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(He kills for a living?)

Chapter 12
?Rated 18+


“Dont move” he ordered and for once in Lila’s life, she froze.
They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, both of them breathing hard. Soon, Lila began to struggle again.
Lannon pinned her down to bed and and slowly he moved his hand from her side, to her bust. “Lila Steele”he whispered ” do you really think i can’t kill you?”he moved his hand in circular motion around her n!pple since she wasn’t wearing bra, it was much easier. Lila inhaled deeply as she tried to remove his hand but he only held her tighter.

“Stop it”she tried her best to supress her feelings as he used his two fingers, to squeeze her n!pple through her dress. “I said stop” she quickly curled her toe to supress her forthcoming moans.”stop it!”she whimpered. His hands slowly moved from her bust to her bare stomach and his fingers did wonders, tracing invisible circle.

“Mmmm”Lila mumbled a moan, finding the feeling too much for her to bear. She curled her toes even more and also tried wriggling out of his grip.

Lannon smirked, and finally he removed his hand from her body seeing how vunerable she looked. The first thing Lila did was to push him off her.
“What do you think you are doing?” She sat up on the bed angrilly as she folded her hand across her chest.
He was quiet and then he stood up from the bed, walked over back to the couch and sat on it. Lila made a move to leave the bed but his husky voice stopped her again.”dont move!”he ordered.

Lila stared at him bitterely, wondering what he had next in mind and then his next word shook her

“Pleasure yourself lila”

She quickly snapped her head towards him”what?!”

“You heard me right”he wasnt smiling

“You must be crazy”she yelled, her eyes already watery ” I’m not your slut”

“Then you shouldn’t have sent my slut away”he smiled”now, don’t make me wait.”

“I’m not as crazy as you”she stood up from the bed and ran to the door but it was locked. What? When did he lock the door?”let me go”

“Go back to the bed or I’ll make you”his voice was dangerously gentle but Lila didn’t move. She rather stood by the door and waited for his next move. As she expected, he came to her but he didn’t drag her back to the bed. He just simply took her hands above her head and pinned it to the door.

“The contract 28th rule, did you read up to that. Uhm?”he whispered into her ears but she didn’t reply” I’m talking to you Lila”he used one of his hands to pin her both hands, and the other went to her trouser waistline. Lila inhaled deeply as she felt his fingers drawing steady lines on her skin then he moved them down beneath her trouser, Lila almost gasped but she quickly pursed her lips. His fingers now touched the waist of her panties and she was almost going crazy. She couldn’t even speak again, if she tried, it’d be released as moans. She was finally able to free her hand from his and she quickly held his other hand that was doing wonders.

“No,no,no i didn’t read up to that” she replied in a coarse voice,her breath almost choked”please let me go”she beagn to beg.

Lannon smirked in victory and then he suddenly hugged her like she was his lifeline. Lila froze. Then he leaned to her ear and whispered.

“Party two must be sexually active at all times”he smirked and finally released from the hug”leave”he turned her to the door and she found out it was already opened.
She gave him one last stern glare before she stormed out of the room, Lannon slowly licking his dry lips as he ruffled his hair with his fingers.

Hmm, I’m watching these two humans?

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