “What happened to you mom?”

Becca quickly covered her cheek with her hand. “it’s nothing Nadi. Go to your room, and freshen up, momma will prepare something nice for you to eat, okay” Becca said.

“Alright momma. I love you” Nadiya said, and hugged Becca before leaving the room. Becca sighed with a sullen face, and looked at the necklace she was wearing.

“I miss you so much” She said, caressing the pendent of the necklace with tears floating down to her cheeks.


⟨ MCC ⟩

Ariel looked around the place, and when she saw no one, or CCTV cameras, she brought out a pack of cigarettes, took a stick of cigarette from it the pack, and began to smoke.

She sighed as she smoked, remembering the words from the three girls at the cafeteria. “Don’t let their words get to you Ariel. You are here because of your sister and you should be focused on that” Ariel said, puffing out smokes from the cigarette she was smoking.

“So you smoke?” A voice asked, and Ariel looked around to see where the voice came from. Dario jumped down from the Terrance he was sitting on, and Ariel looked at him.

“I don’t know you smoke” Dario said.

“And what is it to you if I smoke?” Ariel asked.

“It’s against the rules of the school, and it’s not healthy for a girl to smoke” Dario said.

“You should have gone for a med school instead of being a cop student, since you are acting like a know it all” Ariel said, coldly.

“Why are you always wearing a cold face, it doesn’t suit you” Dario said, looking at her.

Ariel threw the stick of cigarette she was holding, and walked away from Dario, and Dario followed her.

“I promise not to tell anyone”

“Tell anyone what?” She asked.

“That I saw you smoking” Dario said, smiling.

“Go ahead and report me Dario, I don’t care” Ariel said.

“You aren’t afraid of being punished?”

“No. So stop talking to me. It’s so annoying that I have to spend four hours in a week with you and Jaycee. So why we ain’t serving our punishment yet, you both should stop talking to me” Ariel said.

The school bell ranged indicating it was time for lectures. Ariel tried to walk away, but Dario pulled her back, and before Ariel could say a word, Dario sprayed perfume on her cop uniform.

“You won’t reek of cigarette smokes anymore” Dario said, smiling. Ariel pushed him away and went to class.

Ariel entered the class, and Jaycee smiled when he saw her. Dario entered too and sits beside Jessica.

“Hi Ariella” Brett said, sitting beside her, and Ariel looked at him.

“Don’t you remember me?” Brett asked.

“No we haven’t met before” Ariel said, curtly.

“It’s impossible for you not to remember me Ariella, we…” Brett was cut short, because of the way Ariel glared at him.

A cop teacher entered the class, and Brett diverted his gaze from Ariel, wondering why she can’t remember him.

“Welcome to Moscow cop college, you all already know why you are here right? Don’t think because you are freshman’s of MCC, you won’t carry out your obligations. Have it in the back of your minds that you will always be told to investigate lots of crimes, be it the difficult one or the simple one, you’re entitled to caught criminals, understood” She said, and the students nodded their heads, some of them were already getting scared.

“Now let’s discuss about investigation” She said, boldly writing it on the board.


After classes ended, Ariel did her four hours running around the field, so she could go to the security room of MCC. Light out has already started, so she used touch light in locating where the security room was, making sure to avoid any of the security guards who were watching the school.

Ariel climbed the walls of the school, and jumped in through the window. She points at the different doors and when she saw the security room door, she covered her head and headed for the room, but Dario dragged her back before she could go.

“What’s your…” She stopped halfway, because Dario placed his hand on her lips, and just after he did that, some school administrators came out from the security room.

“What are you doing here?” Ariel asked, whisperings.

“I followed you, because I felt something was off with you, I guess my hunch was correct, why do you want to go to the security room?” Dario asked, whispering back.

“It’s none of your business, get your body away from me” Ariel said, because Dario was using his body to cover hers.

“I can’t, we are hiding in a tight space” Dario said. Ariel felt Dario’s breath on hers, and she kicked him. Dario hopped in pain, falling out from the tight space they were hiding, and the school administrators who were about leaving saw him.

“Why are you still awake at this hour?” They asked him, and the school’s lights turned on.

“I was with…..” Dario paused because Ariel was no longer there.

“Where did she go?”

“I thought we made it clear that no patrolling around the school after light out?”

“Sir I was with…..”

“Shut up and come with us for your punishment” They said, holding him by the collar.

“Ariella!!!!” Dario screamed as he was being taken away by the school’s administrators.



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