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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



“Someone paid for you, look” the woman showed Lula again

Lula wiped her eyes and looked at the paper, someone did pay for her

“So, here’s your ticket” she gave Lula the ticket

“Thanks” Lula smiled and collected it

“That means we can keep the $50” Dora smiled and paid up then collected her to ticket

“Hmm but you can keep the $50 dollars” Lula smiled

“Why?” Dora asked

“Nothing, I just like you so keep it” she replied

Dora shook her head and smiled

“I’ll keep it then” she said then looked at Lula again

“So you won’t talk about the person that bought you the ticket?” She said.

Lula shook her head

“Why are you shaking your head, you have a secret admirer” Dora smiled

“I don’t” Lula shook her head

“You do”

“I don’t” Lula frowned

They both got to Lula’s locker room, she opened it and balloons flew out, Dora gasped and catch one

“Who did this?” Lula asked

“Your secret admirer” Dora laughed

“It’s impossible I don’t have any, everyone thinks of me as theif remember?” She said, bursting the balloons as they were flying out

Students are already watching and murmuring

“Looks it’s a letter” Dora whispered and Lula bent to pick it

“You are pretty” she read it and creased her brows

“Awwwn” Dora gushed and Lula threw the letter

“That is trash” she muttered and ran off

Dora chuckled and shook her head, before deciding to go after her.


By now the news has spread like a wide fire, pictured where posted already about Lula’s secret admire

She was tagged, the thief has a secret admirer, everyone began using it to laugh.

“I hate this school” Lula muttered and sighed and sighed, she was sitting in the classroom with Dora

“I swear I do see this kind of things on TV but I thought it wasn’t real” Dora shook her head

Suddenly the door opened and Lisa, Kinsley Maya and Audrey stepped in

“Hey” Maya yelled and Lula looked up, the girls laughed

“I heard you’ve got a secret crush” Audrey said in mockery

Dora kept looking at Lisa, she can’t believe Lisa was standing with the MAK

“So who’s he, who would wanna crush on a thief?” Lisa asked in mockery

“I’m not a thief” Lula muttered

Students were already entering the classroom and taking videos

“Says the girl that stole my mother’s birthday gift” Maya mocked

“I didn’t Lisa framed me” Lula said angrily and Lisa scoffed

“Awwn, I saw you both signed up for the party, where did you get your money from?” Kinsley asked

“Did you steal?” Audrey asked and Lula clenched her fist tight

Dora stood up immediately and held Lula’s hands

“Let’s go” she whispered

“Where do you think you’re going to?” Lisa asked, blocking her path

“What is wrong with you Lisa, why are you with them they are no good, I know you are way more than this” Dora said

“Just shut up, this is the best kind of life for me” Lisa rolled her eyes and Dora shook her head

“If you think changing to the villain will make things easy for you then it’s the worst decision ever” Dora replied her

Lisa scoffed and pushed Dora making her fall hard on the floor

“I don’t care what you think of me” she replied and turned to leave but suddenly got pulled back and a slap landed on her cheeks

Lula just pulled her back and slapped her, by now almost all the students are watching and Norman also arrived with his friends

Dora stood up and held Lula’s hands, motioning her to leave but Lula didn’t bulge

“Before I took you as a role model but not anymore, you might have successfully framed me for no reason but now I won’t let you have your way anymore. While I was in need of help, only one person stand by my side and I won’t let you touch her, not a single strand from her hair” Lula spatted at Lisa’s face

Almost all the students where’s surprised, they thought Lula was a girl that can’t do anything but who would have thought she has this kind of fire in her

Lisa held her cheeks tight and clenched her fist real hard, she looked at Lula and made to slap her back but someone held her hands preventing her from doing it

She turned back to look see Henry

“Let go!!” She said angrily

“You shouldn’t be doing this.. I mean you shouldn’t be fighting” he said holding her hands tight

“You saw it right, she slapped me first” Lisa yelled

“You can easily report and…

Henry didn’t get to complete what he was saying when a punch landed on his face, the punch wounded him and he began bleeding through the nose

The students gasped, Henry rubbed his nose and Lisa turned to slap Lula back but she couldn’t find her again

She turned back to Henry in anger and gave him another punch

“Look at what you’ve caused!!” She yelled

“Lisa let’s go” Kinsley began pulling Lisa away

“You’re a bastard did you hear me!!, Bastard!!” She yelled as she was been pulled away by Kinsley

Maya and Audrey left too.

Josh moved closer to look at Henry face and he laughed

“Why did you interfere, don’t tell me you’re Lula’s secret admirer” he laughed

“Buzz off” Henry wipped his nose and left

?Lula just slapped Lisa

?I love Lisa, she was brave to almost fight with a guy

?So Lisa is now part of the MAK

?I think this school just got more intresting

Norman rolled his eyes at the students comments and left the class.

All that is happening now it’s none of his business, what is bothering him is Dora, ever since their moment in the library, she has been avoiding him and he don’t like it one bit.


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