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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema

Next Day**

“Morning papa” Dora smiled, climbing down the stairs already

“Morning dear, and Liza?” Myles asked

“She’s not done bathing yet, let me help you with the dishes” Dora smiled entering the kitchen

“Don’t worry about it, already done it” Myles smiled

“Really, papa why didn’t you call me” Dora pouted

Lisa just climbed down the stairs in a fast pace, she had already shower and changed to her usual boyish wear, a very big trouser, crop shirt and long huge thick jacket

As she was climbing down the stairs, she lost her balance and fell

“Lisa” Dora gasped

“Lisa, darling be careful, don’t be harsh at everything including your footsteps” Myles said from the dinning as he was arranging the stairs

Dora moved to help her up but the moment she touched Lisa, Lisa pushed her hands off

“I can help myself” she muttered and stood up then matched the staircase hard

“Remember you’ll have to register your school today, let’s eat up and we’ll go today” Dora smiled

“Fine!!, Mother” Lisa glared at her as she stormed to the dinning

Dora sighed and followed behind while Myles began dishing for them, it was just a simple milk and cupcakes

After eating Myles lead the both of them to the park outside where is old car was kept

“Urghhh! Is this your car?, I rather take a truck” Lisa grunted

“Lisa” Dora hit her lightly

“Very funny Lisa, get in you both” Myles ordered

Lisa rolled her eyes and walked in first, before Dora followed behind then Myles sat at the front and drove them both to school

Samantha High***

“Dora you can go to your class, Lisa let’s go to the principal office” Myles said

Dora bit her lips and nodded before walking slowly inside the school building

“What are you waiting for, let’s go” Myles said to Lisa who’s still sitting in the car..

Lisa rolled her eyes and stood up before following him

Hey!! Authoress Rhema wrote this!! If you’re not reading this from Authoress Rhema fans and readers official group then this book has been pirated!! Beware


“Good morning Mr Loki” Myles shook hands with the principal

“Mr Fabio, it’s nice to meet you again” principal Loki smiled he then looked at Lisa who’s standing beside Myles with her poker face

“She’s my nephew, I brought her here to enroll her in today, Lisa come on” Myles pulled Lisa forced

“Hi” Lisa waved dryly

“Hello, I’m the principal it’s nice to meet you, I can assure you that you’ll love it here” he smiled

Lisa rolled her eyes and looked elsewhere

“She’s always to tensed up, pay her no attention” Myles smiled

“Sure” princpal Loki smiled

Lisa sat on the office sofa while Myles began discussing to him about Lisa’s enrollment

“It’s her” Maya whispered to Audrey when they saw Dora entered the restroom

Audrey smirked looked left and right, when she saw that the coast was clear, she motioned Maya and Kinsley to come with her

The three of them snuck to the restroom and closed the door, Dora who’s standing by the washing basin frozed

“Look who we have here?” Maya smiled

Dora gulped and looked left and right

“So we came here to teach you another round of lesson before you go to class” Audrey smirked

“Teach me a lesson, why?, I’ve never done anything to…

Audrey’s hands flew to Dora’s cheeks before she could finish

“You what, look at you trying to act innocent after seducing Norman!!” Audrey screamed at her

Tears flew out of Dora’s cheeks, as much as she wanted to fight back but her fears over powered her

“You seduced him with your ugly face, that’s why he’s always looking at you!! Even when the teacher is teaching he’s always looking at you!!” Audrey grabbed a handful of Dora’s hair as she spoke

Dora did nothing other than cry

“You’re crying, you’re crying when we are not doing yet!!” Maya slapped her face, making her glasses fall

“Stay away from Norman, each time you see him just run, he belongs to my best friend only get that!!” Maya yelled

Dora nodded immediately in tears

Kinsley who’s only chewing on the gum removed it and gumed it on Dora’s hair

“Yeah, looks good” she smiled

Audrey released Dora and stepped back, Dora began filling space, looking for her glasses

“What are you doing?” Audrey asked

“My… Glasses, I can’t see without them” Dora stuttered

“You mean this” Audrey picked it up and showed her

“Yes please… Just give it back I beg you” Dora pleaded, shaking in tears

Instead of giving her the glasses, Audrey smirked and broke it into two

“Oops my hand slipped” she said with a devious smile

“Let’s go, we’ll be late for biology” Kinsley said, Audrey scoffed as she walked away with her Maya and Kinsley

Dora wanted to come out to but paused when she heard the locking of the door sound, that’s it… They also locked her in!!


Norman school president and the most popular boy in the school could be seen coming out of the science lab after going to meet the teacher

He passed the female restroom and frozed hearing someone knocking

“Who’s there” he walked up to the door and opened it

“Dora?” He called

“What happened to you?” He asked as she helped her out

“Is this Norman, if you’re him please I beg you with my life, stay away from me!!” She screamed in tears

“Huh, what did I do, did you get bullied why do you look like..

“Stay away!!” She pushed him off in tears, then ran out by feeling space

“Dora!!” He called out, he made to go after her but paused when someone called him


After the whole registration, Lisa was given her locker room and her uniform

“Can’t believe I’ll be in skirt again” she muttered adjusting it as she came out

“Where’s the damn classroom?” She muttered

Then she saw a guy, guessing he must be one the student cause of his uniform

“Hey!! Boy in uniform!!” She yelled out

Norman who was about running after Dora turned to look at her with a ‘what to you want look’

“I’m new here and I don’t know my classroom” she said

“Your subjects?” He asked

“Maths, chemistry, physics, biology and further maths” she replied with an eye roll

“You’re in my class then, follow me” he said

She scoffed and began following him till they got to a door

“We are here but before you enter can I know you name?” He asked

“You don’t need to know” she scoffed and entered

Norman raised one of his brows before following her in, the maths teacher was already in class

“Hey” he called when Lisa was about going to sit

“What” Lisa replied

“New student?” He asked

“Isn’t it obvious” Norman who just entered scoffed as he walked to his sit

The teacher ignored him and faced Lisa again

“Your name?”

“Lisa Cosgrove” she replied with an eye roll

Maya Audrey and Kinsley were already eyeing her from behind

“Cool, I hope you’ll like it here.. please do take a sit beside him” he pointed Evan, a guy putting on glasses

Lisa rolled her eyes and went to sit with him, her face looked so scary so he shifted away a little

The maths teacher faced the board and continued teaching when Dora stepped in, in a new glasses, her cloth rough,her face rough and her hair rough with a gum ball in it

People began laughing at her

“Where do you think you’re coming from?” The math teacher asked

Dora looked down and sniffed

“Here since you no better and can come anything to the class, solve the equation” the teacher gave her the chalk

She slowly collected and began solving after solving she gave it back to the teacher

“It’s wrong, for this… Audrey” the teacher called and Audrey stood up immediately

“Solve this, if you get it right you’ll get to punish her”

Audrey walked at the front of the classroom, she took the chalk and began solving, once she’s done she smiled

“Correct, so which punishment will you give het?” The math teacher asked

“Ahh, how about she licks the board clean with her tongue” Audrey smirked

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