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Myles stopped chewing on his food and looked at her

“You have a boyfriend?” He said

Dora stopped chewing too, she dropped her fork and squeezed her dress lightly

“I’m sorry uncle” she muttered

“No dear, I’m not saying it’s wrong it’s just that you’re still too young and all this might cause distraction for you” he told her

“But I really do love him and I can control myself, I’m still as serious with my studies, ion use my education to play and he knows me well” she replied

Myles smiled shortly and took her hands

“I’m just worried about you and I see you as the daughter I never had, I want to see you successful, I want to see you in college, I want to see you make it, I also want to see you with a good man” he said

“But Norman is a good guy” she muttered

“Listen Dora I’m not against you being in a relationship in this age, I’m not against you being involved with romance but you should no, when there’s love and romance, there’s also heartbreak can you handle it at your young age?” He asked

Dora thought for a while before nodding

“I can handle everything but I know Norman won’t break my heart, he’s the best kind of guy I’ve ever seen” she replied

Myles and smiled and cupped her cheeks then caressed it

“My baby girl is already growing, well I can’t stop you I also had a girlfriend when I was in highschool” he said

“Really where is she?, I haven’t seen you with any woman uncle” Dora asked

Myles smiled shortly

“In life there’s give and take, I might not be as lucky as you but I’m wishing you all the best” he said

Dora smiled and stood up from her sit then moved to hug him tight

“Thank you Uncle Myles, I love you” she smiled

“I love you too sweetheart but I’d like to see that Norman guy will you mind?” He asked

“Not at all” she shook her head happily and smiled

“His parents wants to see me too” she said

“Then we can make it like a double meeting or something, you and I would go to his parents house or they’ll come here” he said

“That’s smart papa, I’ll talk to him about this tommorow” she smiled

“Okay” he nodded and she released him

“Go eat” he said and she nodded

She took her food and continued eating



Lisa’s stomach kept grumbling, she’s been trying her best to ignore the food on the table and continued pressing her phone but it wasn’t possible

She was damn hungry!

“Stupid Dora” she muttered and stood up then walked up to the food

She took it and began eating, once she was done, she started licking the plate till the door opened

She wanted to hide but it was too late

“I saw that” Dora said lowly

Lisa twitched her lips and slowly dropped the plate then rolled her eyes

“So what?” She asked

“Nothing” Dora shook her head

“Yeah, if you think I’ll kneel down and beg for forgiveness because you gave me dinner then you’re wrong, I don’t feel sorry not even a little bit” Lisa said with crossed arms

“I don’t need your apology also, I’ve given up on trying to talk to you” Dora replied and began going to the rest room but paused and turned back

“Also thank you for showing off my personal secret just like that, if you haven’t done that i wouldn’t have known that I had the most amazing boyfriend in the whole wide world, I wouldn’t have known that I had the most amazing best friend in the world still thanks to you, everyone in the school now likes me, you should see the amounts of gifts I receive everyday, maybe I should get you a chocolate someday” she added before entering the restroom

Lisa clenched her fist tightly and scoffed

“B*tch” she muttered.


Next Day, Samantha High**

Norman was busy arranging his books in his locker when someone came to block his eyes from behind

Those soft palms, that smell

“Crush” he smiled

“It’s not crush it’s Josh” she said in a masculine voice

Norman smiled and removed her hands from his eyes then turned her to face him

“You look so happy this morning” he said

“Hmm, guess what” she said


“I said guess” she frowned

“Uhmm, your uncle wasn’t angry with the fact that we are dating” he sounded unsure

“My gosh that’s exactly what happened, he wasn’t that mad he just told me to be careful, don’t get involved in too much of romance, this.. that” she explained

“I knew it, I’ve always have positive feelings about this, so have you tell your dad about my parents wanting to see you?” He asked, holding her waist and pulling her closer to himself

“Hmm, I told him and he said he wants to see you too, maybe we can make it like a double date or something” she shurgged

“Smart idea, I love you babe” he smiled and kissed her lips but she pulled away after few seconds

“My uncle also told me that, in every relationship there will be heartbreak, are you going to break my heart in the future?” She asked

Norman sighed and held her hands then squeezed it tight

“I don’t want to promise anything because I don’t know how the future will look like, but I love you so much I don’t think I wanna break your heart for any reason even if such happens in the future, I’d try my best to avoid it, I’ll also stay by your side, I love you” he replied sincerely

Dora didn’t know if she should smile or cry, just what is this boy doing to her, she immediately hugged him tight, so tight as if he’ll disappear if she leaves him

“Thank you Norman” she smiled

Norman smiled and hugged her back then kissed her hair

“You have no idea how much you mean to me” he whispered

Then the bell rang indicating that it’s time for class

“Let’s go to class ion wanna miss biology” she whispered, not wanting to pull away from the hug

Norman smiled and pulled her away from him

“Our studies comes first before romance, understood?” He ordered playfully

“Hmm” she smiled and he took her hands then they both went to their classroom together.


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