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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



The girl looked up the moment he said that, not just her the students were surprised

“What?” She asked

“Did I stutter, I said apologize to my girlfriend now” Norman repeated

The girl looked down immediately

“I’m sorry” she said

“Louder she can’t hear you” he replied

“I said I’m sorry” she said loudly

“Babe did you hear that?” He asked and she nodded

“Good, you can get up” he said to the girl

The girl got up and rushed to her sit immediately

Norman took Dora’s hands and went to stand at the front of the classroom

“Listen here everyone, I want you to know that this beautiful goddess you’re all looking at is my girlfriend and if you have any problem with her then come to me first, this would be the last time I’ll hear any more badmouths about her, once you’re cought you’ll all hear it from me direct” he announced

Students stared speechlessly, some where murmuring among themselves

Lula looked at Dora and smiled at her, Henry and Josh were also smiling too

“Let’s go” Norman whispered to Dora and she nodded, he escorted her to her sit before going to sit on his own sit

“Dude that was super cool” Josh said when Norman sat down

“Shh” Norman scoffed

“So when did you guys made this official, why didn’t you tell us, I thought we were friends” Henry bugged him

“Quit bugging me” Norman replied

“We won’t” Josh smiled

“Then do as you wish” Norman rolled his eyes

Lula adjusted properly for Dora to sit

“That was super romantic” she said

“Hmm” Dora nodded with her lips pressed together

“Don’t tell me you’re scared, Norman has given them warning, they can’t do anything to you” Lula said

“I know but now everyone will know I have a boyfriend, especially when he’s the school president, they would start keeping their eyes on me and ion think I can stand it” she muttered

Lula smiled and wrapped her arms around Dora’s shoulder

“You worry too much, you’ll be fine atleast some people will no their boundary” Lula said

Dora looked at her and couldn’t help but notice her neck

“Your neck is red” she said

“Oh” Lula pulled away and rubbed it

“It was Lisa, I was defending you and she did this to me” she replied

“It must hurt a lot, I’m sorry” Dora muttered and Lula smiled

“It’s worth it because I did it for you” she said

“I love you” Dora smiled

“I love you too” Lula smiled and pecked her cheeks

“Look your girlfriend is practicing lesbianism with my twin… I mean with that thief” Josh said and a sweat drop from his nose

“Can you leave me” Norman rolled her eyes

Dora stylishly looked at back him, their eyes met and he winked at her

“Bruh that was cute” Henry whispered and Norman looked at him with anger

Henry immediately raised his hands up and looked elsewhere.


After School**

Lula waved at Dora as she left with Norman before going to look for a cab

“What are you doing!” Someone said behind her and she jumped

She turned back to see Josh

“Hey” she frowned

“I thought I ask a question earlier” he replied

She chuckled and looked at him mockingly

“Dude we are twins, you’re not my elder brother so stop talking like you’re my senior!!” She snapped

“I hate the word we are twins coming out of your mouth, you are so ugly I don’t think I resemble you” he replied and she stepped on his foot hard

“Ouch!!” He yelled

“Mum said we should try to get along, at least make it easy for her you p**p face” she said angrily

“Right I’m sorry” he breathed and entered his car

“Going home?” He asked

“Yeah” she replied

“Need a ride?” He asked again

“Yes” she replied

“Okay find one” he replied and drove past her

“Hey, what a jerk!!” She scoffed and crossed her arms under her br**st angrily

A car horn sounded at her front, she turned to the car and the person whined down

“I can drive you home if you want” Henry said

“Please” she replied and he opened the door for her to enter, she entered and fixed her sit belt

“You good?” Henry asked and she nodded

He began driving, it was silent till he started

“I wonder why you and Josh love fighting” he said

“Yeah me too” she scoffed

“Anyways wanna hang out with me Wednesday night, I got two ticket to watch legendary beast live, Josh and Norman are not instrested and I have no one else” he said

“What makes you think I’ll be instrested?” she asked

“Nothing just wanted to know” he shurgged and she smiled widely

“I’m a huge fan of that movie, I’ll be looking forward to watching it live, oh please drop me here” she said

“Here?” He asked and she nodded

“Okay” he stopped his car and she got down

“Thank you for the ride” she smiled

“I’m glad I helped you” he smiled back

“Bye bye” she waved

“Bye” he waved and drove off

Lula watched his car till it was out of sight, she smiled and arranged her hair.


Myles Apartment***

It’s already evening, Dora just came back from the supermarket, she met Lisa insides the kitchen, looking for something to eat

“Lisa” she called

Lisa dropped tht apple she was holding and turned slowly to her

“I thought there was still some good left in you but I guess I was wrong, what you did to me today just proved me wrong?” Dora said

Lisa smiled and walked towards Dora then stopped at her front

“Like I care” she said

“You should pity your life, you’re disgracing your mom, she was hoping you’d change but look at what you’ve become” Dora said in tears

“I heard you’re dating Norman?, How does it feel?” Lisa asked with an evil smile

“Don’t bring Norman into this” Dora replied

“Oh who cares, for all I no I don’t care about him anymore maybe that was before but not anymore” she shurgged and walked back to the fridge

“You’re dating him now so you can enjoy him, I won’t even disturb you two but let me give you a quick warning, don’t ever stick your nose into my business, my life my business doesn’t concern you from now on” Lisa added and took a bottle water

“Heard you got suspended for a week, I feel sorry for you” Dora shook her head in disappointment

“Bye” Lisa rolled her eyes

Dora sighed and nodded

“I hope you won’t end up crying bitterly at the end, for all I know, all evils have no good end” she said

Lisa rolled her eyes and scoffed

“Goodnight” Dora added an climbed the stairs

Lisa rolled her eyes and dropped the bottle, she dipped her hands into her pocket and brought out her cigarettes, lit it up and began smoking.


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