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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



The person kicked the door out of anger and it opened, turns out the door wasn’t even locked after all

“Lisa!!” The familiar voice ragged

Lisa slowly dropped the bottle and stood up,she gulped and turned around

“M..mother” she stuttered

Before she could process anything a loud slap echoed on her face, it was so loud and hard that Lisa turned her face side ways

“What are you doing with your life Lisa!!” Cora yelled angrily

Lisa hold her cheeks, still looking elsewhere in anger

“Just what kind of girl are you?, Why do you love doing stupid things, I heard you got suspended for a week, instead of you to bother you’re here smoking and drinking!!” Cora yelled

“It’s just for a week mom!!” Lisa yelled back

“A week?, Just a week, do you know what you’ll be missing in just a week??” Cora asked

“I don’t care” Lisa muttered

“I’m warning you Lisa, this is your last chance if you mess up I will disown you, just wait and watch!!” Cora yelled and stormed out of the house

Lisa burst out in tears immediately, she gripped her hair tight and screamed angrily

“Why can’t you just let me be!!, I hate you, I hate you, I hate all of you” she screamed out then worked to the table to take her beer

She wanted to drink but paused and smatched it angrily against the wall

“I hate my life!!” She screamed.


Samantha High**

“Times up” the chemistry teacher announced and students stopped the practical they were doing immediately

“Oh men, wasn’t done yet” Lula sighed

Someone tapped her from behind and she turned back to see Dora smiling

“How was it?” Dora asked

“Not fine” Lula scoffed

“Don’t say that” Dora chuckled

“Yeah never liked chemistry at the first place” Lula rolled her eyes and stood up

“Lunch?” She asked

“Hmm” Dora nodded and they both left for the cafeteria


“I forgot to tell you, Henry asked me out” Lula said immediately their food got to them

“A date?” Dora asked

“Pfttttt no, he asked me to watch a movie with him tommorow and I don’t know what to wear” she replied

“Do you like him?” Dora asked

“What?? No, why is it that when a boy ask a girl out on a normal date, everyone will start imagining things” Lula replied with an eye roll

“Hey I was just asking” Dora laughed

“Whatever” Lula muttered and looked at her with a smile

“So tell me a gist about you” she said

“Nothing much” Dora shurgged


“I’m serious it’s just that Norman’s parents wants to see me and I haven’t told my uncle about Norman and I” Dora sighed

“Why haven’t you told your uncle yet?” Lula asked

“Ion know, just don’t know how to start” Dora replied with another sigh

“To be on the saver side…..” Lula trailed off

“What?” Dora asked

“We’ll talk Gigi” Lula completed

“Smart” Dora smiled and gave her a high-five.


After School, Delox Supermarket**

“Calm down and talk one at at time” Gigi sighed

Dora and Lula stopped talking at the same time

“You go first Dora” Lula said, Dora nodded and began

“You know Norman?” She asked and Gigi nodded

“He asked me out” she said

“OMG, what did you say?” Gigi asked

“I said yes” she replied and Gigi screamed

“But Aunt Gigi, now is not the time to scream, today he told me his parents wants to see me” she muttered

“Then go see his parents duh??” Gigi rolled her eyes

“I can’t, I’m scared that they might not like me” she muttered

“Why won’t they like you, who in their right mind won’t like you?” Gigi rolled her eyes

“And he already told her himself that his parents are nice” Lula added and rolled her eyes too

“Do you doubt your boyfriend?” Gigi asked and Dora shook her head immediately

“Then you should stop being a chicken and see his parents, if you’re worried about your looks and make up, come to me, I’d invite you to my house and fix you” Gigi said

“Really?” Dora asked

“Hmm, also just like what your boyfriend said, I’d advise you to tell your uncle about you guys this evening” Gigi added

“Thank you Aunt Gigi” Dora smiled

“Welcome, Lula your turn?” Gigi said and Lula sat straight

“A boy asked me out, he asked me to watch a movie with him and ion know what to wear” she said

“Your crush?” Gigi asked

“What?, No.. why isn’t that when..

“A boy ask a girl out on a normal date, everyone will start imagining things” Dora completed with an eye roll and Lula glared at her

“If you don’t want me to imagine things then why did you care about the way you look?” Gigi asked

“Yeah why?” Dora asked back

“Is it wrong if a girl wants to look beautiful” Lula scoffed and Dora chuckled

“Okay okay when are you both going out?” Gigi asked

“Tommorow night” Lula replied

“Good, here” Gigi walked up to get drawal and brought out a small box

“It’s a fresh make up kit, use it” she said

Lula collected it and pouted

“What about the dress I’ll wear?” She asked

“Girl, it’s a movie night not a date, you don’t need dinner dress, wear something casual” Gigi rolled her eyes

“Fine” Lula sighed

“Good now pack up you two, it’s time to close” Gigi clapped and they began packing.


Myles Apartment**

Dora was absent minded as she prepared the dinner with Myles and failed to notice the over boiled fish

“Dora the fish is over boiled already, what are you thinking about?” Myles asked

“Sorry” she immediately turned off the gas and removed the pot

“Is there something you’ll like to tell me?” He asked

“I…” She bit her lips and sighed

“Tell me when you’re comfortable okay” he smiled and she nodded

Myles took the food to the dinning and Dora assisted in carrying the plates

“Go call Lisa and tell her that dinner is ready” he said

Dora nodded and rushed up stairs, she opened the door lowly and met Lisa lying on the bed with her headphones on

“Dinner is ready” she announced

Lisa acted like she didn’t hear her

“Lisa” Dora called

“Leave me I’m not hungry!!” Lisa snapped and Dora walked out

Lisa rolled her eyes and scoffed, few minutes later the food opened again and Dora stepped in with a tray of food

“You might not want to eat with Uncle Myles and me, that’s why I brought yours to the room so you can eat alone” she said and left

“Sly devil” Lisa muttered with scoffed again, her tummy made funny sounds but she ignored the food


Dora got downstairs and went to the dinning table

“Did she eat?” Myles asked

“Ion know, I hope she does” Dora replied

“Hmm” Myles nodded and began eating

Dora stared at him and closed her eyes tight before starting

“Papa” she called and he looked at her

“Is it wrong if a girl of my age starts dating a guy?” She asked lowly

“It’s normal for a teenager to fall in love and date, I mean almost all teenagers does that” he replied with a shurg and she nodded

“Why did you ask?” He said

“Because I have a boyfriend uncle” she replied with her heart beating really fast.


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