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(He kills for a living? )

Chapter 9
?Rated 18+


Novella ✍️
The next morning, Lila stirred on her bed in discomfort. She was restless and hot under the duvet that covered her. Her eyes fluttered open immediately and instinctively she looked to the corner of the room just in case she found Lannon there but he wasn’t there and she was naked under the duvet again. Who the hell kept doing this to her? Of course she knew she wasn’t drunk before she slept, she was only grieving and crying after Lannon had made her sleep handcuffed. Thinking about that now, she was no longer handcuffed, he must have released her in the middle of the night.

“Hah! Pathetic!”she laughed bitterly. She darted her eyes to her bedside table and it caught two stunning objects. Wait! Was that a phone and laptop.
A smile crept on her face when she realized he must have really agreed to her request.
“Pathetic!”she scoffed. Was he trying to be sweet. Crap!

She took the phone and switched it on and the wall paper on the phone was her picture. Her picture? She looked at the phone very well and it dawned on her it was her personal phone. How was he able to get her, her phone. Even the laptop too, was hers. All her informations, contacts, pictures, everything was intact. Wow, she was more than shocked.
The first thing she did was find her best friend,Sam’s contact and dailed it. On the first ring, it picked.

“Sam. Hello, can you hear me?”Lila was anxious as she stepped out of the duvet. There was a brief silence before she heard Sam’s scream;

“Christ! Lila is that you?” And she smiled she was more than relieved.

“Sam…”she almost teared up

“Lila. Where the hell have you been? I just got back to Florida yesterday and I couldn’t find you nor reach you. Please tell me you’re alright”Samantha ranted at the other end of the line.

“You’re back in Florida?”that was all Lila could ask.

“Yes. Lila where are you, tell me, I will come there right away”

“I don’t even know where I am”Lila sighed.

Sam was quiet”Lila, don’t tell me what I’m thinking is true?”her voice was shaky.

Lila was quiet.


“Dad is dead Sam. The motherfvcke!s who killed him, had me kidnapped.”Lila finally teared up.

“Oh my God! What about your mum?”

“Been in coma since. You know that.”

“Put on you location. I’ll try to find you”Sam suggested.

“C’mon. These people are smart. They must have done necessary adjustments to my phone before giving me. I don’t think there is a way anyone can locate me” Lila said

“So what are you planning on doing?”Sam asked, really concerned

“I will be fine Sam. I just wanted you to know that I’m okay.”

“Lila, this is absurd. You plan on staying with the kidnappers.”Sam half yelled.

“Well I have no other choice. If I get you involved, you might get killed. I would find my way out by myself”Lila sighed, more tears trickled down her face

“Lila ….”

“I have to go now Sam. I will call you later. Okay?”

Sam was quiet”okay fine. Stay safe for me Lila”she reluctantly said before ending the call.

Lila slumped on the ground in tears and confusion. What was she even doing? Was she really going to stay with these people? The people who murdered her dad? She was crazy? She lifted her head and her eyes caught a paper under the bed. She quickly crawled to it and picked it up.
Lila mentally slapped herself when she saw it was the contract paper she’d been given. She sat back on the floor and began to read it
“A legal contract for both parties”she read aloud”legal!”she scoffed in disbelief This people were more than insane!!.

Lila better sign it. Forget legal or illegal. Your life is at risk??

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