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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



Lisa was about going to the next class room but paused when she saw Norman and his friends coming, she immediately hid at the back of a wall

“Are you hearing what I’m hearing?” Josh asked but Norman didn’t reply,he kept a sour face, a sour face that have been that because Dora didn’t bother replying his message yesterday

Yesterday when he had sent her that text, he couldn’t contain his feelings for her

“It’s sounds like someone is crying, president won’t you go check what’s going on” Henry said but Norman didn’t answer him

“Present, someone is fighting!!” Henry shook him awake

“Huh? Huh?, Fighting, who where?” Norman got back to his senses and asked

“Over there I guess” Josh pointed at the door and Norman walked over to the classroom

He opened it and his hands frozed, Audrey is standing with a handful of Dora’s hair

“What’s going on here!?” He demanded angrily

Audrey released her and gulped

“You’re doing this to your fellow girl because she can’t see?” Norman crossed his arms


“Get out of here, you disgust me” he said in a low voice


“Don’t make me hit you” he warned

She glared at him and scoffed out before storming out even bumping Henry and Josh out of her way with her shoulders

Norman walked slowly to Dora who’s still trying to locate her glasses by feeling space on the ground, he picked her glasses and walked to bend at her front and wore it on her eyes

“Are you okay?” He asked softly

She just hiccupped and hugged her kneels tight, blocking her chest with her hands since Audrey tore her shirt too

Norman looked at her and sighed, in a swift move he took of the cardigan he was wearing

“Will you love to wear this for today or do you have another uniform?” He asked

She looked at him slowly before looking at the cardigan then with shaky hands, she collected it from him

“Thank.. you” she said in shaky voice

Norman sighed and held her up, she began sniffing lowly

“Are you okay?” He asked

“I’m fine” she replied, fighting her tears back in

“Are you sure, I heard girls says they are fine when they are not” he replied

“I just wanna go to the school park” she muttered

“I’ll accompany you” he said


“Please” he pleaded and she sighed before nodding

Norman smiled and took her hands together tightly on his, he wanted to pull away but he held her tight

“Picture me as your knight and shining armor, let’s go” he said

She didn’t reply, she just left with him. After they had gone, Lisa came out of her hiding spot

“What is happening?” She asked herself.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


School Park**

They both sat in silence, Dora kept staring into space and so as Norman, she looked at him and sighed

“Why did you even choose to escort me here, don’t you find me too boring?” She asked

Norman only chuckled in reply and shook his head

“I find you very interesting” he said and she scoffed a little

“There’s nothing interesting about me, I can’t even stand up for myself I’m always waiting for everyone to do everything for me, I just suck” she muttered and wiped her tears then looked at him

“Why do you even follow and help me everytime?” She asked

“Because I like you” he replied

Dora chuckled and looked elsewhere

“You like me? Why?” She asked

He smiled and brought his hands to her cheeks

“I’m guessing you didn’t see my text last night” he said

“What text?” She asked

“I send you a message yesterday to check up on you but you never replied” he replied

Dora creased her brows hard, text, she could have sworn that she didn’t see any

“Maybe it didn’t enter, but don’t stress about it” he said

“Okay but what was in the text?” She asked and she can slowly see his face getting all read

He cleared his throat and looked elsewhere

“I said I like you in the text” he replied

A smile escaped Dora’s lips and immediately disappeared when Norman turned back to look at her

“Don’t you think we should get to class, lectures are about to start” he said, standing up

“Go first, I don’t want more trouble” she replied

“No one dares trouble you while I’m here, let’s go” he stretched his hands out for her

She stared at him first, then his hands before accepting it and standing up

“I’m scared” she muttered

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, I’ll always protect you let’s go” he said, pulling her with him

Dora stared at him from his back and bit her lips hard

“Norman, thank you” she said in her head



The biology teacher is yet to come, students are making noise in the class, Audrey is still fuming and explaining to her friends about what Norman said to her while Lisa is putting on her earpiece and listening to music

Everywhere suddenly turned silent, the whole students turned to the direction of the entrance in the classroom, Even Lisa had to take off her earpiece to look at what’s going on

Dora hid her face as she stepped in with Norman, who was holding her hand

“Thank you, I’ll be going to my sit now” she muttered

He smiled and released her then she rushed to her sit

?Did you see the way they entered

?Norman hasn’t been spotted with any girl before

?Could they be dating

?She’s even putting on his cardigan

?But why her thou, she’s so ugly

?Yeah I bet I’ll be perfect with Norman

?But I won’t lie about the fact she looks cute

?With those disgusting pimples on her face no way!!

The students kept commenting, mostly girls, Audrey couldn’t stop fuming

“I remember when you once cought a cold, you begged for Norman’s cardigan but he said he couldn’t give, he couldn’t give anyone because it’s special to him, does this means…

“Shut up!!” Audrey yelled and stood up then ran out of the classroom

Lisa took a sharp breath, she also wanna leave the classroom but if she does people might get suspicious

She just closed her eyes and rested her head on his locker

“When did I start feeling this way?” She asked herself.


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