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✍️ EPISODE 3 ~ 4 ✍️


“Ouch” She moaned in disgust.

“I love that sound,meet me in the master’s room” He winked at her.

“But you said if my job is perfectly done that I wouldn’t be your doll for today” Sharon replied.

“But I changed my mind sweet p*$$y” He teased her and she sighed in disgust.

This was part of her daily life,no day passed without Cleo Blake,her step dad not having a taste of her. Her life had been a total misery since she lost her dad.

Neither her mom gave her attention or would even believe her if she told her about how Cleo molested her.

Things got super worst when her mom Hannah was diagnosed of hematologic,which was cancer of the blood.

Hannah had been in the hospital receiving treatments which wasn’t even helping.

Sharon ran into her room and fell on the bed sobbing slowly.


President Adrian sat on a designer settee with his eyes engrossed in a news paper. His spectacle was sitting exotically on his nose giving him a handsome look.

Bae Pixie cat walked downstairs,she looked sexy even as a mother of two. She wore a skimpy short gown that hugged her body tightly, exposing and giving access to see through her fresh body.

She stopped in front of President Adrian and he raised his head up slowly to behold the beauty in front of him.

She winked seductively, turning around at intervals making him swallow hard.

“You like what you see naught boy?” She teased him and her soft a$$ landed on his laps.

“My sweet sixteen forever, you are more beautiful than Snowwhite” He praised her and she blushed.

“You’re making blush” She said with hot red cheeks.

He stole a kiss from her and she blushed again.

“Ady baby stop” She said jokingly.

“I love that voice, please kiss me, don’t say no or else I’ll die!” He said stretching his lips.

“Not now I..” He smashed his lips against hers, she closed her eyes and returned it hungrily. Their tongues were dancing inside their mouth,while Adrian’s hand went to her b**bs,he gave it a light squeeze.

“An..dy..baby” She moaned inside his mouth.

Her hands went to his belts,she unbuckled it and… Gibson,their son of four years came out of his room.

He cleared his throat and they quickly got off each other. Bae Pixie arranged her clothes while president Adrian buckled back his belt.

“Son how long have you been standing here?” Bae Pixie asked.

“Long enough to have seen everything. You both are really good kissers” He chuckled.

“You said what?” President Adrian asked.

“Uh..uh.. noting I was just singing” He smiled.

“So why are you here?” Bae Pixie asked.

“Mom,dad I need a nanny” He said almost crying.

“What for?” His dad asked.

“I want to be properly taken care of”

“But I do take proper care of you” Bae Pixie replied.

“No mom,your modelling career doesn’t gives you enough time to care properly for me. It’s with today you’re shooting for Vince hood, tomorrow you’re shooting for Jolla wears or beauty queen or Rosary wears or you’re on a trip for one business or the other, I’m tired and I’m getting depressed”

“Depressed? Did you just say you’re depressed?” His dad furrowed his eyebrows surprisedly.

Gibson nodded his head.

“Mom is making me feel emotional” Tears formed in his cute eyes.

“Fine, I’ll get you a nanny” Bae Pixie said. She hates seeing any of her kids cry.

“When is she coming?” He asked.

“I’ll find one by the end of this month” She replied.

“No!! I need a nanny tomorrow!” He said stamping his feet on the floor.

“Tomorrow? No Gibson,I need to make proper investigations before employing a nanny” Bae Pixie explained.

“No I want a nanny tomorrow” He began crying.

“Alright,fine!! Mummy would get you a nanny by tomorrow” president Adrian said cuddling his son.

“How am I gonna do that?” Bae Pixie whispered to his hearing.

President Adrian placed his finger on her lips and she muted.

“Son go back to your room,i and daddy were busy before you came”

“No I want to stay with you guys, I’m bored” He replied and sat in-between them.

“Gibson do as your mom said!!” President Adrian scolded him.

“No I wa…nt…want. .” He started crying and was hiccuping in the process.

“It’s okay son you can stay” Bae Pixie replied and he stopped crying.

The Golden voices were coming out from the cafeteria while the Triplets love were going in.

As they passed each other Violet grabbed Nelson’s d**k.

“Hey are you crazy?” He raved immediately pulling her back.

“You’ve got a big stuff down there” She giggled with her cheeks bubbling red.

“What’s the problem?” Gabriel asked. No one saw when she touched him.

“She touched my d**k, how dare she?”

“And so what? Shouldn’t you be happy she touched your toy?” Vienna asked.

“I’m gonna kill you if I get hold of you” Nelson fumed as his friends held him.

“Oh please your treats are like mosquitoes noise,you can’t do anything absolutely noting boy” Vivian snapped.

“It’s obvious your parents didn’t teach you manners cos you all actually behaves like local pigs” Nelson said.

“Woah!!!” The students gasped.

“You’re the reason God created the middle finger” Violet returned it.

“Keep rolling your eyes until you find your brain” Nelson said.


The students boasted into an uncontrollable laughter.

“Your face makes onions cry” Violet replied.

“When you look into the mirror,say hi to the clown in there, can you?” Nelson stuck out his tongue.

There was a long laughter from the students and Violet’s face was already red.

“I’m not a clown b*stard” She forced herself through the students who had already gathered, she ran out.Her sister’s followed her.

“Woah boy you made it hard on her” Gabriel said still laughing.

“That was harsh bro” Jayden punched him slightly.

“Next time she wouldn’t touch my expensive d**k” He said and his friends continued laughing.



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