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“ENOUGH!!!”,Ovi said with anger immediately him and his band members came in, Baron just stared for sometime and left the scene, Diego, Sonia and Lara rushed to the scene, Diego carried Debby who is already weak, why Ovi carried Angela and ran to the school clinic.

“Metcheew, Zombies”, Dara spat rolling her eyes and Lara Rushed to her and gave her two resounding slaps why Anna who just came in Rushed to Demmy and gave her two resounding slaps too, Sonia followed Ovi and Diego carrying Angela and Debby’s bags.

“You must be stupid to think that you will just leave here without getting you own dose of medicine.

“I am ashamed of you all, So if they are poor, aren’t they Humans, now you all dispatched from here before I designed your face!!”, Anna yelled furiously to the students that bullied Angela and Debby and the principal came in immediately.

“All of you wait right there”, The principal said and all the students that partake in the bullying both Dara and Demmy who hold there cheeks in anger stood too.

“What is going on!! “, The principal yelled ruffling his head angrily.

“Sir Dara and Debby posted on the school blog and pictures About Angela and Debby saying that they are poor church rats and hawkers, they don’t deserve to be in this school, she even pinned Pictures of them Hawking on the school walls, she then collided with some of the students to Embarrass and insult Angela and Debby, she also told them to come to school with Chilled ice block water and also their toilet water, a lot of dirty things to pour on them and this morning when Angela and Debby came to the school premises, they did all that to them, Angela fainted cause it seems Ice water is her weakness, why Debby seems weak and couldn’t walk properly but with the help of ovi, Sonia and Diego.., they took them to the school clinic”, The students that was bullied by Baron said Angrily glaring at Demmy and Dara.

“You can see why I gave her resounding slap to reset her brain”, Lara spat angrily.

“So you all want to kill me before my time, And you Dara and Demmy, because you both are Superstars, singers and models does not mean you can use that to bully other students in this school, aren’t they Humans?”, The principal spay Angrily.

“They did that to us on their first day of resumption so this is a pay back”, Dara said rolling her eyes.

“Will you keep quiet!!, Am so disappointed,Now you all that partake in the bullying including you Dara and Demmy, to the Detention room now!!”, The principal yelled and they angrily left Why Lara and Sonia skipped class and went to the School clinic.


Angela seems angry that her weakness got known to her enemies, immediately she flicked her eyes opened, same goes to Debby.

“Wow.., you are awake”,Ovi beamed happily.

“Debby hope you are fine?”, Diego asked Debby who was trying to stand up.

“Am good”, Debby muttered and Diego nodded.

“Hope you are fine now Angela”, Ovi said and interwined his hands with Angela, Angela quickly withdraw her hand feeling uncomfortable.

“Am fine…, By the way who brought me here cause I remembered passing out”,, Angela muttered.

“Umm.., I brought you here and Diego brought Debby”, Ovi said and Angela Nodded.

“Thanks…”, Angela and Debby said and immediately Anna and Lara entered smiling immediately she met them awake.

“Wow!!, They are awake, so fast”, Lara and Anna said at the same time beaming happily.

“Yah baby girls “, Debby said smiling.

“Love you, you both are strong, don’t know Angela’s weakness is anything cold, then you can’t stay on the rain for too long, but how did it come about”, Lara said confused.

“Just grew up like that, it started from childhood, mom always tells me to avoid the rain and anything cold, that’s why I don’t take chilled drink or anything cold cause it will definitely affect me”, Angela said sadly.

“That water was too cold..,it would have affected me too…, Debby even tried to endure it, that’s wasn’t easy at all”, Sonia said sadly.

“Am a super woman, don’t you know or should I loud it”, Everyone burst out laughing why Diego chukled at her childishness.

“You just made Angela who was fuming laugh now”, Ovi said still laughing.

“Swears but Angela is our wonder woman, so brave”, Sonia said and they all laughed.

“At least we gave them their own dose of medicine”,Anna who has been quiet for a long period of time chirped in immediately.

“Wait…., What did you guys do to them, am curious” Sonia said anxiously.

“Are they not your friend anymore”, Ovi said folding his arms.

“They we’re never my friend’s, just joined their band, so we can sing together”,, Sonia said rolling her eyes.

“Ohh I see”, Ovi muttered.

“Then shut up”, Diego said and another laugh erupted.

“Now time to answer your questions, we gave them four resounding slaps, two each”, Anna said smiling and Angela beamed.

“At least that alone will reset thier brain”, Debby chirped in smirking.

“Am not done with them and no one should stop me”, Angela said ruffling her hair.

“Nobody will stop you”, They all laughed at their craziness.

“Wait …, Where is Baron”, Debby said wanting to see his face.

“That big head…, Saw you guys in pains but did as if nothing happened”, Ovi said rolling his eyes.

“You saw his body but not heart, did you know if he wanted to check on us but trying out to fight the feelings”, Debby said and Angela rolled her eyes.

“Stop defending him when he doesn’t deserve it”, Angela said closing her eyes.

“Who told you he doesn’t deserve it”, Lara chirped in biting her lips.

“it doesn’t show in the face though”, Sonia said staring at Ovi’s face.

“Like seriously…, You all are making me sick”, Diego yelled obviously tired.

“Swears…, They are just here running their mouth like tap water, saying gibberish with serious face”, Anna said and they laughed.

“Is Facebook now”, Lara said and thet laughed.

“Time to go…., You are okay now, let’s just go, the nurse already prescribed drugs, we’ve missed class already”, Diego said and they all stood up and started heading out of the ward to their class not after taking approval from the nurse.


Baron is seen at his Restricted room.., playing piano as usual but in deep thoughts this time around.

“Is she okay?.., she seems hurt.., But don’t know someone who acts strong also has a weakness”,, Baron muttered and chukled.

“She is a human and everyone has a weak side so don’t expect less”, His inner self taunted.

“Shut up.., I didn’t ask you”, He muttered.

“Why am I even worried .., Not like she is that important to me.., Only my mom and sis”, He muttered and waved his previous thoughts away and continued pouring his affection and love to the piano, he played his pains out.
Still playing when someone from no where came from his back and hugged him.


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