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⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay


By; Succie Brown.




“Seriously speaking Becca, you have to leave that god forsaken hell you called a marriage” Mia said. Mia is Becca’s best friend, and she is the only one who knows the sufferings Becca was going through in her marriage with Lorenzo.

“I can’t do that Mia” Becca said.

“Why not Becca? Lorenzo is a monster, he is just so obsessed with you, and that has affected his ways of thinking. I mean which man in his right mind will rape his wife? If you asked me I’d say a mad man, and that’s what Lorenzo is. He beats you like he is using you to practice his wresting talents, when you are not in the mood, he rapes you, regardless of the situation. If you smile at any man, he hits you. You have been enduring his ill-treatment towards you for six years, I think it high time you come out to the open and speak up. Your beauty is not like how it used to be thanks to that pathetic man”

“If I had the opportunity to save myself from Lorenzo, you already know I would have done it a long time ago. My dad worships his family, like they’re some kind of gods. Just because he wanted to be rich, he forced me to get married to Lorenzo, and if I didn’t agree to marry Lorenzo, I won’t have this position I have in this company which belongs to Lorenzo’s dad” Becca said.

“Try fighting for yourself Becca. Your dad is just using you, is high time you stand up to him, and stop letting him used you”

“Have you forgotten what happened the last time I stand up against him?” Becca asked with a sad look on her face.


“I have enough from you Dad, what part of I don’t love Lorenzo don’t you understand. I don’t love him, and I am never going to marry him!!!” Becca shouted at her Dad.

“How dare you raise your voice at me!!!” Conner shouted at Becca, slapping her so hard on the face, and Becca fell, hitting her forehead on the chair’s armrest.

“Becca!” Jaycee said, going to where his sister was, and blood was gushing out from her forehead.

“Dad do you want to kill Becca!!” Jaycee yelled at his dad, with lots of pains in his voice and face.

“If she doesn’t abide to what I say then I am going to kill her. Why is acting like she is stupid? Lorenzo loves her so much, but she is refusing to marry him, all because of that poverty-stricken man that calls himself Jeremy!!!”

Becca stood up to her feet, and Jaycee held her so she won’t fall back to the ground. “Why can’t you just understand me Dad? Are you going to sell off your daughter to a man she doesn’t love, just so you can achieve your selfish gains?” Becca asked, as tears falls down from her eyes.

“I am tired of living as a puppet and if marrying you off to Lorenzo is going to make me rich, then I don’t mind pushing through with it” Connor said.

“Dad!!! We are happy with the little we have, why can’t you be contented with it? Becca is your daughter!!!” Jaycee shouted, and what made him went mute was a slap from Connor.

“You want wealth that badly right? Then I think you will have to find another daughter to marry off to Lorenzo, because over my dead body will I get married to Lorenzo!!!” Becca yelled and ran out of the house.

“Come back here!!!! Becca!!!!”


Becca hugs Jeremy the moment she approach him. “Please don’t let my dad sell me off to Lorenzo, I don’t want to marry him, Jeremy. Is you I want” Becca said, crying.

Jeremy broke the hug, cleaning the tears that kept falling from her eyes. “I also won’t sit and allow Lorenzo marry you Becca, we belong to each other for life” Jeremy said.

“I love you so much Jeremy”

“I love you more, Becca” Jeremy said, and hugged Becca.

“Let’s run away together Jeremy, because as long as I am still in Moscow city, my dad is going to force me to marry Lorenzo” Becca said, and Jeremy broked the hug, caressing her face.

“Fine Becca, let’s elope together and make our own fairly tale ending” Jeremy said. Becca nodded her head, and with tears falling down her eyes, she kissed Jeremy.

Jeremy got his things, and just when he was about living his house with Becca, Lorenzo, Raymond and Connor came down from various cars, with lots of bodyguards.

Jeremy and Becca tried to run away, but there was no way out for them, and both held each other so tightly.

“Go get her” Lorenzo ordered his men, and they went to where both Jeremey and Becca was standing.

“Let go of me, I don’t want to marry Lorenzo, I don’t want to marry him” Becca cried as the men tried taking her from Jeremy who was holding her tightly, and in order for Jeremy to let go of Becca’s hand, two body guards hits his head with a baton, and Jeremy fell to the ground, bleeding from his head.

“Jeremy!!!!!” Becca screamed, trying to go to Jeremy, but Lorenzo held her forcefully.

“Let go of me, let me go!!” Becca cried, trying to free herself from the way Lorenzo was holding her.

“Beat him still he stop breathing” Raymond ordered, and the body guards began using their batons to hit Jeremy.

“Please stop hitting him, he’s going to die. Jeremy!!!” Becca screamed crying, as the bodyguards continue using their batons on Jeremy.

“Come with me” Lorenzo said, and forcefully began dragging Becca to the car. Becca struggle and cried at the same time, because the man she loves so much was been beaten in the most heartless way ever.


Tears kept falling down from Becca’s eyes, as she sat in Lorenzo’s bed. Her Dad’s plan to marry off to Lorenzo finally came through. She got married to Lorenzo today, and is indeed the saddest day of her life.

Lorenzo entered the room, and Becca looked at her with so much hatred in her eyes. “We are already married Becca, so there’s no used looking me that way. The man you claim you love is already six feet under the ground, so you are all mine now” Lorenzo said.

“I hate you so much!” Becca said crying.

“It still doesn’t changed the fact that we are married” Lorenzo said going closer to her. “Let’s get this night over and done with” He said, trying to kiss her, but Becca pushed him away.

“Do you possibly think I will let you touch me after killing the man I love? I won’t allow you to come close to me Lorenzo, because my body and heart belongs to Jeremy” Becca said, and Lorenzo slapped her, shocking the living daylight out of Becca.

“Did I just hear you say your body belongs to Jeremy!!!!!” Lorenzo shouted at her, and slapped her again, he raise her up with her hair, and threw her away with it, and Becca landed on the wardrobe, and blood gush out from her nostrils and mouth.

Lorenzo forcefully held her jaw, and Becca cried. “You are now my wife Becca, which means your body and heart belong to me!!” Lorenzo yelled and slapped her again. He carried her and threw her to the bed.

“No one can have you expect from me” Lorenzo said, unbolting his trousers, and Becca’s scream filled the room, as Lorenzo raped her mercilessly.


Tears falls down Becca’s eyes as she remembered how her suffering began. “If I have decided to just go as my dad has said, maybe Jeremy will have still be alive” Becca said, cleaning her tears.

“Did you get to see his corpse?” Mia asked.

“No I didn’t. I search for his body in the whole cemetery in Moscow city, but I couldn’t find him. I guess his body must have been thrown away or burned. So you see Mia, I can’t do anything about the hell I find myself in. My Dad doesn’t care if Lorenzo hits or rape me all the time, all he cares about is getting rich. There’s no one to report to about what I have been going through in the hands of Lorenzo. He is so obsessed with me, and that has turned him into a monster, and I can’t do anything about it, because I am helpless” Becca said, almost breaking into tears.

“Talk to Jaycee. He is the only one in your family who cares about you. He and Dario tried to stopped your wedding six years ago, but it went futile and unfortunately, they are no longer best friends, but I am sure he will listen to you, and he won’t waste time in dealing with Lorenzo for hurting his one and only sister” Mia said.

“I love my brother so much, Mia. I don’t want to involve him with my problems with Lorenzo. I love my brother so much, and I rather allow Lorenzo beat me and rape me however he wants, but a little scratch in my brother’s body is going to kill me. Lorenzo is a monster Mia, and I don’t want my brother to be his prey”

“So are you saying you will forever endure the pains inflicted to you by Lorenzo?” Mia asked.

“Yes Mia. For the sake of my daughter and Jaycee, I will keep on enduring the pains in the hellish marriage I have found myself in, but one thing is for sure, Jeremy will forever be the man I will love, but too mad he is not here anymore” Becca said, crying.

Mia sighed and sits beside her. “That’s enough Becca, stop crying” Mia said, trying to console her.



The students’ hearts were slowly beating as they wait patiently for them to be grouped in order to find the killer of Anthony Grison.

“Listen to your names attentively. Candace, Caramel, Camilla, Daniel, Jenner, Lucas and Teddy, you seven are in the same group” The cop lecturer said.

“Sir, can I switch to another group?” Daniel asked.

“No you can’t Daniel” The cop lecturer said, and Daniel sighed.

Camila looked at Daniel, and looked away from him bitting her lips, sadly.

“Dario, Jaycee, Jasper, Brett, Jessica, Nora and Ariel, you seven are grouped as partners”

“Speaking of bad timing, of all the people that has to be in our group, why Dario?” Jasper asked.

“Don’t worry Jasper, I will try not to fight with him, and thanks for saving me from that rope trap last night” Jaycee said.

“No probs on that. But how did you and Dario trapped yourself in that rope trap?” Jasper asked, and Jaycee looked at Ariel and smile. Brett was also looking at Ariel, happy that they’re in the same group.

The cop lecturer continue grouping the students till they were made of seven members in a group. Caramel and Candace tried to change their group, just to be in Jaycee and Dario’s group, but he refused and that added to the hatred they have for Ariel.


“Do you think she is going to come?” Jessica asked Nora, Brett, Jasper, Jaycee and Dario.

“I doubt that, for all we know she is just so full of herself” Nora said.

“Don’t speak ill of Ariella, Nora” Brett said, and Nora scoffed. As for Jaycee and Dario, they were trying so hard not to look at each other.

Ariel walked up to them, and sits on the available chair close to Brett, and Brett smiled.

“It’s surprising you came” Nora said sarcastically.

“Does anyone know the neighborhood Anthony Grison lives?” She asked, ignoring Nora’s words.

“Yes I do. I asked around using his picture, and I got information that he lives in a rural area in Coaster street” Jasper said.

“Coaster street has lots of unsecured houses in their neighborhood, which of this houses does he live in?” Jaycee asked.

“He lives in the sixth floor, which is the last floor in the building he lives in. It’s painted yellow, but the color has long washed away. I made inquiries about how he died, and I was told by his neighbours that a hoodlum often come to that building to steal, and when you don’t have anything to give to him, he kills” Jasper said.

“So that means murder have been happening in that particular building, right?” Ariel asked.

“Yes it has” Jasper answered.

Ariel nodded his head, and worked on her laptop and she face the screen of her laptop after she was done.

“The CTVs in coaster street isn’t working accurately, so most of the footages can’t be seen, but it was able to capture him” Ariel said, and they all looked at a man who was wearing black all through, and his face wasn’t seen.

“It’s so difficult to see his face Ariella” Jessica said.

“I know, but with his outfit, we can easily identify who he is, we just have to catch the right person” Ariel said, and Jessica was surprised that Ariel answered her without being rude.

“That means we have to split up in order to catch him, right?” Dario asked, and Jaycee looked at him.

“Yes, there are three locations in a coaster street. One is a convenient store, the second one is a barbecue joint and the last one is an abandoned building, and you can see everything happening in a coaster street if you stand at the rooftop of the abandoned building. This three locations is the best way to caught the killer” Ariel said.

“So how do we split?” Brett asked.

“To avoid trouble, Jaycee will go with Jasper, Dario with Jessica and Brett, I will go with Nora” She said.

“Why me of all people?” Nora asked.

“I also don’t want it too, so just shut up and let’s catch the killer” Ariel said, and Nora frowned.

“So when should will take action?” Jasper asked.

“Since the killer always shows up at night, we should be at coater street tonight” Ariel said, and they nodded their heads, except for Nora who literally didn’t give a damn about finding the killer.



Since they were given an assignment, the school allowed each of the students involved in the assignment to carry out their investigation. Dario, Jessica, Brett are seen in the barbecue joint, trying to patronize the man selling the barbecue, but their eyes were fixed on the street of coaster street.

Jaycee and Jasper were inside the convenient store, waking around the store like they wanted to buy something, but their eyes were fixed on the people entering the store, looking out for the killer.

Nora sighed and face Ariel, who kept her eyes fixed on the street. “I don’t think the killer is coming, we should go back to the dormitory and call it a day” Nora said.

“I am sure he is going to pass by soon, so just be on the lookout in case you see him” Ariel said, and Nora frowned. Nora sneeze and Ariel saw the goosebumps in Nora’s skin.

“I will be back” She said leaving to get a jacket for Nora. The reason why she wanted to give Nora a jacket was because Ariella always have goosebumps anytime she was cold.

Nora smiled after Ariel left, she brought out her phone, picking out dresses to wear. “I am sure Jasper is going to fall in love with me, if he sees me in this” She said smiling, she sneezed again feeling so cold, but she chose to Ignore it because she was happily picking out a dress.

She turned her back and began making a video in her phone with her selfie stick, the killer passed by, and Nora saw his image in her phone, but didn’t bother to check. She only ended the video when Ariel came back with a jacket.

“Did he pass by?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I was too busy making a video for my titok account. Making a video at night kind of boast your popularity, because clear cameras is the latest”

“How can you make a video when we’re on a mission!!!” Ariel shouted at her and took her phone from her. The phone wasn’t lock, so the video she made earlier played, and Ariel saw the killer passing by on Nora’s phone.

“The killer pass by and you didn’t say anything!!!”

“I was too occupied with the video I was making” Nora said. Ariel quickly came out from the building, putting the rest of the members on call.

“Hurry up we need to go to the yellow washed building before he kills someone” Ariel said, as she ran to the yellow washed building, but before the seven of them could get there, the killer has already killed another soul, and escape through the window, and their eyes went wide opened in shock.

Ariel became traumatized after she saw the girl the killer killed in a pool of blood, and she began remembering how she saw the dead body of her sister. Her heart began beating rapidly, and she was finding it difficult to breath.

“Ariella, Ariella” She muttered, trying to gasp for breath, as balls of tears fell down her eyes.

“Ariella are you alright” They asked, but Ariel continue gasping for air, finding it difficult to breath, she fainted and both Dario and Jaycee catch her at the same time.



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