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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay


By; Succie Brown.



Dario falls on his bed, immediately he got to his room, he looked at the ceiling and sighed. “If I had knew she was going to leave me there, I won’t have helped her, my back hurts a lot” Dario whined like a child. He was told to do fifty pushups by the school administrators, and his back was aching hellishly.

“She is so wicked” Dario mumble, bearing the pains coming from his back. He got a call from his dad, and he smiled before answering the call.

“Hi Dad” Dario said, excitedly.

“I’m surprised you are still awake at this hour” Raymond said.

“Yeah, I was doing some stuffs, that’s why I am still awake” Dario said.

“How is your new environment treating you?” Raymond asked, and Dario sighed.

“It’s different from what I am used to, but it’s not that bad like I expected it to be”.

“Have you made any friends yet?”

“Not yet dad, after what happened between I and Jaycee, I don’t think I will want to make friends. Greeting each other from a distance, it’s all just what it’s going to be”

“Do you still dream about that night?” Raymond asked.

“Not once has it left my memory dad. I always have sleepless nights because I kept dreaming about that day, I guess if you haven’t covered up for me, guilt won’t be eating me up like this” Dario said

“It’s all in the past Dario, you should forget about what happened that night” Raymond said.

“I wish it was so easy to forget, maybe I won’t have sleepless nights. Sometimes, I ask myself if I worth being here. I committed a crime, covered it up like it never happened, and here I am in a cop college, trying to catch criminals, when I am one myself” Dario said, as tears slowly fall down from his eyes.

“You are not a criminal Dario. I gave birth to you, and even if sometimes you act like a spoilt brat, I know what you can and can’t do. Have you forgotten you were drugged at that prom party, we confirmed it from the doctor, and he said you were drugged, which means it wasn’t your doings”

“But it still doesn’t change anything, I raped a girl to death, and we dumped her body at the road side, Jaycee even reported me to the police when he couldn’t take the guilt anymore, but somehow we covered the whole case with our money and influence, that’s makes me a criminal” Dario said, sniffing back his tears.

“That’s why I told you to become a cop in order to make things right. If anyone should be blame, it has to be Jaycee, he betrayed you by reporting you to the police” Raymond said.

“Sometimes I think he did the right. His dad, you and I were the only ones who knew about what I did at the prom party, and that was what ended our friendship. Sometimes I am mad at him for betraying me, other times I feel guilty”

“You should continue being mad at him Dario. Regardless of the situation he shouldn’t have betrayed you, because you both were best friends, but he ditch your friendship away just to clear his guilt” Raymond said.

Dario sniffed and sighed. “Where is mom?” He asked, cleaning his tears.

“She is sleeping. Come over to the house this weekend, you are allowed to leave the school during weekends right?”

“We go for trainings and classes Monday to Friday, so I guess we would be allowed to leave the school on weekends” Dario said.

“That’s good to know then. I will be waiting for you still weekend”

“Alright. Dad”

“Yes son”

“Thank you for everything” Dario said and ended the call. He laid on the bed, and tears falls down his eyes, and before he could knew what was happening, he broke into a painful and regretful tears.



Jaycee sighed looking at the books in the table, he didn’t understood anything being taught earlier in class today, and he was trying to read it, hoping he’d understand, but it was just futile.

“Why is this so hard to understand?” He muttered to himself, his eyes fell on both Jasper and Brett, and they were already sleeping.

“This is really hard”

“Are you finding it hard to understand what was being taught” Dario’s voice during their high school days penetrated inside Jaycee’s ear.

“Yes. It’s just so hard to understand” Jaycee replied, pouting his lips.

“That’s because you are too dumb to store anything inside your brain” Dario said, sarcastically.

“Are you trying to mock me?” Jaycee asked, and Dario laughed, placing his hand on Jaycee’s shoulder.

“I am just stating a point, you should know I will never made fun of my best friend” Dario said, smiling.

“So will you help me? I kind of understand your lecturing more” Jaycee said.

“Of course I will Jaycee, if I don’t lecture you, who else am I going to lecture? But in exchange for that you will teach me how to throw a punch, I sucked in that” Dario said.

“Alright, Game on!”

“Yeah, Game on!” Dario said funnily, and both Dario and Jaycee laughed.

Jaycee sighed after he remembered his closeness with Dario. He dropped his pen and laid on his bed. He sighed again, placing his hand under his head, staring at the ceiling.

“Did I make a mistake when I reported my best friend to the police” He mumbled to himself.


“Dario! Dario!!” Jaycee called Dario’s name loudly, as he search for him. He wanted to take Dario home, since he was the only one sober among them.

“Dario!” Jaycee called out his name again and he sees Dario squatting besides a girl. Dario’s hands was shaking, and he was in tears.

“Dario!” Jaycee said, rushing to where he was. “What happened Dario, Who is she, and why is she no longer breathing?” Jaycee asked.

“I don’t know Jaycee, everything happened so fast, and before I know what happened she was already dead” Dario said, shivering in fear.

“What are you trying to say Dario?”.

“I… I raped her Jaycee, I didn’t mean for it to happen Jaycee, I didn’t plan to rape her to the point of dying” Dario said, and Jaycee looked at the dead body, not knowing what to say to his best friend.

“Dario!” Raymond called his name, with Jaycee’s dad behind him.

“Dad!” Dario cried like a child, and Raymond hugged him.

“I didn’t mean to kill her dad, I don’t know what came over me” Dario said, crying.

“Don’t cry Dario, your Dad is going to take care of this” Raymond said, and Dario broke the hug.

“What are you trying to say Dad?”. Dario asked, looking at his father.

“No one will ever find out you did this” He said, and Jaycee looked at him.


In the middle of the night, in the outskirts of the city, a black Lamborghini car pulled into a halt, and the dead body of the girl was brought out by two men. They dropped the girl’s body and drove off.



Jaycee entered Dario’s room, and sees him sitting on the bed with his headphone on. Dario saw Jaycee standing, and he took off the headphone he was wearing.

“Hi Jaycee” Dario said, smiling.

“How can you smile after everything you have done?” Jaycee asked, and Dario’s smile disappeared from his face.

“I don’t want to talk about it” He said.

“I am sure you must have seen the news on TV, the girl’s body was found, and her family are mourning her death, wondering why their daughter died. They didn’t have money for autopsy, they’d have known you raped their daughter to death” Jaycee said.

“I didn’t mean to Jaycee”

“I know Dario, but you should turn yourself in, they need to know what happened to their daughter”

“I don’t want to go to jail Jaycee”

“But that’s the best thing to do Dario”

“Best thing to do? Can you even hear yourself? I didn’t mean to rape that girl, neither did I plan to kill her. I was drugged Jaycee that’s why I did that” Dario said.

“Exactly what I am trying to say Dario. You were drugged, I am sure the court is going to reduce your jail sentence”

“I can’t do it Jaycee, I can’t afford to go to jail”

“My conscience is killing me slowly Dario, I can’t stay quiet, when I know who murdered that girl” Jaycee said.

“Don’t tell me you are going to betray your best friend, just to clear off your guilty conscience?” Dario asked.

“That is the right thing to do” Jaycee said, and Dario quickly went on his knees. “Please Jaycee don’t do this to me, you and I have come a long way, and you should know I am not the type to rape a girl, don’t report me to the police Jaycee, I am begging you” Dario said, crying.

“I am sorry Dario, but I can’t live with this guilt anymore” Jaycee said, and leaves Dario’s room.

“Jaycee!!!” Dario screamed his name, crying.


Jaycee sighed after he remembered what he did to Dario. “Don’t feel bad for what you did to Dario, you only did that because it was the right thing to do” Jaycee said to himself, and covered his eyes with his forearm.


The school’s premises was quite and calm, and no one was seen patrolling around, but the figure of someone, could be seen sneaking out of the school. The person jumped down the school’s fence and a red range rover car came to view. The person entered the car, and its drove off.



“Boss” He said, and a man wearing a mask turned to face him.

“Code 62” The boss said, referring to the person as code 62.

Code 62 bowed to him, and the man on mask smiled. His criminal name is Dragon.

“Are you sure no one saw you leaving MCC?” Dragon asked.

“I was careful on my way here boss, and I am certain that no one saw me leaving the school” Code 62 said.

“I know you to be a smart person code 62. How is that MCC so far?” Dragon asked.

“The smuggling of kids haven’t gotten to their hearings Boss, once it does, I will tell you what their plan is” Code 62 said.

“Be on the lookout code 62, I have known MCC for long, and I can testify that they’re smart in carrying out their investigations, and they train their students to be smart and strong” Dragon said.

“The freshman will be giving a crime case to investigate, if it has something to do with our organization, I am going to give you feedback” Code 62 said.

“Good Job code 62” Dragon said.

“Where are the other bosses” Code 62 asked, because their criminal organization was made of three bosses. Their names were Dragon, Venom and Poison.

Dragon smiled and said. “They are out of town for now, but they will be back soon. Join the others for the selling of the kids’ body part and return back to MCC before Dawn”

“Okay boss” Code 62 said, and bowed to Dragon, before leaving. Dragon light a cigar and smirked under his mask.

“The show has just begun” He said in a dangerous voice


⟨ MCC ⟩

Students were seen talking to one another in class. They had just finished their training, and it was more tougher than the training they had yesterday.

Jaycee entered the class, and Caramel smiied on seeing him. “Hi Jaycee!” She said in a loud voice waving at him, Jaycee looked at her, and just smiled lightly.

He went to where Ariel was sitting and kept a juice and plant drink on her desk, and Ariel furrowed her eyebrows, looking at him.

“You were having indigestion earlier, it’s going to reduce your indigestion” He said with a smile, and left to sit with Jasper and Brett. Brett’s eyes were just fixed on Ariel.

“Does he necessary need to give her a drink? She is not that pretty to be getting Jaycee’s attention” Caramel said, frowning.

Dario entered the class and Candace rushed to him. “Hi Dario, I reserved a seat for you, come sit with me” She said, smiling.

“Sorry Candace, but I don’t sit with Kangaroo” Dario said, and the students laughed so hard.

“Shut up!!!” Candace yelled at them and returned back to sitting with both Caramel, and Camila, and Camila kept her eyes fixed on something.

Dario sits beside Ariel, and Candace’s anger raised to 360°.

“Why are you sitting here?” Ariel asked.

“Why did you leave me behind last night, thanks to you, I had to do 50 pushups” Dario said.

“You were the one who decided to pry in my business, so don’t blame me for anything” Ariel said.

“Cold face” Dario said, and pitch her face.

“Do you have a death wish?” She asked.

“Go ahead and kill me” Dario said, funnily and Ariel hits his head with a pen.

“Is Dario close to Ariella?” Brett asked jealously, and Jaycee looked at both Dario and Ariel and sighed. A cop lecturer entered the class, and every one became silent.

“Everyone turn on your laptop” He said in a husky tone, and the entire students including Ariel turned on their laptops. A photo of a deceased man was sent to their laptops and everyone murmured looking at the deceased man in their screens.

Ariel tighten her fingers when she saw the picture of the deceased man in the screen, and it reminded her the day she saw her twin sister’s dead body.

“Have you all seen the deceased man?” The cop teacher asked, and the students nodded their heads.

“His name is Anthony Grison, he is in his late fifty and he was attack by an hoodlum in his neighborhood at 10pm last night. As you can see he died by severe stabbing by the use of a knife, your first assignment as students of MCC is to find the killer”

“How are we going to find the killer? We don’t know what he looks like” Jessica said.

“That’s why you are a cop students, your duty is to find the killer and arrest him. You will be grouped into seven and each group will investigate this case” The lecturer said, and the students gulped down hard.

Ariel stared deeply at the deceased man in the screen, and she became determine to find whosoever the killer was.



Ariel sits on the field after she was done running, and she was painting heavily. Jaycee sits beside her, Ariel looked at him, but didn’t say anything.

“Have this?” He said giving her a bottle of chilled water.

“Why are you always giving me drinks when I didn’t ask you to?” Ariel asked.

“Because you need it, you’re sweating, and you need to drink some water” Jaycee said, urging her to take the water. Ariel sighed and was about to take the water, but Dario took the water from behind Jaycee.

“Drink this instead” Dario said, giving the water to Jaycee.

“What’s your problem Dario?”

“Mind your business Jaycee” Dario said.

“You really know how to butt in when it’s not necessary, criminal” Jaycee said, and Dario held his collar. “Take back what you just said, Jaycee”

“I won’t. Stay away from Ariella before you repeat what you did at the prom party!!” Jaycee shouted at him.

“Don’t tell me what to do!!!” Dario shouted back, and both began to fight with each other. Ariel looked at them as they fight.

“Guess they’re improving in their fighting skills” Ariel said. Her eyes met with a rope trap, which was always used to punish students who engage in fights, during sports. Ariel smirked and said. “It won’t be bad to have a little fun”.

She looked at Jaycee and Dario who were still fighting, and smirked again. She went to where the rope trap was kept, and picked it up.

“Hi guys!” She said, and when Jaycee and Dario looked at her, she threw the rope at them, the rope caught their legs and tied them together.

“Now that you both are tied up together, it will be easy for you both to kill each other”

“Ariella untied us” Dario and Jaycee said at the same time, and the more they struggle with the rope, the more the rope tied them together.

“You both want to fight, right? So go ahead and fight, and it’s more better if you nod each other with your heads” Ariel said and picked up the two can of water.

“Thanks for the water, it’s really going to quench my thirst” Ariel said, walking away.

“Ariella, please untie us!!!” Dario and Jaycee shouted as the rope entangled them.



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