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(He kills for a living?)

Chapter 14
?Rated 18+


Lila woke up with a headache the next day. Her face swollen, her eyes red and her feet wobbly. She really needed to stop crying before she went to bed. Strangely, her mind was blank. She couldn’t think of anything. So, she just got up and went to take her bath. She dressed in a knee length floral gown and she stepped out of the room. She was glad she didn’t bump into Rodger again because he wasn’t there. Normally, she thought she’d have to see him everytime she stepped out of her room. She concluded that he was sick, so that was why he couldn’t make it. She began going downstairs and the mansion was lively unlike the previous day. She stopped by a room and there she saw Lannon and some other guards working on something on the big screen in their front. Wait.. wasn’t that her father and uncle displayed on the screen? She acted immediately and barged in.

“You bastards. What do you think you guys are doing?”she yelled. They all turned to her direction immediately, somehow startled. She faced Lannon who was looking so innocent at that minute,”what are you doing with the picture of my father and uncle? What’s this? Murdering my father isn’t that enough for you? “she questioned with a shaky voice.

“Miss lila…”Rodger who had ran all the way was now out of breath.

She turned to him and was about to speak but Lannon beat her to it.”Take miss Steele to her room and serve her breakfast ther”he ordered

Lila scoffed”what now? I’m a twelve year old child that goes on a time out. Well what should I expect. I’m being kidnapped. “Her sacarstic tone was so obvious and then she stormed out of the room. ” Don’t follow me” she ordered Rodger who was already walking behind her but he didn’t stop and she was really pissed. She halted immediately “Quit following me you nutwit. I’m not fvcking running away!”she yelled. This time, Rodger listened. She got to her room alone and the first thing she did was to pick up her phone and dial Sam’s number. She wasn’t going to let them make her
cry again.

“Hello…Sam” she said as she brought out a sedative from her drawer.

“Lila is that you. Are you alright?”sam’s worried voice came through the phone

” I’m alright Sam. I just wanted to speak to you”she gulped down the sedative. But why was she lying anyway. She wanted to leave this place so bad but she couldn’t put her best friends life at risk.

“Lila i have to tell you something ”

Lila could sense a very troubling and ugly news was about to be revealed.


“Uncle Dave is dead”she said and Lila gasped”he was found dead this morning in his house”she paused”lila are you still there with me” Sam worriedly asked but she got no reply”lila?”

“Goodness, Sam I will call later”she snapped out of her shocked state and ended the call.
No way was her uncle dead. No way was she going to believe that crap. That was her best uncle, the nicest amongst all of her dad’s brother’s. How could he die. She shook her head in disbelief. She turned when she noticed a presence in the room and it was Lannon.

“What did you do with him?” she suddenly asked. For the fact she saw her dad’s and uncle’s picture on the screen they worked on, she believed they had something to do with his death. She moved towards him”did you kill him. Please tell me it’s a lie”

“He’s dead”came Lannon’s short reply and she fell to the bed in shock

“You killed him?”her eyes were red but no tears came out. “Answer me you bastard. You killed my uncle!”she hit him on his chest repeatedly but he didn’t budge.”why? “she hit him more but suddenly she held unto him for she was about to fall. Lannon didn’t move neither did he touch her. She tried struggling but she fell to the floor. Her legs were weak and she coughed out blood”please”she whispered before she slowly blacked out.

When she woke up again, her hand was fixed to a drip, she had slight headache and she felt really itchy. She sat up on the bed weakly and then she turned because she knew Lannon would surely be seated awaiting her awake. She saw him as she turned, seated in a very cool manner.
His sharp eyes stared intently at her as she held her throat and struggled to speak”my throat, its burning”
He stood up and moved to the bed side table, picked up the jug of water and poured some into the glass cup beside it and then he sat beside her on the bed and drank the water.

“Huh!”Lila frowned” I thought you were going to give me water”she could barely speak but her stubbornness made her to be able.
Lannon nodded and moved close to her face and before she could comprehend what he was about doing, his lips landed on hers. She widened her eyes in shock as he passed the water from his mouth to hers.

I dont understand Lannon again o?

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