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(He kills for a living? )

“Make me understand why you killed him and why the hell you kidnapped me!”

” Miss Lila Steele. Do you really think I’d let you go when you think I killed your father”

“How old are you? More like forty four”she mocked.

“I heard fearless women always wear bra’s”he whispered seductively.

Lila Steele, the only child and daughter of Dane and Ivory Steele. 26 years old and currently unemployed. She is Rich, stubborn and brave. Unexpectedly, her father is killed right in front of her eyes and she finds her self being held hostage by an odd group of people in Florida who claimed their business was legal.
Their boss, Lannon Eacot. He kills for a living. He is the perfect definition of handsome. Rich, seductive and mysterious. His is cold but nice. One could never predict his actions since he has control issues.
A necessary climax comes in and Lannon finds out Lila’s body guard, who is was also his best friend, was one of the reason he’d suffered all those years.
He’s uncle is killed and Lila’s life is on the threat if he doesn’t do what they ask of him.
He’s devastated, he’s confused. No Ally, no army, he’s all alone in the battle.

For once they couldn’t let him have the girl he loved. Not even once. But for sure he was going to save Lila.
On his journey to save Lila, he ends up meeting her father.
What happens when he finally saves her and she finds out her father is alive? The reason they met.

Now his love life is on the line and so is his life.
Will he make it??

Grab your popcorns ?and tighten your seat belts✔️ as we sail through the amazing story of Lila’s and Lannon’s hot love and romance, where trials and temptations come in.

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