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“Wow….”, Mr Edward (Angela’s master) said chuckling.

“Debby is meeting up and doing well and Angela try to be focus as usual, you now know how to use a gun, we are gonna be doing more of targeting tomorrow, done for today”, Mr Edward said and they nodded and left the training ground.

Angela and Debby went for another round of bathing then collapsed on the bed tiredly.

“Oops, am exhausted…”, Debby muttered tiredly.

“Not only you, I am flabbergasted…”, Angela said yawning tiredly not until her phone beeped and yummy’s call came in and it was a video call, she quickly stood up happily and connected it to her laptop through what Mrs Miller taught them, yummy face quickly showed in the screen.

“Wow…., Yum baby called today”, Debby said giggling happily why yummy chuckled.

“My cute baby, Miss innocent face”, Yummy said and Angela laughed why Debby chuckled.

“How are you doing yum yum”, Angela said and yummy blushed.

“Am doing so well, My angel and cute tomboy, guess what”, Yummy said beaming with smiles.

“What!!!!”, Debby and Angela both said anticipating.

“Got the highest in my test today and am topping”, Yummy said excitedly why Angela and Debby smiled.

“Kudos to you, Continue making your mom, big bro and eonni’s (Korea language) proud”, Angela said and she smiled.

“Do more than this, take an high five”, Debby said raising her hands up on the screen and they did and high five then burst out laughing.

Few minutes later…….

“Time up, Yummy, is late already.., now go to bed so you can go to school tomorrow”, Angela said already feeling sleepy.

“Oops…, But I am not feeling sleepy”, Yummy said pouting sadly.

“Sorry…, But no, you need to go to school tomorrow, cause early night sleep.., early bed rise”, Debby said and she pouted and bid them good bye and good night before hunging up.


After Baron came back from school, even though the anonymous girl is still on his mind, he quickly snapped away from it and took his bath, then ate his meal before heading for his shoot, he was featured in a movie, so he need to head there fast.
His chauffeur quickly drove him to were the filming is gonna be done and he came down and headed inside.
A lot of actress drooled at him but he didn’t stare at them neither did he even replied to their greetings.

“He is here already, let’s start quickly”, The director quickly said.

“Am not gonna stay here more than an hour, so whatever you are doing, do it with immediate effect”, Baron said with a Stern look and they quick start.

30 minutes later……

After doing some different scenes, he was giving another role to play and this time he is gonna be doing some lovey dovey with another actress.

They started it and it was going smoothly not until she started rubbing him and immediately peck him to make the matter worst, He quickly spat on her angrily and cleaned his face aggressively.

“Was that part of what you were supposed to do, the last time I checked.., No peck was recorded On what was giving to me to read, not to waste much stress and time here, am done here”, He said angrily and stormed out even after some pleas with the director but that didn’t hid to any results cause he has already gone out.

He quickly went to Lara’s Mansion after getting a call from Kim, His manager, that they are having some meetings, his diver quickly drove to Lara’s Mansion and he entered immediately after imputing the password which he knows already, cause this is not the first time he is going to Lara’s Mansion.

He entered and his other hand members are already sited listening to Kim, they greeted him but as usual he didn’t give a reply, he just sat down quietly.

“Just go straight to the point and tell me what we are gonna be doing”, He said with a straight face.

“First we are gonna be having a concert since we haven’t done that for some time now and this time around, we are recruiting another members but before that, listen to this recorder……..


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